A Night Better than 1000 months

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So a lot of Bula is declared the month of Ramadan, the entire month as the month in which the Quran was revealed.

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Yet we know from verses of the Quran that the Quran wasn't revealed throughout Ramadan, it was revealed in an zelner de la Letty lucado. It was revealed in the night of others

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in even that it wasn't revealed throughout the night, but then a portion of the night. So look at the mercy of the larochelle imagery then fire Lima, Yuri, what was a moment in time or a fraction of time in a fraction of the night. He has a virgin, bless the whole night because of

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and then bless the whole month because of because this is the why a lot of does things. Goodness, he multiplies and expands and stretches and increases.

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So in this month,

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your deeds get blessed as well but especially in the 10 nights that's ahead of you.

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Worship in one night worship, and one night

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is more blessings than worship in 1000 months.

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Do you see the trend, it takes a moment of your worship and then expands it stretches that extends it multiplies it to better not equal to better than hours and months of worship. So one night, in one night, your life gets the Baraka of 83 years and more.

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Like in a normal life, if Allah blesses you to live for it three years, you will have parts of that life spent working parts of it sick parts of it in the bathroom parts of chasing parts of it being chased when a portion of within a small portion of it and worship. Yet the column of Allah equalizer in this one night, he doesn't give you 83.3 years of life with its mess and mark and problems he gives you the best fruits of the juice of life at 3.3 years of worship and more and more like minimum entry level 1000 months which is equivalent to it 3.3 years. But that's the coriander and say

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we will give the night equal to 1000 months this is Hiram better than and better than could mean a million months.

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zillion months olise Karim

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so seek it and these nights ahead of you make an extra effort to worship your Lord to give sadaqa to do higher

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in the last 10 nights and especially in the odd nights so the 21st the 23rd, the 25th the 27th or the 29th

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and remember your brother in your daughter

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