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millions per us my name. I'm a lawyer, a historian and also a theologian.

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You give a very excellent exposition of the Quran and Islam.

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But Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths.

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A Jew could have said the same thing, or this almost the same things, if you said by quoting the Quran, sorry, it's called recording the Torah and Talmud. A Christian could have said, almost everything you said, by quoting both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

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I do not know whether we should be trying to say one religion is superior, or more truthful than another. And if we do go down that line, what does that lead to? That's what led to the Crusades, etc. thing you mentioned about justice and peace. Of course, the Christian Bible mentions more than more verses about justice and peace than they are about the Horus Holy Spirit. And of course, Christians were pacifist until 313. When so

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what is the difference between what you are saying, and Judaism and Christianity? And what would that lead to? Develop a good question. And I do agree with him, that if you read the books of Judaism, the books of Christianity, you will find verses of peace. Never in my lecture ever did I say that any religion is against peace, or any religion is in favor of terrorism. I always said, All religions are against terrorism. What I made one statement, my speech that the verse of the Quran chapter five, verse number 32, this verse, which is so emphatic, I do not find a similar verse in any other scripture because I'm a student of comparative religion, saying that if you kill one

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innocent human being, it is as though you have killed the whole of humanity. And if you save one, innocent human being, it is as though you have saved the whole of humanity. It was only one verse so that generally I do agree that most of the religions almost all they speak about peace. That's the reason Jesus Christ peace be upon him. If you read the Gospel of Luke, chapter number 24, was 36. When he goes to the upper room, he says, when he wishes apostles shambolic them, which means theme, peace be upon you in Hebrew. So the greetings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him to when he met the people of shalom alikom which meant same in Arabic Assalamu alaykum May peace be on you. Regarding

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you think that one day Legion superior to the other Legion, I believe Almighty God sent only one religion, he has not sent different religions. What the Quran says he has made human beings into different tribes, different colors, different languages, so that they may recognize each other not they may despise each other, the only religion that God has sent to all his messengers, whether it be Moses, whether it be Jesus peace be upon him, Moses PDB upon him, mom with peace bill, but it was to submit the will to Almighty God, I believe all these messengers, right from Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all. All of them bought the same message that believe in one God

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and worship Him alone and only him and submit your will to that Almighty God. Hope that answers the question.