I am a Hindu Revert. Is it possible for normal practising Muslim like me to achieve Jannatul Firdaus

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My name is Maria. I am from Vancouver, Canada. I work as a general manager in a private firm here. I was a Hindu, I have recently revert to Islam a year ago. I would like to thank Allah to guide me to the right path and choose me to become a Muslim. My question is, as there are levels in Jannah, as well as in jahannam, is it possible for a person like me to reach genitori for those as it is the highest level in Jannah a person can attain? The people who do Dawa are much more superior indeed than me. Is it possible for a normal practicing Muslim like me to attain genital feitos Tao is compulsory upon every single Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala

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says in the Glorious Quran and Sunnah hell chapter 16 was the 125 although lscb lira bakeable hekman Well, murottal has an added humility in why to the way of dialogue with wisdom and beautiful preachings and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best and most gracious, we should do Dawa with hikma with wisdom.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Glorious Quran in Surah Al Asad chapter 103 was the 123 while acid by time in San lfu hustle warily, man is in a state of loss in the lady in Aminu, except for those who believed while I'm sorry had and do righteous deeds, what was her bill Huck exhort people towards to that is doing Dawa. What was ob Southern exhort people towards patience and perseverance.

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To enter Jannah there are minimum four criteria.

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Eman that is belief. Second is Ama salejaw. That is righteous deeds. The third is exhorting people towards truth that is doing Dawa. And the fourth is exhorting people towards patience and perseverance.

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These are four criteria for a person to enter Jannah if any of them is missing, under normal circumstances, a person will not enter gender. If Allah wants to forgive you, it is upon Allah subhanaw taala

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so every Muslim he should at least be a part time die.

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And those people who are full time dies, those people who have dedicated their lives for the cause of Islam for the sake of conveying the message of Islam, they are the best of people. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Glorious Quran in surah al E. Imran Chapter number three was from 104 Walter comin Come on a little higher way I wanna build my roof when Hunan el Mancha What will a government let that arise out of you a band of people

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calling towards what is good and joining what is right and forbidding What is wrong? They are the ones to attain Felicity. Today in our community, we have full time doctors full time engineers, how many full time die is do we have?

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So the best people are those who dedicate their lives to spread the message of Islam.

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So minimum you need to be a part time die.

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And if you are doing little Dawa then you should try to do as many good deeds as possible.

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You should try to compensate it with other good deeds. And whenever we ask Allah subhanaw taala for gender we should ask for genital photos.

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So we should focus on doing Dawa and we should focus on doing righteous deeds. We should try to do all the things that are further than Islam all the fries should be done. We should not miss a single with a single father act. We should abstain from all the things that are Haram. We should try to do as many Suna acts as many things that are Mr. Hot, we should try to abstain from things that are mcru and also abstain totally from things that are Haram. If you focus on this, there are high chances by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala that we will entertain the three factors. Besides this, you should focus on the sooner x the fry should be done. After that you should focus on the sooner x

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for example offering the sooner and makeda

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offering the witr prayer which is very important, also offering the to Raka before the fudger prayer as a beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that anyone who offers to Raka of sunnah of fudger prayer it is better than the world and the wealth in it.

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Besides this, we should also focus on the voluntary fasts besides the obligatory fast. We should focus on the voluntary fast fasting on the day of

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thought of as a blob of Muhammad peace be upon him said that the one who fasts on the day of arafah it is an explanation for his previous year since, as well as the coming year since. This fasting is for the people who are not performing Hutch.

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We should fast on the day of Ashura. Fast the six days of shovel

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fast during the yard will be fast on Mondays and Thursdays. The more you focus on righteous deeds, the more chances that you will enter general for those and if you know that there is one person who will enter Jannah you should have hope and trust in Allah subhanaw taala that you will be that one person and you should work hard towards it. If you know that there is one person who will enter Hellfire, you should pray to Allah subhanaw taala that you are not that one person, you should not take it for granted that I am a Muslim, I am such a good human being I am a righteous human being I cannot enter jahannam

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no Muslim can take it for granted that he will enter Paradise. Each and every human being will enter Jannah with the grace of Allah subhanaw taala with the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so we should focus on doing good deeds on doing righteous deeds getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah if you focus on these things inshallah, we will enter general for those by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may admit all of us in the gardens of Paradise and into the highest level of Paradise that is genital Fritos.