In Islamic International School the Parents too have to Follow the Quran and Sunnah

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The main thing is interview. When we interview the parents, we are very strict. We are very careful that we see to it that the parents have the same thinking as the management. And we are very strict. In the first year, when we started the school, we are a clause compulsory that the mothers should do the job.

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More than 50% of the mothers in the first year of our school, they will not do any job, but within one month's time, Mashallah all of them had to do a job. Now, when they want to admit their child, they do feel okay if you want to get admission to some international school refugia so before coming to the interview, they have a job that train because they want admission in our school. So they do a survey, what is the requirement of the school?

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We have what Mashallah millionaire parents are businessmen. What business tycoons. When they come for the interview, we asked them, How many times do you have a Salah so they tell us to makishima

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so we tell them brother, then don't admit your child in the school go and put him in a convent school. He says Why? Because we will teach your child it's mentioned in say Muslim, the difference between a man and coughed a Salah, maybe your child after three four years will call you a coffee. Therefore don't put him in school, put them in a fundament school. They said no, we want admission here. We will offer Salah we will offer five times Allah then they give it in writing.

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So it's compulsory, that

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100% of the parents, they give in writing that they will offer salaphi times.

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Believe me, we did not know that we could actually pressurize the parents or blackmail them. When the Christian missionaries are blackmailing our Muslim children, our Muslim parents in Bombay, they are paying 5000 pounds 10,000 pounds to get admission. And after paying that money as bribe every day, our children they're saying Jesus Christ peace be upon him is God.

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So when the Christian missionaries can fold them to do fire can be forced to do something.

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And believe me, we have been very successful.

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We know it is not allowed by this government and that government, but hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. So Mashallah even the multi millionaire

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he wait for the interview, we tell him interview, take time, be prepared at least four or five hours and you will be interviewed for about one and a half to two hours. And Mashallah, we have a big questionnaire, and we explain to them the concept of the school. And we tell them that the satellite television is a big site on to the cable TV, satellite TV should not be in your house, TV is not around, but the cable TV, the satellite TV is a big site. And normally we find that we know that in the western statistics, the average in America a child sits in front of the TV for approximately seven hours on average more time than he spends in school.

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Even in India, they spend several hours and what happened you know, when we say that if you want admission, you remove the cable TV, and Mashallah they have to do it otherwise no admission. So because they want they may not be practicing Muslims, but they have that just bar they have the man they want to put in the school and now it has become a status. Oh my son got admission into is status hamdulillah Allah given of that status, so to get admission means it's the status. I got admission in Islamic international school, I passed the interview. So then we realized that once the cable TV is out, and it's compulsory that the parents the mother should attend every week, our

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Islamic lectures campus at least once, Father twice a month compulsory, if you don't have time, then no admission.

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So even the parents are being ingrained, it's the package. We are not only telling the students, we have been telling the parents, we don't want that we trained the child. And after 13 years, the father says okay, now go into business. Okay, start giving, bribe, etc. So we want to see to it, we don't want to pour water on a duck's back. Chances are that 50% we will lose our children, because finally the parents control them. So we will change the parents. And if we know that the business the parent is doing is not good, we will tell you there are some people who have got businesses, maybe they're working in bank, I will tell them working in bank,

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maybe your child once after four or five years, he will cause you trouble. So see to change your job fast, so knowingly very well. Yet they want to put their children in school.

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And the point to be noted here is that after a few months, then the husband comes and tells us you know my wife, she has stopped watching TV now she gives me more time.

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So even the family life improves. We have got stipulated conditions before admission. That minimum 20 minutes every day. There should be a family reading of the Quran along with translation.

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Every day, compulsory, the father should attend twice a month our lectures in which we talk about Islam, the

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Mothers once a week, when this way, Mashallah even the environment becomes Islamic. Then, besides the parents, even though the siblings come, even the grandparents come, so it is rather changing the society. And we found that when we visited the western schools are going to South Africa, and are going to one of the best schools in South Africa about 60 years back. I don't blame the school. The principal of the school told me that but as a kid, we are at the mercy of the parents. We have to force them to come and take admission, though our fee is half then the other private schools, but then they blackmail us. If you tell us too many things, never go to the government school will go to

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the right school. And he told me, I was students in the age standard nine standard girls. One evening, we went to hotel and we found our girls wearing miniskirts and shorts and dancing. Imagine one of the best schools in South Africa.

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And the parents were called the parents are blackmailing.

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If we get too strict children from year to year in our school, we blackmail the parents, but natural for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala