The Specialties (Khasais) of the Prophet (SAW)

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and characteristics of the Prophet's name, including the use of the symbol "hasha" in the title of the book he published and the significance of the word "hasha." They also discuss the holy eye being the holy eye and the holy eye being the holy eye. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting the holy eye and the holy eye being the holy eye. They also touch upon various affirmations and unique revelations from the Quran, including the use of "by the " or "by the " to indicate the name of the person, and the military campaign by the Spanish army and a new generation of the Church of God. The segment ends with a mention of a new generation of the Church of God, which is considered to be the most powerful and most important of all the prophets.
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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala mela via Baraka Hammerberg today's Hatha, I wanted to mention some of the unique blessings that our Navy and our ASUW sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been given amongst all of mankind. Our scholars have mentioned that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been blessed and preferred and made unique in so many ways, that he is the only human being in all of creation that has been given certain speciality these, these are called Hassan, so Nebby the speciality is of the Prophet salallahu it he was selling them. And in fact, some of our early scholars actually wrote treatises about Hassan Hassan Levy, and every single classical book of

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Sierra an explanation of the Sierra has sections in Title Kasan is wannabe what is the Hassan is what is this speciality is that our NABI SallAllahu IdeaCentre has been given and nobody else has been given. And this list is much longer than can be summarized in one short kata, but just to bring you some of the points that are mentioned and maybe an other hotair as I can continue mentioning some other points as well. Today Inshallah, let's try to mention, let's try and tell the seven of them Bismillah so of the Hassan is that is unique to him that no other mahalo has been given is that Allah subhana wa Tada chose him to be the seal and the final of the prophets of Allah. So why he

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stopped with him, and he was the last human being that Djibouti is regularly visited. And he was the last of Allah's mahalo caught that was a direct communication to Earth. So Allah subhanho wa Taala chose him to be hot term and hot him both of them are his titles. Hot term is the seal, you know, when you close a letter, you seal it, that's it, it is shut now. So the way is shut with him. And Hatim is that an Hotham is of course, is the ending Hatim is the ending. Cottam is the seal and our profit system is both the seal and he is the ending, he is the end no prophet comes after him and he is the seal that Allah has chosen. No human being has that title of the speciality is of our

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prophets of Allahu Allah, he was seldom, he is the only human being that Allah chose to send not only to the, to the humans, but to the jinn as well. No previous Prophet was sent intentionally to the jinn, the previous prophets, their messages, were absorbed by the jinn indirectly, the previous prophets like Musa alayhis salam, as mentioned in surah off that innocent Nikita wounds 11 by the Musa they would hear of a book Musa scented Musa revealed it, they would hear a book sorry, it was revealed on Musa they would hear of a book but Musa was not sent to the gin. The Gin heard the revelation and they embraced and from the gin, there were a group called the noodle the Warner's

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righteous Jin hoo then spread to the other jinn, the teachings of Musa the teachings of Jesus, but Allah never sent Musa and Jesus to the jinn. As for our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was seldom one of his CASA is the only human being that Allah sent to both Bashar and gin and that is why on multiple occasions he would interact directly with the jinn and teach them their shadow and teach them or rulings that they needed to know. And there are therefore Sahaba amongst the jinn, and there are Tabby rune amongst the jinn. And there are Hadith narrations amongst the jinn that we do not have because he taught them specially and our prophets are seldom said I have been sent to both taka

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ln Elgin and an inch no human being has been sent to gin and ins This is of his cost is of the size of the prophets as a number what now you guys memorizing this number number three of the causes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that every previous Prophet, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent a book or revelation and gave him miracles to prove the book. So the miracles were sent to prove the revelation. So the Prophet Musa has his miracles, the staff and whatnot. The Prophet Isa has his miracles resurrecting the dead and whatnot, and that is great and that's a blessing Allah gave them our Nebby so Allah Who are they he was sending him was blessed.

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with something that was unique to any profit before him, and that is that the revelation, and the miracles were combined in one. So the revelation is the book and the book is the revelation and the miracle is the book and the book is the miracle all in one. There is no need for validation. Outside of the book, you see the Injeel, you need to prove the Injeel by the miracles of Jesus, the Torah, you need to prove the Torah by the miracles of Moses. As for the Quran, the Quran is the miracle the mortgage is a is the way and it is combined in one and no prophets before our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had that, therefore, it is the most powerful book and it is the most obvious

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miracle because the miracle and the book don't need anything to validate. They have self validation, right? The book validates itself. The book is the miracle. You don't need an external proof to prove the book and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that because of this, I hope to have the largest number of followers that out of your cocoon, Thoreau, whatever and yarmulke Yama, the largest group of followers, because no miracle has been more obvious than the miracle of the Quran. And the Quran is the eternal miracle. And I've given lectures about the miraculous nature of the Quran. So the Quran being the miracle, of course, one of the main things about it, you see

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the miracles of Jesus, who amongst us saw him resurrect the dead and he'll deliver the miracles of Moses, did anybody see the red sea split amongst us? We have to believe in previous nations and we do believe I'm good enough. As for the miracle of the Quran, every one of us can sense it, feel it, touch it, hear it, experience it, the time and the space factor have been lifted up from the miracle. So the miracle of the Quran is eternal. And anybody who wants to taste that miracle, see that miracle experience that miracle can do so, and this is no doubt one of the best Kasai is our Prophet sallallahu isonem has been given, this is point number what?

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Three, point number four moving on point number four and point three, four or five were all about the book because there's so many speciality is about the book that the process was given. Point number four, Allah promised our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam something he promised no other prophets about the book. The previous books, the previous books, were robbing you borrow the must to film in Kitab Ilahi. The Rabbi's and the priests were entrusted with protecting the book of Allah. This is in the Quran surah Dilma ADA, the rabbi's and the priests, Allah said, You are in charge of protecting the book. And when they took charge, they decided to add a refund and Kalama Amber

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Walder, they added they inserted they made things that is going to be beneficial for their understanding and whatnot. And so the book was corrupted. As for the Quran, the wahi to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, What did Allah azza wa jal say to our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was selling them in Aileen Jo ma Hua Khurana it is upon us to compile it and it is upon us to recite it to you don't worry about it. In Luna, Xena dechra We're in the hula half you don't Don't worry out of school Allah, we will take charge of protecting this Quran. So Allah taka fella behave the reseller, he was the one who took charge of protecting the design and the way that came down. No one

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can tamper with the Quran because Allah has taken charge of this. Unlike the Old Testament and the New Testament, Allah did not take charge and he said, I'm going to leave it entrusted upon you. And when they were given this, they eventually corrupted and they changed and now as we know it is no longer the original. So this is another blessing that our nervous system was given that Allah said to him in the beginning of the way, because he was as Ibn Abbas said, he was worried that he would forget the Mahi and he would start reciting the Quran as soon as you breed started reciting and Allah azza wa jal said in the Quran, don't worry, we are going to gather it for you. Right? Don't

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have your tongue repeat after Jublia Don't worry in Alena, Gemma, we are going to gather it and we will recite it to you for either correct now who first tibia Khurana when we recite you just have to follow Don't worry, your memory will be perfect, we will make sure of it. So this is point number four, Allah bless our Nebby no other Nebby was blessed that Allah said I will take care of your book. Point number five is that within this book, so 345 are all about the book because so many blessings about the book that our professor has given point number five within the book, Allah revealed what he did not reveal to any previous revelation. The blessings in the Quran and the

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specific blessings of verses and surah in the Quran is unique and there's a long list of blessings here, for example, certain Fatah sub Alma Thani

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Allah never gave anything similar to this AYATUL kursi is the greatest ayat that Allah has revealed. In all of the revelations, there is no iron that is more blessed than AYATUL kursi the Power Team of Surah Al Baqarah, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Allah sent it down from under the throne, no prophet before me has been given anything like it. So there are so many examples of revelations within the Quran, I should say Surahs and ayat that are unique and that are blessing above any other revelation and any other previous book. So this is point number five of the Hassan is that Allah subhana wa Taala chose to reveal the best book he protected the book and he made the book the

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mortgages, and within the book he he presented so many specific ayat and verses that no previous book had all of this is of the highlights of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam point number six of the unique characteristics that no other human has been given is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah made a custom directly and indirectly about the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and through the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam custom in Arabic is a means of emphasis right. So even in English, you know we you give a customer a given oath right. So Kacem is meant to emphasize something and we as Allah's Maha look, we cannot give a custom except with Allah and the names and

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attributes of Allah. So when we say well Allah He, I swear by Allah, I swear we have to give custom only by Allah and the names and attributes of Allah. But Allah subhanho wa Taala can give custom by any of the Creation if he wants to, and when he gives custom by the creation, this indicates the magnificence of the creation. Allah does not give custom upon any creation. So what Shem see Waldo Haha, well Fajr right. So what Baja Allah gives us and by magnificent signs, signs that anybody who sees will recognize who Allah subhana wa Taala is. So when Allah gives a custom, the object of custom, it indicates Allah's honor to that object. And it indicates that that object is self evident

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to prove Allah's power and podra That's why Allah is giving a custom by it and if you look at the Quran, aka Sam, they're always about amazing miracles around us that we take for granted.

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No human being has been the subject of custom except our NABI SallAllahu, it he was sitting down and there are two verses that we can indicate here one of them indirect person and one of them direct person, as for the indirect person, further our Rob Baker now you may known here of course, the custom Allah is saying your Lord, I swear by your Lord Ye Rasool Allah that they do not believe. So here the custom is of course Allah Himself your Lord, but Allah the phrasing that Allah uses, okay, I swear by your singular in the Arabic you can say you singular, but a beaker yeah rasool Allah. So Allah azza wa jal, the calf here, Rebecca is Rasul Allah right Rob is of course Allah, your Lord

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yeah rasool Allah. So Allah is using the singular pronoun when it comes to our Nibi Salah Salem and saying with a custom, that your rasool Allah, they will never believe I swear by your Lord until they believe in you. This is an honor that though the meal or the pronoun Allah used for the promises that I'm even more explicit is the direct Assam and as I'll call the other and other say, this is an honor that no creation has been given that Allah swore possum by the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no other Maha Luke creation I should say human creation obviously mahalo Heaven and Earth Allah gave custom I mean by mahalo here a human being no other

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human being, that Allah azza wa jal swore by his life and it is in the Quran.

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While ah la Maruka in nomina, Sacra Tomiyama Hoon, I swear by your life, your Rasul Allah, that they are lost in their misguidance. Now I'm Luca, here it is a custom by the life of the Prophet salallahu it he will send them so Allah is giving a person by his life, there is no other human being that Allah has said by your life other than our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is of the greatest honors to him. This point number six, now we go to the final one for today. As for the list, it is much longer than any hospital so please understand. The final one for today is an amazing one amazing speciality given to our Prophet sallallahu it he was send him Allah azza wa

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jal says in the Quran, about our Prophet sallallahu Sallam to the Sahaba that Latisha aloo Rasulullah baina conquer do I bow to combinado don't call out to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam like you call out to one another. So the Sahaba understood we cannot address him by his name. In his lifetime. We do not say

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Yeah Mohamed in his lifetime to call out to Him. Allah said in the Quran don't call out to him like you call out to other people. So they're supposed to show respect when they address him Durga obviously when you talk about him you may say his name is Mohammed was him we mentioned like that in harbor but in NIDA in calling we are not allowed if we see the professor we're not allowed to say stuff for Allah Dr. Mohammed stuff for Allah we don't speak to like a normal human being. He is of course human, but we don't address him like this right? You get my point. Allah says in the Quran. Now, what is the Hassan is Allah Himself. And the Quran is language itself lived up to this

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condition in the entire Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala calls out all of the prophets by name wahconah Adam was going under was ojochal agenda, Allah speaking to Adam, right? Yeah, no. Salaam Mina. Allah speaks they are Noah. Let the art go and it will settle in peace. Yeah, Ibrahim caatsa. Dr. Roja? Oh, Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the vision that your Musa in the stuff he took either NASA but he said that he will be Konami or Musa I have chosen you and made you a special by speaking to you directly. Yeah, he Sabina Miriam and Taku Salinas Did you say Oh Jesus, yeah, yeah. Who did kita Baba Yaga whoo inner Jana Khalifa and fill out. Every lawsuit is called by his name. Except one.

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When Allah wants to call our Nebby and Rasulullah sallallahu I was on a what does he say? Yeah. Are you gonna be you?

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Yeah. Are you her? rasuluh He never says in the whole Quran. Ya Mohamed never, because he himself has told us don't call the prophet like to call each other. And even our Rob demonstrates in the Quran that language and he calls him by his title, the honorific title er rasool Allah Yana be your rasool Allah has chosen you to be the messenger Allah has chosen you to be the Prophet so that status is mentioned in the Quran and not the name and this is of the Hassan is that no other prophet in the Quran? His language is clear. Every Prophet Yeah, Adam Yeah, no yeah Musa yada would but there is never in the Quran. Ya Mohamed? Yes, the Quran mentions Mohamed Rasulo does harbor that's

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harbor that's not NIDA harbor is description harbor is a sentence of course we mentioned the name of the processing in a sentence, but when we call him with ya, then we say Ya rasool Allah Yun EBU Allah and Allah azza wa jal himself uses in the Quran, that same language that he did not choose for any other prophet, and so specially in these days and what is going on Alhamdulillah we thank Allah we have our Prophet and our Sudan, our Nebby he is indeed the Ashraful, mahalo God. He is indeed the most honored of all of the prophets of Allah and because we are in his OMA, it is an honor for us. We should thank Allah that Allah chose us to be in the home of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, it is our honor that we are in his Oma. It is an honor for us that ALLAH chose us to be of the followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them so we thank Allah for having guided us to be of this OMA after having chosen us to be in the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and inshallah maybe another lecture will continue other Hassan is was Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato.

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