Zakir Naik – In Islam how many Women can a Man Marry

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reasons behind the number of marriages in Islam, stating that only one woman can marry as far as the other is concerned, and that male and female sex ratios are not equal. They also mention the number of women dying from various factors, such as smoking, alcohol, and violence, and how many women are born in equal proportion as compared to male and female births. The speaker concludes that the number of marriages is not always linear and that women are not always the same as men.
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Dr. Zakir Naik sir Mai Tais del sabko namaste Kaito Mera naam Aisha dasa. So Mira professionista say hey, Ki Islam kidney Shadi Garnica, is Aza data. Our cue

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brother has a question that how many marriages are permanent Islam and why? Referring to the polygamy major natural Toki Quran callosotomy Samia kitna owner che

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Quran how many marriages can you do as far as the woman is concerned? According to DISA chap number four was number 20 to 24. A married woman cannot marry again. So women should have only one has been maximum as far as the other is concerned. Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number three married woman for choice in twos threes, or fours. But if you can't do justice marry only one.

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You can marry two three or four. But if you can't do justice, marry only one. This statement marry only one if you can't do justice is only given in the Quran. There's no other scripture on the face of the earth, which says marry only one besides the Quran. If you read the Rahman if you read the Mahabharata, you can marry as many times as you want. If you need our man, the father of ROM, how many wives yet he had more than one wife, Krishna, if read Mahabharat how many wives here two 410 1000 10,000 16,185 When Krishna gana 16,185 So why can't we Muslims have approval? If you read the Bible,

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in the Old Testament, or the New Testament, you can marry as many words as you wish Solomon had 700 wives, Abraham at the front of the Bible, it is the church we put up a limit Christian should marry anyone. It is Rabbi Benjamin Hoda, who pastors I know that Jewish Marian livin in India, it is the Indian Penal Code. In 1954, which passed a law in Hindu Marriage Act which said that Hindus should marry only one. It is the Indian Penal Code, not the scripture which says that Hindu should have only one wife.

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Let's analyze what are the reasons that Islam gives permission for a man to have more than one wife marry more than one wife is not compulsory in Islam. It's optional. But if you marry more than one wife, you should do justice between the wise the logical reasons we can think that it's in permission or that male and female are born in equal proportion. But if you ask any medical doctor, any pediatrician, he will tell you that the girl the female child is a stronger * medically as compared to the male child, she can fight the germ than diseases much better than a male child. So more female children are alive as compared to male children. As life goes on, there is debt due to

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war, due to accident due to cigarette smoking due to alcohol. In all these cases, more male are dying as compared to female. So today in the world, there are more females in the world as compared to males in few third world country like India, etc. Where the female population is less than the male population because of female infanticide and female feticide. Every year. In India, more than 1 million fetuses are being aborted after the fact that their females if this evil practice drops, even in India, the male population will become less than the female population. In New York alone, there is 1 million female more than males. In USA alone, there are 7.8 million female more than

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males. In UK alone, there are 4 million females more than males. In Germany alone, there are 5 million female more than males. In Russia alone, there are 9 million female more than males. And God alone knows how many millions of females are more than men throughout the world. If I agree with you that one man should only marry one woman. And suppose the market is saturated. And if your sister happens to live in America, and my sister is live in America, and she happens to be one of the 7.8 million females who have not found a life partner, the only option for her is that she either marry the man who already has a wife or she becomes public property, public property, such a harsh word,

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this is the most official keyboard I can use. I cannot think of a better word than this. And any more this woman would say that if the option is given, she would prefer marrying a man who already has a wife or become public property. Hope that answers the question.

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