Students of IIS will In Sha Allah be the Future Generation

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Anyway, the school is not a business. So what fees we take? We are spending from our own pocket. So it's not a business please don't get me wrong, the school IRF always everything free. The school is the first thing we are charging money. But even those who are paying full fees, we are subsidizing the fees.

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So in this way, Mashallah we want to create a new society.

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And what we feel that most of the organization that start, it's a one man show, after the person goes away, those thing goes down. Most of the Muslim organization you see, it's a one man show, that person goes through the organization falls down. So we see to it that we require backups. At present marcellina Foundation is some of the foundation we have more than 15 speakers, Mashallah besides myself, and some of them travel in different parts of the world. They have been to UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa celebrates Mashallah. And these children Mashallah, they are our future generation. And if you see the annual day that we have in the annual day when we have kids,

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normally most of the schools their fancy does, that a person maybe made us up like Michael Jackson or made this applies? Maybe Sunil Gavaskar or whatever it is, you're in our concert Mashallah one person becomes he imitates chicks today's

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man like chick emoji that you know, in this way Mashallah, we find that the role models of our children, the present age role models for our children, they are not the pop stars and pop singers and film actors. They are like shake Swedish, like shake me

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by the Bilal Philips. So yeah, we find that we should ingrain in our children, that what should they become and the crop

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and Marshal if you see that these children, they are taught public speaking right from Jr, kg. nom de jure for that taught to stand in front of the microphone. And they are taught how to speak on the microphone. Most of our speakers I'm sorry to say they don't know public speaking techniques. What should be the distance from the mic?

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How's modulation? How should go a portrait come down the gestures, the eye to eye contact? See, when a person gives a speech on the stage, the method he speaks carries only 7% marks how much 7% 93% is presentation skills? How do you modulate your gestures, your eye to eye contact that there isn't today? Actually I'm handicapped the sound system is not good.

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It is like sending a warrior to a battlefield without weapons. We should be trained that how we should be able to our children right from the age of four. They're trained public speaking in English as well as Arabic. So we want that a future generation that they should be trained on velella. So this was a vision with which we started the school, not knowing whether we'd be successful or not a hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has been so much helpful and grateful that we got applications from different parts of the world, from different cities in India. We have an application to start the school in Saudi Arabia in UAE in Yemen in UK and USA several application so

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far, we have only started one more branch in Chennai

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and our criterias are very strict Mashallah. So inshallah we feel that every few years will open one school, so that it will be role model for the others.

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One thing we have to realize that for success, we have to follow the guidance of the Quran and the Hadith. And always, we have to be professional, as Allah says in the Quran in surah, Chapter 16 verse 43, and sorry, chapter number 21, verse number seven first Aloo Khalid Zicree in cuando la tala moon, if you don't know, as the person who's knowledgeable as the person who possesses the message