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The speaker discusses the importance of navigating emotions and relationships in the aftermath of the um salar of Islam. They also mention the potential for community growth and the need to ensure everyone is in touch with the culture of brotherly love. The speaker encourages the audience to keep their emotions in check and to continue to grow in their community.

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So Happy married

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Charlotte Allah, I'm going to be actually leaving with the nightstand for the next few weeks. So I'm sure I'll be back hopefully, within Atana around August 4 system will restart and Shetlands out of the first hopefully the week after Belinda. But I wanted to just further reflect on a point in the meantime,

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from the hotbar yesterday, and someone reminded me and said that you said that you would do a series of aboubaker and model the alongside Anioma and their interactions with one another. And it really is a beautiful, beautiful, you know, relationship that you start to unfold when you look into it. Because if you think about Abu Bakr and Omar, may Allah be pleased with them. You are talking about the two greatest people after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this OMA and the fact that between the two of them, you can actually see what brotherhood looks like. And subhanAllah sometimes when we talk about our messenger, Ali has salatu salam. And we talk about his relationship with his

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spouses. And we say you know him that in LA, we can take lessons on how to be wonderful spouses. And we can also take lessons from the Prophet slice and I'm on how to navigate an argument or a disagreement with your spouse.

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And when you look at the relationship between these two great men, may Allah be pleased with them. You see, all of that, all of how to navigate the things that come between two brothers, and how they were able to overcome those disagreements at times, and to still be the right hand and the left hand of the prophets of Allah Harney with someone it's just one thing that I think about what the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he looked at Wilbekin an Amana may Allah be pleased with them. And he said these two are Assam roo while bustle. These two are like my hearing and my sink. These two are like my hearing and my scene. And he would often say I like his salatu salam that I

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will back in a normal saw this I will go back in and Omar went here, I will I will bucket and Omar agree upon this, as if to say Subhana Allah that we are a team we are one hand and our messenger Allah, His salatu salam had that relationship with his to us hub, his two companions, may Allah be pleased to them both. And so because we're as we're navigating these times that we are in right now, it's important for us to understand that sometimes you're going to have a certain feeling about your brother, someone's going to say something that's going to upset you, or you're going to make me think that perhaps this person is only saying this because they want to disagree with me. I mean,

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that the story that I shared in the hallway yesterday, was the story that precedes her to draw the revelation of a huge rock that will make it an island may Allah be pleased with them. Were with the profit slice. I'm in the middle of the law and who gave an opinion on my bucket or the law and who said Murata Illa Philadelphia, you only said it to differ with me to disagree with me.

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I'm like it all day long, and who felt that certain way? So what could have felt that way about Omar in that moment, of course, sometimes we're going to feel that way about each other, that maybe he's only saying this because of this, and He's only trying to disagree with me. And of course, even with our spouses at times, you know, maybe she's just saying this because she just wants to disagree or he's just saying this for that reason. These are human emotions. But look at how when it came to the important affairs of the Ummah, they were always able to get on the same page. And that's the beauty of it. They were always able to get on the same page, and to move the Ummah forward. I was just

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thinking Subhan Allah about our community. May Allah subhanho wa Taala always keep our hearts together, Allah who I mean, you know, those of us who have been here for some time now, and I've seen the growth and mashallah it's really beautiful to see every single week, new people coming, new people coming, new people coming, it's a lot to eat. I think we underestimated it by about half. You know, it was incredible to see the number of people that came out for salads. And it's going to be important for us to maintain that culture of brotherly love and keeping our hearts united with the lights and always been able to navigate those differences in shots and and to talk to one another

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and to still see each other always as brothers and sisters. But in the meantime to continue to grow. This beautiful community growth comes with a risk. And it also comes with great potential. So we have to mitigate that risk by being those people in Charlottesville that always spread the fair spread the culture spread the best of the potential that we have in this community, within Lehane to Allah so inshallah to Allah Inotia has

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generously gave me his time slot tonight to just to speak since I'm leaving, please keep me in your diet and chocolates and you also be in my dua always and I look forward to coming back in sha Allah to Allah and and restarting in sha Allah the first once again so we can live with the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam and maybe

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Maybe I'll start a series on the side and shall on the incidents between old bucket and almond may Allah be pleased with them just as a smaller thing on the side and shot so we can look at all of the things between them and really dive deeper into the dynamics of that plus the relationship. Now, last point I'd be pleased with the companions and may Allah subhanaw taala. Join us with our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. highest level for the dosa Nana llama Amin.