Undeniable Predictions in the Quran

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The speakers discuss the benefits of the Quran to verify predictions of the future, including the potential for double counting and the importance of evidence. They also mention a prediction letter from the Prophet and the shave of the people. The discussion touches on the future of the world map and the future of the world map, with speculation and discussion about demographics and variables surrounding the situation.

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Everyone asks,

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Why does having

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predictions of the future within the branch? Why does that make the Quran? In a sense?

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Why does it give you an advantage over the scientific method?

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Did you think? You know, my answer is?

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No. Okay, and I'm trying to get him in the book. I'll say the answer.

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Also is because the event has happened. Yeah. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala. As we'll see, he makes mention in the future, that event has elapsed, now it's happened, we can look back, we have the retrospective advantage. So we know that that man is not going to change, you can't change.

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Whereas the people who are atheists who accept the truth of reality, the scientific method of it, they don't know if their science is going to change. They really don't.

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They have an issue with that. Yeah. So we can say for certain based on the predictions, yeah. If this XYZ prediction, there's a probability that this position would have been true is very low. This is evidence that the Quran is true. If they say, why is evidence it could be this? Well, it's a stronger evidence than the scientific method. In fact, this thing cannot change is happening now it's done.

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So whereas the site science can change,

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yes, or science can change the events down the line, the profit through a lot predicted they can't change, it's done for the most part. Therefore, we have an advantage over science. Therefore, actually, you can say it makes sense. The Quranic way of verification, verifying itself and islamically American itself is a stronger way than even science is stronger than science. Therefore, we shouldn't use science to try and prove the Quran we should try to use a variety of proofs it is much stronger.

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It has a stronger inbuilt system of verifying yourself. Okay. Okay, let's go into some examples. Okay, I'm skeptical. So let's go into some time. I'll give you four or five examples of the crown chakra. We're going to try and rush through Allison's, but we'll try to rush through maybe 10 examples or 20 examples from this. Okay.

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I think this is enough. Yeah. So far from the current entry from the sooner that would make a total of 25. Okay, I'll try and do that. That's my target. That's my aim. Anyway, the celebrant, says, as many of you already

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in Sue's room, just read our witnesses. Allah says in chapter three of the Quran, verse number one.

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And it's

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the only way to

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Elif lambing, the Romans have been defeated.

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v adenan, will be won.

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In a nearby close lowlands. And this after the defeat, they will be

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victorious. So so far, we have some variables. Yeah. Allah saying what's happened and what's going to happen? What's happened, the Romans have been defeated. What's going to happen? That they will

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be victorious afterwards. But is there is there more details? Let's find out.

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Fever buys me from three Chinese betta and Arabic street tonight. That's what it means. Yeah.

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from three to nine years.

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Learning love Romeo.

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For Allah is the affair. Before and after? Well, yeah, oh, my god. I mean,

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that day, the believers will be happy. Why the Mufasa won't say on that day is when better happened?

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Why did the believers be happier just to disbelieve in people killing each other? Who cares who wins? Some say because advocates have a pronoun. Some say Actually, this is the same day as when Brexit happened. So they had the double reason to be happy, because the Romans were closer to them in terms of faith, but also because they themselves had been victorious for some reason, which is better, which we'll come to, by the way in a second.

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So when we say that we have who's going to win, when they're going to win, where they're going to win? And how they're going to win in a sense. And what's going to happen when they're going to win, the Muslims will be happy. And then our work continues. I mean, I want you to really think about this for a second.

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And this next verses,

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I want you to think about the confidence of illustration of that.

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I mean, we're learning right, this is this is really a shocking confidence.

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Listen to this, he says

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this is the lab a lot. Like I said, this is definitely going to happen. Can you imagine if I go outside and say look, I'm definitely going to

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wind this thing over.

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Good afternoon webinar is definitely gonna be my United 100%. And I'm putting my whole credibility, everything, everything has been put on the line. The whole credibility by my credibility even if that was wrong class is finished. It's done. your credibility is finished. You have no you cannot say that.

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I believe this is finished.

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He Allah subhanaw taala doesn't go against his What? He's going Whoa, is it if this is a charlatan? If this is a fake stuff,

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this is fake person, then he would be easily explosive. I was in cocaine. So what?

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What can I've done as in

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the majority of people didn't notice.

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They don't always

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be nice.

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With the victory of a young tsunami,

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he gets to victory whoever he wants to.

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Well, allies he is or he and he's the mighty.

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And they're compassionate.

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And interesting contrast. But this is how the law, power law Look at this. Allah is telling us in the future, look what's gonna happen x, y, z. And if it doesn't happen in big trouble. I mean, for the person who's claiming, think about it just this is enough. This surah this verse is tell us it should be enough evidence. If you put there's actually in mathematics, something called total probability theory is different models are probably we put this to a total mobility theory. In mathematics, you'd realize that this is the probability is probably below two or 1%. You can what's the what's the probability of this

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will come to the store at the end of manchas. One example of this Yeah, so we talked about the Romans and the and the Persians. And this is in most history books, even in in the western history books that this happened and materialize exactly the way the professor lost count Alice's nuprime.

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Number two,

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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in chapter number 48.

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And in verse number 27,

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a little background, the prophet Mohammed Salah Salam of Arabia, which is a true treaty, a treaty that he did with the disbelievers. He had a dream that he would be going into

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Mecca and Medina. And that there will be shaving their hair, and that they'll be cutting their hair and we're going to do Hajj, because that's what you do when you go to Hajj. And basically,

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he announced his dream and all of the dreams of the Prophet we believe, of the prophets in general, are revelation. In other words, they will definitely happen and there's a hadith that says that the dream is 146 of Prophet.

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Anyways, Allah Subhana Allah says, In this verse la de la hora, sola will have caught, he says, suddenly the Prophet

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has been given the role er, which is this dream will have yes and he saw the vision is true. Yeah. Letter

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steidle harana.

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Allah, you will definitely go into the mysteries of haram inshallah. leta de Luna North Aki, Masha de LAN unknown, this makes a double like me, in Arabic When you have a lamb and unknown, this makes it Oh, very strong letters of balloon, you will definitely be getting going with them.

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It's not saying oh, you might go in there. Yes. Why? You know, as I was saying, you definitely have 100% going to mess around with challah imagine. How can you know that you're going to go into how can you be sure that there will not be some kind of obstacle that will stop you. But then it continues. Mahalia feanor, Rosa kumano Casa de la harpoon, you're going to be Congo and you're going to be shaving your hair and you're not going to have any fear. Look at the variables here. Put this back into the probability generators too much. You're going to be cutting your hair and sharing your hair and you're not going to have any meaning is not gonna be any fighting isn't this will happen.

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So you know, this is not another look at the demographics.

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Because the demographics, no one's going to you can't change history. I'm sorry. I mean, if someone said comes to us and says no, but this is we're not sure if we have an executive

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just look at the map.

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We're gonna say no, they can't say anything when it comes to anything. They cannot say anything. The maximum they can sell, you know, you'd have to crumble up to change afterwards. Okay, which is one frustration is that you have nothing, no knowledge about after afterwards. We'll talk about analyze in later debate. But first of all, you have to accept that this is something of a prediction letter that

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you're going to go into the national Herald inshallah.

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This is something of a prediction of the future. There's no doubt about that prediction.

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byes demo is just used to

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tell me whether Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah. So

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he gives us more information. Can you believe this? Man, this is too much imagine getting all of this matchmaking. If I make five guests Now, what's the probability I'll get one of those five? Right? Is, I mean really, if you and all these variables, just think about it. A lot of times Alice has a sort of a normal, which is a 20 for sort of the Quran and the 55th verse, Allah subhanaw taala he says, Why Allah again, this word, why is coming?

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alladhina larina Amma

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Well, I'm going to solve

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the certainly those who do good.

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And men come from you

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who believe and do good that you will do you have

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to be over you'll be ruling over that. List. o'clock means is like from what Cleveland? What are the urban Peninsula, there is no apa?

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Can anyone deny that? is part of the demographics. Look at the world map?

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What they're gonna say? Well, you know, Okay, thank you. Thank you for the argument.

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But it wouldn't add up and you've got too many things going on.

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I'll tell you another thing that people don't know. And so we'll come on, which is chapter number 54 of the Quran, which is a really beautiful sort of listen to it. Just listen to the rhythm of it. Is it such a beautiful song, but in chapter 64, verse 45,

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a lot of annata Allah

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He says,

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resemble Gemma, how are you alone? And tomorrow

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is easier. He's talking about Moses and Pharaoh and these things when he says echo Falcon phenomenological, unlocking, unlocking beratan visible and then he says, he changes the transitions transition

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the digital of the forest, the kurashiki am he the people of Polish? He says are your disbelief is better than the ones who came before etc. And then he says sales hemangioma. How are you going into the gym as people these individuals will be defeated and they will want to wait wait a minute.

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How can you be what's this talking about? I mean, to look at succeed Okay, let's look at the see no problem.

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If you look at the seals in Casio

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and others, I mean, nobody can see the code to be etc. They say

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that it's narrated in Buhari and others, actually, it's more than one heavy one. He's actually narrated by Lama. Another Hadith is the one who's speaking is a blocker. So the two heavy people

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one of them said that I won't have it is saying that they weren't better. They were in a big dome place. Yeah. And, and basically he was asked the Prophet Mohammed Salah, he was asked,

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he was doing blah, yeah. And then he says, you have to lose you Really? Yeah. And he persisted in your diary. Ababa says to Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. So Mohammed, Salah Salah. He said, he recited this verse.

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Therefore, since oil will vote in chapter 54, verse 45, therefore the first room

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actually therefore Buhari himself, he put this as a tuxedo diverse, sir is a half of his future tenants will inhabit science over to these two letters are indicating the future. So what Allah subhanaw taala, he says, said it was a Montana, this will happen in the future.

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So it's a future prediction. Can you imagine better if you know anything about weather is that you got 300 people or something? Yeah. You're almost assured loss is such a

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How can somebody is the leader of Domino, he's putting in his eyes, put your credibility on the line.

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And he say,

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they're going to want not only they're not only they're going to lose, but they're going to run away.

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I mean, I mean, really, I mean, if you think about this, just from a logical perspective, you will realize that this is too deep and too much of a courageous speculation.

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For it to be something which is from a human being has to be, I would say must be coming from some other source at this level. But then you can see now this is going on with verses Yes, chapter eight. Verse number seven.

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He says, where the African law Yeah, the 4014. In the Holocaust, he says that, Allah subhanaw taala is, again the word he is there, which is kind of like why this is the same word coming. Do you know how dangerous this is to use it, you're not going to be sure about what's going to happen.

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So we believe that maybe, maybe possibly, perhaps, if someone is making an intelligent prediction,

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and they don't want to be proven wrong, then he could be like this. But it also could be like that. Yes, they could go to 123432. And he could score but also could be, that's what they do they play their cards, right? You know, you see these people, you know, because they don't want to make you want to make sure they they come Oh, God knows what's going on one on one thing.

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Yeah. And oftentimes Allah is telling us what's going to happen. So it's something more than once.

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And the last thing I want to mention in terms of time before you quickly rush to the Sunnah, is that 111 Auto car. So if you think about how the sewer is actually even if it's just out,

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so, this will come anytime and he said, you know, Muslim,

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okay. So, and the reason why I never saw

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was because he was be prevented by law, the same one prevented,

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the same one prevented him from being able to be prevented.

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So this is the some of the British law