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The truth about Jesus

June 14, 2016


AI: Summary © The Bible provides insight into the struggles of women with babies, negative consequences from the Jews, and double standards of life. The speakers discuss the importance of speaking up when facing negative situations and the use of the Son of God as a way to make people feel better. The history of Islam is also discussed, and the transcript ends with a promise to take a story of a woman with her children in Sharla.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My brothers, my sisters, Islam, welcome to our series of the seal of the beautiful Quran will hamdulillah We have with us Surah Maryam and it's an amazing surah and it is a surah about the miracles of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is sent to the early Jews to the latter Jews. So that inshallah to Allah they, they they are guided so Allah said, there's so many prophets of God. Now unless we know what Allah tells us about the miraculous birth of

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use of the Miriam Ali's of the salon, and how the Jews despite the fact that they saw this little boy, talking from the cradle, did not believe you know, so it's a it's a terrible tragedy. But this is the problem with people who,

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you know, they're not gonna believe until until this punishment, there's never gonna believe and that's why you know, yesterday I was

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in out of see in our data we we were reciting for the verse in the Quran in surah, Surah aarav, where Allah talks about how many miracles are lagging musala the Salah, then thereafter, Allah tells us that the people that are out, they said that will lie we will not believe you, even if you bring all the miracles in even if you keep on bringing more and more miracles, we will not believe you. So Allah tells us, tells us that he sent so many miracles to them, he made the whole you know now revert to blood he sent them an army of locusts he sent them an army of frogs he sent them.

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He sent them days of drought he sent them you know too far, which is a typhoon is all of this. But you know, still they will not believe in Allah azza wa jal until the death comes to them until they know they're about to die. That's what they say, Okay, you know what I believe. And this is the this is the problem. This is a real problem, you know, real issue. Even the magicians who are subject matter experts who know their magic better than others, when they did their magic, they knew what is magic, when they saw the miracles of Muslims, Islam, they knew this was not this cannot be magic, this must be a miracle. And when they knew that, when they knew that still around, who is not a

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subject matter experts in the topic of, of black magic, and he and he did employ people who did black magic, but still he didn't know the difference. So as a result, he put the miracle and the black magic together in the same basket as if the good and the bad person are the same. And that's what what what misled him and that was on account of his arrogance. So over here, I was gonna tell us the beauty of the miracle that happened to Maria Mallika Salaam and look at how Allah and his care for this woman, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell us about Isa muddiman Chatelet Allah with that inshallah, today will take about two verse number 14 of Subramanian spela, for Hamlet

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proven tebah that became a Canon casia verse number 22 for hamato. So he bore she bore him

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in the womb, fantasma that behave so she would do with the with the child in her belly mcaren picea a distant place away from her people. Why did she do that? She wanted to be private. She was an introvert. She wanted to look after the child without anyone saying oh my god, and he's obvious. How can she be fall pregnant when there was no any no man that ever touched her? Who would ever believe that? So So panela was a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So she didn't want to, you know, go through the whole pregnancy. Being with people she wanted to be on her own. So this was even more difficult, isn't it? Can you imagine being pregnant first baby, never been touched by a man fully

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Virgin and going through the pangs of childhood. There is no serious delivery here. It's going to be a vaginal delivery. So how difficult is that going to be? For ajah Helen mahato ella just enough? Not enough. Let's call it yell at me to cabela Hakuna cmmc beautiful, has Allah xojo How beautifully Allah says it's for agile almohad. So what happened so the pens of her of her childhood of her

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of childbearing

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in her pregnancy started meaning she began to have the pains and the contractions of delivery for jet of Agia almohad alleges inequality and she went then and held on to the bark of a palm tree pilot What did she say? Yeah lightening and you know as she's going through this I mean you can almost imagine right this this righteous woman she's going through the pain of childbirth she's grabbing into the trunk of this date palm tree and holding on to it when the when the contraction start then she said yeah Leyton image to Kabbalah. Haha wish I was dead before this. What could to not see a man see and I was something that was forgotten. And you know, righteous people sometimes

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make the one like this. Yeah. It was also reported that Abu Bakar rhodiola. Toronto, he used to make dua Oh, Allah, I wish I was just a tree that was cut down and eaten. And then it was nothing there anymore left. Meaning Why would he wish for that he would wish for that. Because he didn't he because of his extreme fear of Allah. That's number one. Number two, because of what he knew, are the trials and tribulations that are yet going to happen to human beings. As we go towards Africa, the 50,000 years standing our death, our time in the grave, our our having to walk across the Surat, all of this the tremendous fear of Allah. Despite the fact that he knew and shall live in Chile,

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we'll go to agenda. It's the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala that drove him to say statements like this here. Miriam. What drove her to say statements like this was her also tremendous pain she was going through which is like, unlike any other pain she's ever experienced. And also the fact that of course, what is going to come after it is she's gonna have a baby and the trials and tribulations he's going to have from the Jews is going to be severe.

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So they're called out from underneath her, or at the bottom of her feet. There was an angel that called out a lot has any Don't be said, for the job. okidata d, sorry, underneath you. Allah has put a spring. Well, who's the LA cable Jetta and then shake the tree they will fall upon you from the dates from the socket. Aliki, Ruto back jenia. And the beautiful rooftop, which has the fresh, beautiful, sweet dates will fall down. And what we know is that sweet dates or sweetness, sucrose has a numbing effect, or at least a mild analgesic effect. And myself in my hospital, when we have a newborn, a newborn infant, and we need to put, let's say, a needle in their arm, or to put a chest

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strain or whatever it is, for whatever problem that they're suffering. Before we try and do these sort of things, we give them a little bit of sucrose on their mouth, because a little bit of the sucrose which is on their mouth, then almost creates a bit of an analgesic effect and then you can put in the needles will have the less fun, far less pain. And that is also why the profits are seldom also said when the child is born, then he would put a date in his mouth wet it and then he would take the limit of wetness and the date and you put in the child's mouth, because that would make the pain and the difficulty of childbirth a lot more bearable. And so that is precisely what

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Allah azza wa jal is recommending here and the angel told her or Jose la ke witches are inoculated to psychedelica Robin jelenia and this lookup will come down upon you and inshallah to Allah this will be a mercy for you and inshallah it will be give you some analgesia from this pain that you're going through.

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But then Allah azza wa jal says, For Cooley, Mashallah Viva curry hyena, so drink and eat and be be happy? Yeah. koreana meaning soothe your heart so your soul? Can you see how Allah subhanho wa Taala is taking care of Miriam how at her time of need lessons every ease, and that is the whole point. One difficulty which is a childbirth multiple E's Angel being sent to look after

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a dates falling down on her a fresh spring with nice cool water underneath her so she can drink all of this to make it easy for her to have a childbirth Pamela? For Cooley, what should I be recovery is to eat and drink and and soothe yours soothe your soul for imata in nominal battery. If you were to see for anyone from creation, the only are able to see any human being or men in Nineveh Allah Rahmani sama I have promised to Allah to foster a follow up call Lima Lima ncso. I will not speak to any human being at all today. So

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This verse is an evidence that at the time of Maria malissa, Salah fasting was actually fasting from speaking. And SubhanAllah. You know, that is what we should also, in some ways revive, to not speak too much in order for the prophet to some said, Whoever fears Allah the last day Let him speak good or keep silent. And today, we talk far too much and we're going to be responsible over our tongues and the prophets. Some said, Well, how did you come to know so Allah? Would you infinera Johanna Illa saw it as unity will mankind be thrown into the fire except in

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the face first into the fire except because what they're what they're tons of earned. So we have to be very, very careful and so Maria, Elisa casilla will shake that she will go to wait as fast with

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fast to Allah xojo therefore not speak to any human being at all, for at that be coma. So therefore her people

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were at a place. What did she do? She grabbed the baby, she wrapped it up newborn and came to the people carrying this baby called we are Maria said oh my god Maria, what did you do Madame Lapa GTV Shea and Jaffa gt Shea and 30 years straight away, they assume that she has done an evil deed she has slept with somebody. On top of that she is meant to be righteous. His father is meant to be the head priest, a mother's meant to a righteous woman. And the one looking after is meant to be a prophet of God, you have come with a tremendously evil lead. Yeah. vaca Haru Oh, the daughter of how to what does it mean how long here? So some scholars said this might mean that she had a brother

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called heroine, or lauter Allah, we have no evidence of that. Or of the heroine is like an explanation or you son of Mr. Okay. Just like, you know, any, you know, when people excuse me explain that they have explanations, they don't sometimes call the person by their name. They sometimes call them by title or by a Misbah that they have a sub that they have association that they have with someone. So if the heroine is perhaps we refer to that to heroine, who was from massage to Salah, so refer to refer to that. We have the highroad Oh, the daughter of

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Martin Abou kibris Oh, by the way, you might see me a little bit unwell my sincere apologies. I might. I'm actually a little bit a little bit unwell. So the last two episodes you might see me a little bit hesitant and slow. So forgive me inshallah I'm battling a little bit of an illness inshallah it will get better so forgive me for for not being my normal self. Yeah. Oh, oh, the daughter of her own. Oh, the sister of her own Makana book. Your father was not Imre, a man. So So and he was not a man who was evil. One Planet omake body another was your woman was neither was your mother, a prostitute? Why are you behaving like a prostitute? Your father was not bad. He was a good

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man. Your mother was not a prostitute. She was a pious woman. Why have you done something so Empire straightaway they they thought that and you know, test will lie. Do we judge people based upon the action or do we judge people based upon who they are and start giving excuses and this is why equity today we must inculcate the habit of giving excuses to our brothers you know for example, let's say you know me, you know me you know, abuse of you know, is a half decent man. So next time when you hear something bad, don't automatically say oh my god, what have you done? Rather than before judging it try and give an excuse? Is he doing something else? Is there something else am I

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misinterpreting the issue? Is there something I don't know about? Is there something else that that is really going on from what is apparent to me? So all of these things you have to question ask yourself beforehand you must do that if you're of the people who do not do that if you have the people who simply judge of the apparent and jump to conclusions then you might actually mal align yourself. Look the Jews over here Mel align themselves with Miriam straight away, without giving her an excuse. They didn't even ask is this? Where did you find the baby? Is this your baby? Even even ask how did you have a baby? Do you When did you get married? ask those questions at least. And if

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you would need to know rather than coming to conclusion that somehow you've done evil. So what does Allah say? For ashara? La so she pointed towards him because she was not going to speak. She pointed towards la he

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said Kay for local Lieberman Can I feel bad this will be how can we speak to someone who is still a child in the court? How can we speak speak to someone as a child the court as the possible so the child in the court spoke up and this is a miracle, alas gave it a

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That tells us he said the money.

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He said in the Abdullah, I am the slave of Allah. And you know,

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the prophets of God, they will honor to call them so slaves of Allah, because everyone else is a slave to something. You know, everyone is a slave to something, you either slave to allow your slave to a devil, not a slave to allow slave to your, to your desires slave to allow slave to other gods, you must be a slave to somebody. And so it is a sort of it is an honor to call yourself Abdullah. So this is why he said the Millennium law tells us that he spoke up and he spoke the truth. And he said that he was a slave of Allah, he was not the Son of God. It Be the love literally, I'm the son of Allah, I am this labor full of stuff. I'm the slave of Allah, can you Now one thing I wanted to

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point out to you, which is very important, the Christians know that at the same time, as he said, The money was sent. There were two other prophets that were alive at that time as a courier as to salah and his son Yahya. So they also know the Zachary was old man when he had the idea. So, how is it that they attribute sort of God and miraculous birth to use of the Meridian, but they do not attribute that to, to the idea. And this is, you know, double standards. I mean, when we know that yahia had, yes, a father and a mother, but the point is, he was old and she was barren, the mother was barren, barren is tantamount to not being able to have kids right? In the same way. Money

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honestly the salon had a virgin birth. And she also any did not have someone that could have permitted me to fall pregnant. So why is it this is the double standards? Why are you or Christians attributing virgin birth to Isa Maria whether you do not attribute that to john the baptist? And why is it that you say that he is the Son of God, whereas john the baptist is just a prophet of God? Why is that the case and this is double standards of life. And you have chosen whoever and you have made the deen whatever and however you wish. So what did they say? They have the Haruna maka Abu kibra. So you mama cannot omocha Maria ashara Eliza, she pointed to the boy cave and Luca Lima Mancha Anna

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Philippa sabia, how can we speak to the one who was still a child and infant color in the Abdullah he spoke up and he said, I am the slave of Allah.

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Al Kitab he has given me the book which is in G, what jayalalithaa V is made before the prophets of God, or Jilin, Eva Baraka and he has made me bless it. I am Welcome to Wherever I am, will also need your Salah and he has ordained me to have Salah was the cat and the cat madam to Hylia as long as I am alive, so here straight away, the son of the son of Mary is in the money honestly the celeb realigns the expectation who he is another prophet of God is been set by Allah and he has been outside outside can have two meanings outside means to, to obligate and one meaning the other one is to recommend, both of them have meaning when it's from Allah subhanho wa Taala will see you have to

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mean Allah is an obligation, you know, and that was the year from a man such as outside he led my prophet gave me a admonition that can either be obligatory or non obligatory, obligatory or non obligatory, but from Allah, it's always obligatory. Well outside he was Salah, and he ordained me with prayer was the cat and to give the soccer mom to hire as long as I'm alive

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and therefore Can you see how solid is that that was even obligated police in the Marine Lab so therefore it shows you that these acts that we're doing now is something which has actually been before us the nations of the past while they were about

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at the end he made me righteous to my mother while we are jalaja Baron shocky did not make me Jabbar someone was hottie Sheffield someone who was any who was very

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any distraught and

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any heat in himself is

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trying to search for the right word distraught and hottie and destroyed in himself okay? Sharpie Sharpie is opposite sides is happy opposite is a depressed and angry and hurt so any did not make me from the proud and and hurtful ones was Salam or Alinea and peace be upon me. Yama will lead to the day I've been born or Yamamoto the day I will die or go back to Hialeah and resurrected again. So this all shows that Allah subhanho wa Taala and this all shows that is the medium was in

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due to human being, he will die He will be resurrected again. All of the shows that he was definitely not the Son of God. The guy is of the millennium that is a sir the son of Mary Paul will have Tila de m Tarun, this is the statement of truth about which they are doubting and they are arguing about Mercado de la de Walla

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Walla, Walla den suparna. It is not possible for Allah to take a son Glory be to him, Why not? Because he cannot have anyone equal to him. He doesn't have a Sahiba he does not have a need for a son. Everything in the heavens The earth is a slave to Allah azza wa jal like

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either other Umbra when he decrees a thing in the Maya Punahou coolfire code, he simply says to a bee and it is mainly part of Allah B and it is, you know, part of Allah so much that he can create something out of nothing. And that is why Einstein's theory is actually wrong.

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It's not always there. According to Einstein, the University have always existed, and just changes over to different states from matter to energy etc. But the reality is, that is not true. The reality is, you can create something out of nothing without there being any precedent

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for it.

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Is our associate a coo coo, coo coo

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coo coo coo and Allah is my Lord and your Lord fabuleux so worship him only had a Serato stocking This is the actual straight path This is a straight path by

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felafel I mean baby him so then the group's different What did the differ about Was it a virgin birth was an Aboriginal but did you really hear the baby talk now? I don't think so. This book, something else probably spoken you know something else a gym. That is vanilla, they didn't believe the miracle Some believe that others in believe it for you to live in a cafaro image how do we not do so well to those who disbelieve from the witness on that day a smear became an observer yo maya to another and became an observer to my to Ghana, and we will allow them to notice and see and hear on the day that they come lurking of Bali Muna Yama de la la movie on that day, the dalemain are

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going to be in manifest error manifest error and manifest mistake. One they're home Yamal hacer la and give them the warnings of the day of regret hasta la is their regret one of the names a day of judgment. So on the day of distress, apologies of the day of distress, and that is one of the names of the day of judgment because lots of distress from the heat and the standing and the command of Allah azza wa jal and the constant bickering or fighting with others, one on one hostility, and one of them on the day of Hassan difficulty. It could be an Umbra, when the affair has been judged, for whom he loves letting me know once they are in playful jest and they do not believe in a soul or,

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verily were the one who will inherit the earth woman alley, and what is upon it, what Elena your genuine and to us will be our return. To us we are in this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us the use of the medium is nothing but the Son of God, nothing but the son of of a mother, and he is not the Son of God, and that Allah subhana wa Taala made him very human, and he spoke the truth. And people have only deferred after him and then forgotten the truth. They've covered up the truth with a lot of lies. And this is what has caused the latter people from being confused, until today, the Injeel has been fabricated. And there are portions of the jail that contain statements that are not

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from the engine itself. That is what the profits from said, When you hear the Jews and the Christians do not believe them, nor deny them do not disbelieve them as well. Meaning you never know what they say, is an element of truth in it, how much of it is true, how much of is false, neither believe in them nor disbelieve in them right, as far as they believe, which is that Jesus is the Son of God. And of course, this is something which you should totally disbelieve in when the problem said, you know, don't believe or disbelieve in them. What he meant by that are the stories that they say and about some of the specifics of issues and what happened to that world as Islam and how they

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died. You know, this really I have a lot of durations. So do not believe that nor disbelieve them because a lot of them have tremendous amounts of lies and and misjudgment in these affairs inshallah. This is a story Risa Maria will hamdulillah as we move on tomorrow will take the story of Ibrahima Salaam and his family and a beautiful story of him with his family and how he left them in Makkah and also the story of him slaughtering his children in Sharla.

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Something that really touched

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My heart insha Allah

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until tomorrow, my sincere apologies, I am struggling with my sickness inshallah, inshallah hopefully I'll be better, a lot more subtract to keep the seed a little bit shorter these days inshallah thank you once again Salaam Alaikum.