What is the ruling on eating and drinking with utensils and containers made from gold and silver

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In Sharla, tonight we conclude the last two

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the last two howdy

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keytab. Boo identifying will shut off our book that was covering the manners or the etiquette on eating and drinking. And this last section we said is the permissibility of drinking from all types of containers, vessels, utensils, and using of utensils that are pure, that are not gold and silver. And so these last, the first hand up mentioned the proper balance auto setup, used one from stone and otherwise, because it was pure, it was done by him a little slow to snap to show us permissibility and because it was what is available, of course.

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And these last two that Heidi speak about what are not permissible. So they throw their loved one who said in an IV as a loved one if you're setting them up on a Friday when he was showing

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up when

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam prohibited us from wearing

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Harrier and diverge. heavier and diverge are two words for sale. There are two types of sale.

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Sometimes it's translated as you know silk and brocade or something of that nature, but those who know fabrics know better what the equivalents are in English. There are two types of silk, silk in general, actual sales in general is impermissible for the males of its own, but we know from other honey this prohibition is what is male specific.

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He said well should we see any of that Have you ever felt and he prohibited drinking from containers or vessels made out of gold and silver, meaning and or silver? And he said, he Allahu dunia what

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it is for them, for others for non believers in this world, meaning that degree of extravagance is not to be observed by a believer.

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It is for them in this world. And for you. gold and silver plates and cups and vessels and for you in the here after

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reaching the other howdy then we'll talk a little bit about it quickly. Oh my Santa Monica mahanta in another Heidi.

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She said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and let me yes Rob woofie anything for those who drink out of containers made out of silver enamel eugenic jewel, he bought Tony he now jahannam he will have no less than the fire of jahannam boiling inside of the stomach. The one who drinks out of a silver container will have liquid boiling at the heat of jahannam bubbling or boiling inside of him.

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In another narration in the lead yet who is Ravi na who filled it with those who eat or drink out of containers that are made of gold or silver

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and in a third narration munchetty Rafi met him in that have been fulfilled buffet never rejected a few votes and he now I mean Johanna similar wording to the first of that how do you feel about the alone time so this establishes for us one thing for sure. And that drinking and eating out of cups and plates made out of gold and silver is absolutely wrong rather than some of the major sins. Some of the major sins that are not just washed away by good deeds are guaranteed to be washed away by good deeds something that a person if they've done it they need to regret and seek Allah's forgiveness and repentance consciously repent from this is the first thing

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the second thing is what about not eating and drinking out of gold and silver?

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Meaning Can I use gold or silver containers for storage right like to store my sword right the sheep the sheep for example right? Or let's use a more peaceful example

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you know

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a container for what Give me an example I think jewelry box right made out of solid boulders also for some people go the extra mile. Right?

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And so some people have also like money, wallets or containers that are made out of these.

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This style is different on this. The or maybe we'll do is another very good Can you make mobile alko

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a container a bowl made out of gold or silver. The majority of scholars believe that the prohibition to drink and eat is extended to all usages

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except what the Sharia expressly permitted which is what

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what can you use gold and silver for?

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jewelry right

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What else?

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currency currency trading you can use it as currency, right? So aside from those, the majority will say everything else will be by default. Because this is excessive extravagance for them in this world not for the believer to use, right? There is a minority minority opinion that mentioned that a lot, Zilla Jim said, who would let the dog determine he is the one that

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created for you everything on Earth. So everything on Earth, the default is that it's for your usage for your betterment unless expressly prohibited, and the only thing expressly prohibited was eating and drinking. Okay.

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What gives, of course, this interpretation some substantiation is that it exists as assignable. So habit, so almost sentiment, if you remember the two writers, one for data, one from the sentiment, almost sentiment who narrated the prohibition to us to begin with, she had a tall, silver cylindrical container long, a thin container made out of silver, that she used to store in it hairs for the for the profits on the love on a new set of screws. And when someone would be sick, she would add water to it, and she would mix it with the water and then pour out the water for them and that person by unless permission, and the bottle had a blessing of his blessing, Bobby Smith was

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sent out they would be cured by almost permission. So she used it, right.

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So that's where that position comes from the generality and the the precedent some of us will have, but you know, the majority position and for you know, cautious piety would say stay away from these things. If you can afford them, they would not say your mobile is invalid, they would just say your sinful the majority, you know,

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just to go back to the point and that's pretty much it as for not using it. In actuality. So it's like plated or fix or has a very insignificant amount of gold or silver on it. There may be some more leeway there legally speaking, but the container itself being made out of real gold being made out of real silver that would be prohibited for use according to the majority of the Coppa. Let's leave it there and Shawn was trying to come home from the children.