Allah Is The Best Of Planners

Zakir Naik


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And today we finally, as I mentioned earlier, that there is virulent propaganda about Islam.

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On the media, we find

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that they are spreading misconceptions. But

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the more they're doing that

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we find after 911.

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This has reached epidemic levels,

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writing against Islam, misconceptions about Islam, the propaganda against Islam increased. But I believe in the verse of the Quran of Surah amaran chapter number three was number 54. Allah says Makarova, makalah, remarking that they planned and plotted, Allah to planned Allah is the best of planners.

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After 911, the amount of propaganda they're doing against Islam, do you know after 911,

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the spread of Islam has increased

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only in the span of 10 months. In USA alone, after 911 more than 34,000 Americans accepted Islam.

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and Europe alone.

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More than 22,000 accepted Islam in 10 months time after 911. And

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I go to Europe. I go to UK very often I go to America. And I find that after 911 when I give talks, there are more Americans coming for my talk. There are more Europeans coming for my talk.

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It's good. They want to know what kind of religion is this? Some come to attack. Some come to learn. We welcome both of them.

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We welcome both of them.

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I like people

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who attacked with reasoning. I love them. And we know that Omar mela be pleased with him as one of the longevity of Islam. And the Prophet prayed for Isaiah, he got it and then he became one of the staunchest supporters of Islam.