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We are Cyril Khalil usara.

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And we're going to make sure we will facilitate your path for you know, your Sirika we will facilitate for you. Because of the ultimate ease. It's a difficult translation. But I have to take this piece by piece. First of all, the prophet is being told sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the idea of thy seed. Allah will make things easy for the prophet or the Sato Salaam. He will make reading recitation and memorization of Quran easy for him, he will make his mission easy for him. He'll facilitate the strength he needs to withstand what's coming before him. The irony of this word is important to capture a Quran should not be studied without being conscious of sila. As the Sierra

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progresses, things don't get easier, things get harder, things actually get harder. And Allah is promising this idea is as things are going to progress in the prophets life, I will make sure things get easier. Now, I'll give you a silly analogy to help you understand this point, you know, when somebody just first starts going to the gym, or working out or something, and they're trying to lift just the barbell, the 45 pound bar, and

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that's hard. But as they start working out a little, a little more, a little more, a little more, the weights are increasing, but the work itself is getting lighter, it's actually getting easier the the task is actually getting heavier. But once the ability has been endowed so much, that the heavier task is now actually easier. And so what Allah is telling his messenger Allah Sato salamis, he is going to give you strength, on top of strength on top of strength, though the challenges are going to rise, your ability to meet those challenges is also going to rise. He's going to make this easier for you, not the situation will become easy. Because we know if you study the sila, the

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situation didn't become easy. And this idea is so powerful for all of us. Allah does not make your situation easy. Allah makes you strong enough that you can handle it easily. Those are two different things. Allah won't get rid of the earthquake or the storm or the heat he'll just give you the strength to deal with it. You understand? That's why are the eyes are things like a freight liner sovereign with a bit Akadama when SORNA these days that we make to Allah about firming our hearts, firming our feed, giving us patience, giving us strength, I was there any endow me empower me. All these prayers are for what not to change your reality. Not to change your circumstance. But

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actually, and if you are going to get me out of this place, get get get me out of this mess. Don't be afraid Nemo kraja Silkin get me out of here in a in a right way in a truthful way, you know, but more importantly, which i Lee Mila dunka, Sudan and the Sierra nasira give me a clear eating power ability to deal with this. That's what we ask Allah, this is new Yasutaka we're going to make things easy for you is actually suggesting we're going to empower you, we're going to make you stronger and stronger and stronger as the tidal waves get get heavier and heavier. Now, Lil usara. This is the this is the to to Word to phrase IR but it's so heavy, Lil usara is for the sake lamb and agile for

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the sake of the ultimate ease of use, right is the superlative form of ease the easiest, okay? And in the Arabic language, you can say the word easiest in two ways. You can say an ASR. And you can say I'll use the fact the masculine form is an ASR. And the feminine form is I'll use or like Akbar Al Cobra and Olufsen and a listener like that. Right? So an Acer and a nuestra now, here he uses little usara the feminine form, which you know, it's an adjective, the easiest, but the question arises the easiest what? That's the first thing what is the easiest referring to Allah didn't say, he'll, he'll lead you to the easiest mission, or the easiest law or the easiest, whatever. So the

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fuqaha or the Mufasa don't even started kind of extrapolating what could the easiest mean in some sense tertiary or the law of Allah, like he'll, he'll ease you to the easiest possible law. I would argue here, a couple of things, I would argue first and foremost, Allah will lead you to what is the easiest for all of humanity, all the roads, human beings are going to choose after your coming will lead to some kind of hardship on themselves, and the easiest road for themselves in this life. And the next is the one that I'm giving you. So you're gonna have to go through struggles, so humanity has the ultimate ease. So they have ease, that's Lily. usara. Like, you know, Allah says, you read

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Allah who become a user of Allah, you need to become a nurse, right? Allah wants is for you. He doesn't want difficulty for you. And here he's telling the Prophet, he is going to make this easy for you. So that for the purpose of the ultimate is not just for you, but for everybody. Then the word you saw the feminine form, which has been used can be used for plural things. It's not just use for singular, meaning ease in all matters. I would even argue II agree the greatest ease of all the all the facilitations Allah gave in previous scriptures of them the easiest of all scriptures

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Maybe this one you know like Quran will describe some of the legalities of previous scripture and say, well your dot run home to Salah home well Allah Allah, Allah T cannot Allah him that Allah will remove from them their burdens and the fetters and chains that used to be on them. Like the law was really heavy on them and they made it even harder for themselves. Quran came to make things the easiest for humanity. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and

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easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section