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Sunnah to Eat Dates in Sahoor

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, Dr. Zakir next question somebody wants to know, did the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recommend any particular food for the dawn meal? It's mentioned in a say, hadith of Sunni no doubt, what number two in the book of fasting, added number 2338. The Beloved Prophet said, the believers meal.

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The best is dates. First of all, before the pre dawn mean, for Sahaba the best meal is the date. The Prophet also said it's mentioned in Muslim emod Hadith number 11086. The Prophet said, that have sued even if it's a gulp of water. So the best is dates, and yet other things and you should also have water these are the things that the Prophet recommended for so