Zakir Naik – Swallowing Saliva While Fasting

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that saliva is a normal act that can be avoided, but some people keep it. The act can be avoided at all, but if someone follows it, they may have to keep on spitting. The speaker also mentions that the act cannot be avoided at all, but if someone breathes the dust, it can be harmful.
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The next question relates to a person that is swallowing his or her own saliva during the fast Is this a permitted act?

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As far as swallowing the Salah is concerned, it is a nominal act. It's a natural act.

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And re science tells us that there are several litres of saliva be secreted by the saliva gland every day. And it is normal, it's natural, that the saliva or human being upside down, he swallows it, and this can be avoided. And Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was 185. And it tells you that you should fast for the full month of Ramadan and those who are on a journey they can make up the period later on. Then it says, Allah subhanaw taala wants to make it easy for you and does not want to put you into difficulty. Allah says in Surah, chapter number 22

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verse number 17, Allah subhanaw taala does not want to give you hardship in your deen in religion. So but natural sin falling saliva is a normal act. And I know that some people keep on frequently spitting out and I have some of my friends who do that thinking it's hard to follow and the keyboard splitting and imagine if you have to do it the full day, you cannot even afford a sauna properly. Well, then you have to select takes a few minutes. And in few minutes also saliva gets together. So will you be concentrating on splitting the saliva or unless vannatta defending the Quran, we'll have to keep on splitting outside always. And I know some people always keep maybe a container always

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spitting out not knowing the ruling. So if a person's follows the saliva normal saliva which comes in the mouth, it cannot be avoided at all. Shame a person when he breathes the dust with which a person goes to a city which is polluted and the dust particles and you've read that and some of those new lungwort goes through. It's all this is permissible because this is a nominal data rag and these do not violate your fast at all.

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