Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #11 – The Book of Deeds

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of good deeds in achieving success and avoiding getting recognized as a loser. He emphasizes the need for individuals to have deeds that are on the right track for good success, and warns of the danger of losing important assets. He also discusses the importance of having deeds that align with one's personal values.
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Geeta Boone

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Jelena who Isla de Gama

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de Wali, salam, o alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my beloved brothers and sisters, Allah Almighty controls everything. Yes, he has given us a limited capacity. But it all depends on what he wants us to do what He allows us to do. And for this reason, whatever we've done,

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the capacity or the ability is always from Allah subhanahu wa taala. If he wanted to stop us from something, he would have stopped us. So Allah Almighty holds us accountable for whatever we do, within the capacity he has given us. Which means if there is something that is not within our capacity, he will never hold it against us. In the same way, if we plan to do something we are taught through Revelation as we reconnect with Allah Almighty,

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to connect it to Allah, in what way by saying, if Allah wills, so I say Insha Allah, that's a very, very important act of worship, to say in sha Allah, whenever you are planning to do something in the future, be the near future, or the distant future. When we say insha, Allah, we're fulfilling and instruction of Allah Almighty.

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Verse number 23, of Surah Tolka. If Allah Almighty says well at the Poulan le che in, in the file on Velyka, Rudden, Illa Ania, SHA, Allah, don't say regarding anything, that I'm going to do it tomorrow except by saying or adding with it or stating,

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only by the will of Allah in sha Allah.

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If you say in sha Allah, you have connected it to Allah, if it happens Alhamdulillah. And by the grace of Almighty, He will grant it blessings because you're conscious of Allah Almighty, in the month of Ramadan,

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one of the purposes of the prescription of fasting and the prescription of the month of Ramadan with all its rules and regulations is that we achieve Tekoa Taqwa is the consciousness of Allah Almighty. And if we're conscious of Allah Almighty, by saying, Inshallah, every time we are planning to do something, we will definitely achieve the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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That is an amazing way of connecting with Allah, everything you do, you connect it to Allah. And what you realize is whatever I would like to do, it's only Allah who can give me the ability, the power and the acceptance to do it. If he wants to block it, it's not going to happen. If he wants to stop it, no matter how good it is, I won't be able to achieve it. So it's important for us to connect with Allah Almighty. In this regard. If we look at Surah, two calf,

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Allah Almighty reminds us of something else.

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Another way of connecting with Allah subhanho wa taala, connecting with Revelation, reconnecting, remember on Earth, people do things within the capacity that Allah has given them. So when Allah has given you energy, you choose to either do good or bad, Allah can stop you if he wants, but he lets you do a lot of things in order for you to earn a reward for the good and to be accountable for the bad.

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So Allah Almighty, lets you do things if you do good, you will achieve a reward. And if you do bad, then you will see it. You will see it in this world as well as the next Allah does not let it go. So be conscious of that. immediately seek forgiveness if you've done something bad.

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Ramadan is a month of forgiveness.

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seek the forgiveness of Allah, Oh Allah, forgive me, forgive my shortcomings the sins I know the sins I don't know.

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And in that way, we will achieve the pleasure of Allah Almighty. So when we arrive on the Day of Judgment,

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we will be given a book, what is the book, this book is the book of your deeds, you will be given it in your hand, which hand either the right hand if you did more good than bad, or the left hand if you did more bad than good. And so those who achieve the book in their right hands will be very, very happy. May Allah make us from among them, and those who get their book in

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The left hand will actually be the losers. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the criminals on that day, and how they will be so upset because of every detail mentioned in that book things they thought were minus small things. And Allah has it in the book. So verse number 49 of Surah two caf, Allah Almighty says

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what will the Al Kitab or Fatah Ron moody mean more shaping? I mean, Fi haywire go no, nya ye let Waiuku Luna Yeah, ye la Jana, Manny, then kita. Vela, you have all the rules of the law, you have all the rules all we are done, what can be done.

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So saw

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Allah Almighty says beautifully, that

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when the books shall be placed, the criminals will say what is it with this book, it hasn't left a single thing. Neither small, no big except that it has. It has it within meaning there is a record of it. And this goes to show that Allah Almighty has a record of everything. Accountability, as we've been saying, from the very beginning, is definitely the concern of a movement, a believer, you believe in Allah, you're worried about how Allah Almighty will treat you on that day based on your deeds. May Allah have mercy on us, because definitely his mercy is what we hope for. But at the same time, there is an element of concern within us regarding his punishment. And this is why Allah

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Almighty speaks about those who are the losers. The real losers are those who think they're doing good deeds, but actually those deeds are lost those deeds, those acts of worship that people engage in, that have no basis in Islam, that have no basis in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that have no basis in the Quran or the Sunnah. In that particular case, although such people would be thinking that they are doing good deeds, Allah says, You know what, they are the biggest losers on the Day of Judgment. Take a look at verse number 103 104 of Surah Tolka half way Allah says, whole * no, never be Oh, cool.

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Bill, serene Mala levy now palesa You feel higher? Dunya? Well, whom? Yeah, Sabu.

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Now whom you've seen on us on?

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Say, Should I inform you of those who have lost the biggest losers of their deeds,

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those whose striving was a stray in this world, yet they thought that they were doing good deeds, because the deeds they were engaging in were deeds that

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were not really prescribed or sanctioned by Allah Almighty.

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And for this reason, my brothers, my sisters, it's important for us to do deeds that are permissible to be done. When you're engaging in an act of worship, ask yourself, Is this a legitimate act of worship? If it is good news? If it isn't, we stand to lose.

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So that is one factor of great importance. Then Allah Almighty makes mention towards the end of the surah in verse number 110. He says, whoever is looking forward to the meeting with Allah Now notice, this is Surah two Caf. We've spoken about

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Allah Almighty, the consciousness of Allah Almighty the book and how it will not leave any good or bad and at the same time, we're speaking about the good deeds and the bad deeds. Some people think they're doing good but because the deeds were not sanctioned by what Allah had revealed, they're considered bad deeds, and they will be losers, their their tiredness and fatigue would actually have been a waste. So Allah Almighty says thereafter if you are looking forward to the meeting with Allah, whoever is looking forward to the meeting with Allah should do good deeds, acceptable ones that are sanctioned by Allah and His messenger. May peace be upon him, and they should not associate

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partners with the Almighty. Those are the two the cornerstones of any act of worship. It should be done only only and solely for the maker. none but Allah deserves an act of worship.

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and it is not permitted to render an act of worship of any sort for anyone or anything besides Allah. And that act should be something that was taught to us by Islam. May Allah grant us all protection Akula Kohli ha ha SallAllahu wasallam albaraka Island Amina Muhammad kita Boone

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Jelena who Isla de que Moomba Cooley

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