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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller asks the agent about the most difficult question in their life, which is the most difficult one. The agent explains that the most difficult questions are ones that require logical answers and are difficult to understand. The caller suggests that the most difficult questions are ones where people are not knowledgeable about Islam and try to get off their clothing. The agent suggests that the most difficult questions are ones where people are not knowledgeable about Islam and try to get off their clothing.
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Next question asked by Nawaz Sharif, from Calcutta,

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which is the most difficult question posed to you so far in your life?

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This is a question. This question, which is the most difficult question posed to you so far in life is the most difficult question in my life?

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Yes, there have been difficult questions, I can read many, as far as the most difficult question is concerned? Because it's not a very common question, I will never tell it to the masses to the public. Because such questions can afford difficult so attacking. And if it's not common, why should I make it public? I have the answer. And, and Allah helped me it through Allah help, I got the unfair, this only discuss with the scholars and the forecasts. And I asked him what his answer and I was this to maybe

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50 or 100. People who are scholars and people have knowledge. And, and and unfortunately, the most difficult questions have not been answered, because of the interested in not because of the knowledge base to do the intensity of the question.

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So those questions, which attacking Islam, and they're not common, and it's difficult to understand the answer, as a policy, even if you ask I'll never tell you that only to be discussed with people have knowledge. And the scholars. Yes, there have been many questions,

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which are tricky. Many questions, which may require logical answer has nothing to do with Islamic knowledge.

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And there are many, I'll just give one example. I don't say it's the most difficult, but it was

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a tricky question. And I remember I think it was in the year 2014, or somewhere close to that in Dubai.

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After my lecture in Dubai, there were about 15 20,000 people in the audience. There's a lady

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with a non Muslim who asked me a question. And she said, Dr. Zakir, you often give the example of why a Muslim lady should do the job. And you ask the question that if two twin sisters were equally beautiful, one of the one of them is very in Islamic hijab, complete body covered except the face and handed up with the wrist. And the other twin sister, she's wearing the western clothes with miniskirts and a low neck. And both of them are walking down the streets of Dubai. And if there is a hooligan, if there the Ruffin was waiting to please a girl, which girl bilities.

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And you asked this question. Yes. I've given this example. And I'll add this question since

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the early 90s. When I gave the talk of human rights in Islam the first time in 1993. Since this time, I'm asking a question. And I've asked this question in public forum. That physical reason always answers be but natural. The girl very the western pose, in miniskirt or low neck, because she's attracting and for for 20 years, Nancy have been saying, Now this lady comes up and says repeat the question. But she says that according to me, the girl wearing Islamic hijab would be teased.

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I said Why? He said, because the man would like to know what is behind the clothes.

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That's why he will teach the girl wearing the Islamic exam.

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And my daughter was in the audience. He said now a bash trap my father's truck. And I was taken aback that this was no answer to what I see these type of these type of replies are mainly devenish replies to try and trap. But

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in first situation alive, someone always helps I got up. And I said, Okay, Mister asked a very good question. And I continue the question. And I said, though, I disagree. So the other question not not Yo, man. So I said, I disagree with your answer. It's an illogical answer. But if you agree that the answer is correct, then why you were includes if you don't want people to buy clothes, you take off your clothes. And believe me, that woman was so embarrassed. And that was a very good slap.

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To her reply to a question, which was a deadlift question. She went back and she sat quietly. So these types of question men non Muslim who come to attack you. It has got nothing to do with Islam? My answer was logical. But what I do look at I disagree with your answer, but if you agree with your answer, why are you wearing clothes? And she was very close. Very close, and suit suit these type of questions. The answer should be with sigma mu l. f. amelita. bakeable hikma Walmart zeta hasna Vijay

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Let the acid in the white alter the view of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in the ways that are best and most gracious. So such type of questions are many. inshallah, if you see my videos and Thema question answer session, you will find many of such such questions

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