Learn to let go – Advice to Mothers

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My beloved mother's don't get so attached. And don't let your expectations go beyond a very low point. Don't expect too much because you will be let down. And don't be too attached because Allah takes away everything from you. Everything from you and I, whatever you have today, anything and everything is going to be taken away from you or you will be separated from it through death. God. What do you have today? You have your children, you have your spouse, your parents, you've already probably been separated from some of them, and some you're still going to be separated from them. So too much expectation is a problem. Too much attachment is a problem. My beloved Mother has learned

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to let go, let go your little lion has to go out into the forests and the jungle and fend for himself. He might bring back to you a chunk of beautiful steaks. But end of the day you got to let him go into the jungle many mothers are too attached. They want to know every detail. What happened What time did you wake up? What time did she wake up? What what did you do? When did you brush your teeth? How much toothpaste did you put on the Come on? Come on? Come on. If that's the detail, may Allah forgive you. If that's the detail that you'd like to know, it's going to be problematic. What time did you eat? What did you cook? What didn't you cook? How much salt did you put what? Please,

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if that's the case, we're going to have a disaster in the home. So learn to detach, let go. You don't need to know every detail. Don't ask too many questions. Don't be the interfering type but you can give good advice and slowly but surely they will come up

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slowly but surely they will come closer to Allah as well look at us. As we're getting older generally do we get closer to Allah or further away? Generally, what happens closer? As you grow older, you get closer to Allah. But when you're young, someone can chase you away. If they are religious, and they portray religion as some aggressive thing that you got to get yourself into. They will chase you away.