Quranic Seerah #07 Hamza & Umar – The Reinforcements Arrive

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The history of Islam is discussed, including the return of Islam to Abyssinia and Omar Radi Allahu, the struggles of Islam during persecution, and the "elf" who is a fortune teller. The "we" of Islam is also discussed, with Omar Radi profiting from the Prophet's influence and the "elf" who is a fortune teller. The "we" of Islam is discussed, with Omar Radi profiting from the Prophet's influence and the "elf" who is a fortune teller. The "we" of Islam is discussed, with Omar Radi profiting from the Prophet's influence and the "elf" being a fortune teller. The "we" of Islam is discussed, with Omar Radi profiting from the Prophet's influence and the "elf" being a fortune teller. The "we" of Islam is discussed, with Omar Radi profiting from the Prophet's influence and the "elf" being a fortune teller

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So we left off two nights ago with the Muslims making that difficult but heroic decision to flee the persecution and settle in Abyssinia. Allah revealed to them sort of Maryam they took it with them they recited it to the king. He granted them asylum. We said this was approximately five years into the ministry five years into the prophethood. Around that time for the fifth and sixth years back in Mecca, the persecution for those who remained behind continued and around that time, Allah azza wa jal caused the new heroes to emerge in the community. The most notable and unexpected of them was Hamza bin Abdullah Mubarak, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of his many

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uncle's and Omar have no hubbub who needs no introduction. So the Allahu Allah and federal may Allah be pleased with him as well. So, Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib was a strong, able bodied, fearsome man. And they came to him and they told him how long are you going to let Ben Huma zoom these other tribes? humiliate your tribe? No Hashem, he's like, What are you talking about? He said, they just beat up Muhammad again. Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So he rushes over there. And they say he was returning from a trip a hunting trip where he would go out and hunt for desert cats, lions and cougars in the likes. And so he had his hunting equipment with him. As soon as he got there, just to

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give you a feel of what kind of guy he is. This is a lion Hunter. This is an ask questions later kind of guy. He walks up to Abuja and just knocks him over with the bow and gashes him

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and he says to him, you think you're a tough guy? Because you get to pick on my nephew, just because he follows a new religion. Well, guess what? I follow that religion too.

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And at the time, he was just saying it despite that Bucha Hill, and no one expected this, everyone was in shock, by the way, even Hamza himself he was in shock that he said it like wait, why did I say that? And it is, you know, reported that he went home that night and what do I do? Oh Allah, if you know, this is the truth, opened my heart to it And subhanAllah he settled in his Islam and became of the greatest Sahaba ever, but the one Allahu Allah. As for Omar Radi Allahu Allah, and there are so many narrations that speak about the gradual softening of Omar even though he was among the most brutal, most callous, most heartless of the persecutors initially, when the Muslims are

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going to El haberdasher. He says, Wait, you guys are actually leaving? And then he says to one of the women Sahiba Kamala, may God accompany you in your journey like godspeed basically, right? Allah sweet.

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And so she was surprised like why did he just say that? It was he's softening and his sympathy for the Muslims is coming to his senses. Why are we treating them this way? was beginning to and then he would then go on at times to the kava, and listen to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam reciting Quran and he would say he's a poet, and he would and then Allah would cause the timing to be perfect. And the Prophet SAW Selim was reciting in that moment as if conversing with Omar Wen Hua, the holy shear kalila took me known. This is no statement of a poet. How little belief you guys want to have? He said, he's just a storyteller. Okay, maybe not a poet, but a storyteller, a fortune

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teller. The next verses go on to say, well, we only care he nor is he a soothsayer, a fortune teller. kalila Mata macaroon. So little do you use your senses? So little? Do you actually think deeply? And so it was, massaging gets way into his heart, working its way to his heart, but he would still relapse back into aggression against the Muslims. The inner conflict was happening, but it wasn't over. Till one time they heard that he was on his way to kill the Prophet SAW Salem. And so one of the Muslims just the fastest thing you could think of to save the Prophet's life is you're gonna kill the Prophet. Why don't you check on your sister first she's Muslim, and he said, What?

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And he turned and made the U turn, goes back to his sister's house, he storms in and he beats everyone in the house, how Babylon off to the teacher who I spoke to you about before they the husband,

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have sons, all of them got beat up. And then she stood in front of him and said to him, fear Allah. And for some reason, when he saw his sister bleeding, he broke again. And he said, Show me this Quran and she said, No, you're dirty. Go Go wash up. And after you wash up, I'll let you see this page of Quran that we have written. And then he began to read surah Taha Rama was of the few that was literate or the Allah Han in that society. And he began to read surah Taha, it was read

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field by then and Sudha has a powerful Surah one of the most powerful Meccan Surah Surah Baha that speaks about the purpose of the Quran and the greatness of Allah's power and his knowledge we're in touch herbal code, even if you're open about it or you keep it to yourself, Allah knows. Allah knows what's happening in here, and something was already happening in there for Omar. So it's as if the Quran at that point reached into the soul of Omar and broke what was left of that shipwreck. And then he went to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was hiding and a lot of time at the point, one of the hiding places they used to study at the Muslims.

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When the Prophet SAW Selim said, get out of the way, they were all afraid that Omar is here. And he grabbed him, Ali salatu salam by his and said, won't you stop already? Isn't it enough or Omar? Will you not submit to Allah or Omar? And he said, Yes, it is time O Muhammad, and he became Muslim in that moment. When he became Muslim in that moment, the Muslims not realizing they're in hiding. They all said Allahu Akbar was so loud that they had to all run away because people were going to hear what the sound was coming from. They were going to uncover the house. So this was the Islam of Omar, and they said Messalina is Mundo Islam, Omar. We remained empowered since they Omar became Muslim.

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Yes, the persecution continued. But now Hamza, and Omar gave them a little bit of an edge, right? Allah sent them reinforcements of sorts. Some of them now could pray openly at the cabinet from the day Omar Radi Allahu Allah became Muslim. How does this prove the truth of Islam?

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How do you cut this pie? I know a brother who left Islam and became a very outspoken atheist Alhamdulillah. Ultimately, Allah had his guidance written, he returned to the fold. And one of the most interesting things for him, is what he calls the anti fragility of Islam. Anyone ever heard of anti fragility before? It's a theory out there? That, you know, there's things that are fragile, they break easy, and they're things that are not fragile, they're durable, they're tough. Anti fragile, is that the more stress something gets put through like a muscle, the stronger it gets. And so this is what happens with Islam. The more you press it, the more you oppose it, the more you

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confront it,

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the stronger it gets. I don't watch the movies. But I remember in my childhood, that's how they used to portray the Incredible Hulk, right? Some big green guy who's indestructible, right? And the more you hit him, he absorbs the energy from your hits. And so he just gets stronger and stronger, horrible example. I'm sorry, but that is the idea. Right? So the more Islam is opposed, the more the clash happens, Allah takes from this side and puts it on the Islam side. And so it can never be defeated. Right. Some of the strongest of the other side are now on the side of Islam. That's one way.

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Another way we could talk about this and

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time is chasing me off the mic. Is the fact that Omar is Islam and Omar empowering Islam was something foretold by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You know, he said I saw in a dream from Allah some visions that you know, I was at a well it's a lengthy dream. And Abu Bakr tried to pull from the well and he didn't pull for long didn't pull and Allah will forgive him. But then or Omar pulled so strong, right? He pulled out water contributed to this effort so strongly mouth or a to mean AB Korean, every fairy yo, nobody was as impactful as him. And you know, you fast forward till our day and age. I told you before about Michael Hart, the 100 greatest and all of that, you

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may know that in the top 50 on what I thought was included, the people that change the face of the globe. You know, Omar Radi Allahu Allah, and they say that he was a drunkard, so was Hamza, by the way, they were both alcoholics. They were addicts of alcohol. He would have picked a fight and gotten beat up or he would have sort of drank himself into you know, deterioration and death at 2030 years old. He becomes a person that changes the face of the globe. Not only is that amazing and unexpected, but He foretold that Allah He salatu salam that it would happen. The Columbia history of the world and their encyclopedia. They say that Omar Majan, just the shepherd of sheep OMO created a

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superior bureaucracy than the than the Roman Empire themselves. How this is divine, a divine inspiration that was foretold by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. How do you do an empire that's been there for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years? It was a gift from Allah that was first told us on the tongue of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. As for purity.

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Keep one thing in mind. When you think of Hamza and you think of Omar and everything I just shared about them. Your past does not have to determine your future does not have to define your future.

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You're, no matter what you've been through, no matter what you've done, no matter how bad you've messed up, Allah can transform you. In an instant, he can transform you overnight. You know, that's one of the shaytans biggest tricks. Let me tell you now while he's locked away, he gets you to think the crime is like no big deal. So you do it. Then he flips the script on you and says your crime is a big deal. You'll never be able to be a good person.

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But one of the signs that you you're overly depending on your performance is when you despair when you mess up. If not, I thought Rahim Allah used to say and you know, I want you to carve this in your mind. Always. One of the signs that you're relying too much on your deeds is that you despair when you mess up. Don't ever despair. Allah can wipe it all. Allah can transform it all. Allah can channel your force, that force that was against Islam into a force for Islam overnight. subhanho wa Taala so when you make tilbyr Don't forget to be happy that Allah allows you to make tell but don't just feel guilty, be happy because Allah is happy. You know, even though he and Rahim Allah Allah,

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he said I want so my teacher admits anemia in a dream and I asked him about certain diseases of the heart, what's the best way to purify them?

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Because I'm gonna tell him he had died at that point. So he's even asking him in his dreams. He said to him, put it all away and melt it for so rubella. He will follow up my path. The Super fix is to rejoice that your Lord is Allah, and to be trusting of him and to celebrate him.

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Know that it's all possible never despair because your Lord is Allah, the most kind, the most forgiving, the most powerful subhanho wa Taala just like a love hate on masala vada kind of being a Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi vegetarian