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rushman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah hatami la mia was a yodel morpholine where Allah Allah He was Javi on the world My amin, Oman tabia, whom a son in LA oma Dean, I'm about to be live Samuel elimina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, Rama are solokha in La La La La La Nina. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran that we sent you, not all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam except as a mercy are the world. So the professional life or limb came as a mercy. He brought the mercy that was promised by Allah to the world. And he wanted this mercy to reach out to every single person in the planet. And Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah,

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this mercy did reach from Spain to China, within a century of the Prophet, demise. Salallahu alaihe salam Islam had reached its Pinnacle, geographically, Islam had spread from northern China all the way to southern France, most part of Spain. How did this happen suddenly? How did the Muslims take so much land so rapidly? The answer is of course in the Quran, we as Muslims, we believe that Allah told us in the Quran, this was prophesied in the Quran, Allah in chapter 24 verse 155,

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states chapter, chapter 24, verse 55, sorry. 2455 surah Noor, verse 55. I also believe in a shape on the regime Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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y de la la Vina mahnomen Camila Sala hot lava stuffily fundamental camasta la la de la mina cubberly him, it is a promise of Allah to those who believe among you, and do write his deeds that Allah subhanaw taala will grant you succession in the land, you the believers, the primary recipients of the Quran. In other words, the companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and their immediate followers, you will inherit the world, you will overpower the land. And this means temporal power, not necessarily spiritual power, Ally's talking about temporal power, now you're stuck, leave unknown fell out of this means physically, you will overpower the land. And this is

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exactly what transpired. Within a century of the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away in the year 630, to see 1100 to be precise. And in the year 732 in the year 730, to see exactly a century later other Muslims are in places like Spain, all the way in Spain, and then northern China. So this was a promised, may promise fulfilled promise made by Allah in the Quran. So this promise was fulfilled to the lecture to count a lot. And what was the purpose of doing all that? The purpose was to send the mercy of Islam our dis mercy was foretold centuries before the prophet of Islam was born. Or you may be thinking What is the connection of all this with the life

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of Sultan Salahuddin Allah up you will see how this is all connected to someone like Sultan Salahuddin a UB also known as uses been a YouTube that was the name of the man we are going to talk about some fun use of being a YouTube and the dynasty will later called a ubit dynasty.

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The dynasty governed by Salah Dean and his children was later on called the ayyubid. dynasty named after the father of Salahuddin a UB

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so the connection of my introduction about the promise of Allah to spread the justice of Islam throughout the world

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will be seen in the coming minutes in sha Allah.

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So Allah promised mercy and mercy reached out to all these islands and all these places and this was foretold centuries before the prophet of Islam was born. And the book of Isaiah, for example, in the biblical texts, although as altered as the text of the Bible, as we still believe. There are remnants of truth there are remnants there are, you know, remains of the true revelation which Allah revealed upon the Israelite prophets is there in in meaning in some shape or form? It's there we can detect it. And this is what the Quran was referring to when the Quran said you had to do the homework.

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But I'm done with our apologies that these the Christians and the Jews, they will find him mentioned in the scriptures with them. Whatever they have now with them, they will find him mentioned, despite the fact that's been altered, like the Quran states clearly in chapter two verse 79, that the previous scriptures have been altered. Despite that, there are still references to an Arabian Prophet, and unlettered prophet in the Scriptures, and that Prophet was Mohammed Salah Salaam. And in Isaiah 42. This entire chapter talks about a man who will come from Arabia, he will be a messianic figure, he will be a prophet of Allah, He will be a prophet of God, a messenger of God, He

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will spread judgment in the he will spread justice in the earth, and islands will receive His law they will wait for his law, he will come as a light for the Gentiles, he will put idol worshipers to shame and he will have something to do with Arabia. Verse number 11, clearly categorically gives this geographical location in Arabia, the children of Hadar the villages that Qaeda do it inhabit, to quote the precise words.

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So why am I telling you all this? I am telling you this because one of the manifestations of the mercy of Islam was a man called Sultan Salahuddin a yogi.

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This man was so merciful, that even his enemies praised him as we will see in sha Allah. As we will see in this lecture. later on. Even his enemies praised him.

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He was so merciful, so upright, so moral that his enemies had maximum respect for him. They praised him not only in the Middle East, where they were fighting him actively throughout the crusades, they praise them in the writings in Europe. When some of these people they returned to Europe. They started to write books to praise Salahuddin, some Christian authors. throughout the Middle Ages, they had a lot to say about Islam, they had a lot to say about the prophet of Islam, they had a lot to say negative stuff, by the way, a lot to say about many people. But what they could not say was negative things about the lack of being a yogi. So one of those manifestations of the mercy that

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Allah promised in the Quran to the Prophet of Allah, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was so fond falafel Dean, Allah UV, now sometimes allowed in he confronted many Christian kings like ghee, the Lusitania. For example. He also confronted Baldwin, the leper, the leper king, he also confronted Richard the Lionheart, who came all the way from England and France to attack the Middle East to take back the the city of Jerusalem from the Muslims after it had been taken by Sultana Lavina up and his forces in 1187 ce II.

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But none of these things that were said about Sultan Salahuddin Allah UV can be said about these kings.

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Neither de nor Baldwin, nor Richard, none of these

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positive things or none of these praises can be sent towards or can be attributed to these Christian kings who are fighting sometimes will have dinner up you know why? Because they did not have his character. There is not have his character. And the reason why Sultan Salahuddin was what he was, because he was a true Muslim. He was a good Muslim, he loved Islam. And very quickly, we will go through some of the details about his life.

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We are told that he was born and 1134 c

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311 37. He was born in 11 3070. And he passed away in 1193. So he was about 54 years old, about 53 to 54 years old. So he

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in 1193. Having having having been born in 1137. I hope my math was correct.

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So you can do the maths, 1137 and 1193. So So pan, Salahuddin Allah UV was born in 1130 1137. Okay. And then in 1116 1164, when he was a young man,

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he was sent on a campaign to Egypt, in Egypt. At the time, the Fatima Caleb's. Were governing to give you a very quick background as to why photons Latina UV became so important in the 1170s onwards, why it became so important, you need to know some background history very quickly, the Crusades

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The Crusades are campaigns launched against the Muslim world in particular, in particular, the Muslims of the Middle East to liberate the Holy Land, ie the city of Jerusalem. So the story goes that in 1195, so he turned 95. See, in 1095, see, in a place called Clermont, in France, the Pope. At the time, Pope Urban the second, delivered a speech, inviting all Christian princes of Europe, who were fighting each other, destroying each other, killing each other over petty things. Castle fighting in the middle of town, fighting in the town, of principality in Europe fighting another principality, there was a lot of bloodshed, and

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immoral and unpleasant, uncivilized behavior going on. In Europe at the time, in particular, Western Europe, Germany, France, and England.

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Because Eastern Europe, still was seen as the land of the barbarians, Eastern Europe was still in relative Dark Ages. I mean, people are still completely like that is not much history known for Eastern Europe as to what was happening in places like Poland, Lithuania, and other places beyond that, right. So either Europe was not really considered to be civilized land. So the church had its influence in Western Europe at the time, France, Germany, and England. So a lot of princes who were Christians, Catholics, all of them,

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they were fighting each other. They were all fighting each other over territory, for money, or wealth for influence or power. So in 1095, having seen this situation, but the second, and there are four versions of his speech,

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for versions, and you can find them online for versions, they have some commonalities, but there are many difference in the exact words as to the exact words he might have said, right. So in 1095, he delivered the speech allegedly, and he called all the Christian princes of Europe to unite and go and liberate the Holy Land from the irony yoke of the infidel, the infidel he meant was the Muslims, the infidels, he was talking about where the Muslims right so the Muslims at the time will call the Saracens, the Saracens, okay, this term was used against the Arabs from antiquity, okay, antiquity onwards, there there are Church Fathers writing in the third and fourth century, and they when they

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refer to the Arabs, who were not Muslim at the time, they call them the Saracens, the people of the desert, for example, right. And even later on, following on from those church fathers, Christian clergy, during the Middle Ages, they continued to use that term against the Arabs, even though the Arabs predominantly had become Muslim, by this time, so they were using the same old term status and to describe the Muslims. So then the second, he invited all the Christian princes of Europe, in Western Europe in particular, to go and liberate the Holy Land from the iron yoke of the Saracens. And the story he made up which was a lie, if it was if he indeed said these things. He was lying. He

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made up a story that the Christians in the Middle East are being hunted, they are being killed, they are being tortured, they're being persecuted. A lot of the stories that we found find today, unfortunately, around the world, there are misconceptions among Christians, and many other people that the Muslim world is the land of the barbarians. There is nothing civilized there, why savages live in these lands. And in fact, when people start to go to Muslim lands, they start traveling to the Muslim lands, they realize Hold on, these people are very nice people. Okay, there are recently people traveling to Pakistan and Egypt, and other Muslim peaceful Muslim countries where there is no

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war going on. And these wars, of course, are going on for a reason that there are geopolitical reasons, unfortunately, I cannot indulge in to the details of the geopolitical events that are taking place in the Middle East today. But I will talk about countries that have been visited recently by some travelers from the US and from Canada, from European countries, and they praise these countries for the culture, for the richness and for the hospitality and for the, for the kind nature of the people living there. Right. So just like there are misconceptions about Islam and Muslims today in the world, unfortunately very much pumped and inflated by the media and

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politicians, these clergy in the Middle Ages at the time in the 11th century, and in the 12th century, and in the 13th century and beyond. There will be

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Same thing I really strongly recommend one book in particular on this topic. You must read this book how, during the Middle Ages, the clergy, the church was actually deliberately actively misrepresenting Islam and the prophet of Islam and Muslims at large. Okay, that book is Islam and the West making of an image by Daniel Norman, Daniel Norman, Islam and the West making of an image. In this book, he talks about how Muslims and Islam were actively demonized

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by European scholarship at the time, it was mainly It consisted of clergy, bishops, church men, who were very hostile to Islam and Muslims.

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And unfortunately, similar things are happening today, whereby we see the the clarity of today on the media, the politicians, and the journalists are doing the same thing against Islam and Muslims unfortunately, and we have to do more education we have to talk about these things more so that we can educate our masses we can educate our friends, we can educate non Muslims who are listening out there, we can educate everyone, so we need to be more active about this inshallah we'll talk more about Muslim civilization. Talk more about great figures of the past people like for example, hardeen Allah up and his likes. So Pope urbanists, I can deliver the speech, and he lied to those

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people who are present if the speech is true, and if it didn't take place, he lied to the people that the Christian or the Middle East are being tortured. While the reality was the complete opposite. The Christians of the Middle East we're quite happily living with the Muslims in harmony. And in fact, when the Crusaders arrived in the Middle East, the Christians had joined the Muslims to fight these barbarians from the north.

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Okay, and one of the scholars of the crusades, his name is Steven Runciman.

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Steven runs Runciman, called the Crusader invasions of the Middle East, the Barbarian invasion. That's what he called it because the Europeans at the time, unfortunately, were no less than barbarians. Europe was not what it looks like today. At that time, it was the most backward part of the world. It was the most uncivilized part of the world. The Muslims was shocked when they see the Europeans arrived, they were shocked that way have these people come from what sort of people are they? And some of the Muslims actually wrote on the condition of the Crusaders, the culture, the living standard, and the lifestyle, and one of those books is very, very interesting, you must read

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it, it was returned at the time when the Crusades were taking place. The author was none other than Osama bin monoket, Osama bin mancave and he wrote this book titled Kitab Al abbar, the book of lessons. So in in this book, he gives anecdotes from his experiences of life. And he talks about the Crusaders a detail and he takes lessons or he wants people to take lessons from these stories. The book has been

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translated by a scholar called Paul and Cobb, Paul, M. Comme si OBD II has translated this particular book and Penguin have published it.

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And you can Google it, Osama bin monkeys, and if you google Osama, Osama bin Montez and club the word called the book has come up come up in sha Allah. Okay. So the result of the second speech was the the Christian princes some of them they got together and they made their way towards Palestine. 60,000 people left Europe according to some estimates 60,000 people and most of them died on the way some killed by hunger others killed by disease, some killed by the the people of the territories. These Crusaders are passing because these Crusaders were causing havoc wherever they went. And people in retaliation started to kill them. So almost 70% of these Crusaders had died on route to

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Palestine. Only 13,000 made it to Palestine in 1099. It took the Crusaders to reach Palestine four years 1095 when the speech was delivered, and it took some time for the Crusaders to leave. There was a people's crusade as well. Okay.

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And it was led by a month. Okay. His name was Peter. This month, he led the people's crusade. And a lot of these people who were part of this party were women and children and men, and they all perished. Most of them perished on the way but the military crusade that had left

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had reached Palestine in 1099. And this particular part of the military or part of the army that reached Palestine in 1099, that took the city by storm. And the city fell to them the city of Jerusalem, and they massacred the entire population. This is very important for you to know. Because when we come to full Council, again, you will understand why I mentioned this, there was a massacre that followed, and the entire population of the city of Jerusalem was completely decimated. men, women and children were completely killed off. They were massacred Jews, Christians and Muslims. None of them were spared, even animals were killed. Okay, this was a massacre. This was a genocide

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of biblical scales, biblical scales, the scales I'm talking about. You can see these scales in the book of Numbers in the Bible, Chapter 31, verse 17, and the book of First Samuel, chapter 15, verse three, you can see what I'm talking about when I say biblical scale. This was a massacre of biblical scales, right. And the Crusaders are, of course inspired to kill off all the people. In fact, some of the Crusader chroniclers historians, from the time they write that the horse horses of the Crusaders were basically trotting.

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In blood up to the knees, you know, horses were knee deep in the blood of the people the Crusaders had killed himself, he was a number of 70,000 that was killed in the city of Jerusalem. So the city of Jerusalem was taken by the Crusaders, and it remained in the Crusader hands since then, since then. So this was a very painful events in the Muslim history. A lot of Muslims lamented the loss of Jerusalem, people went about that the center of Islamic world at the time nominally albeit nominally, albeit nominally because the ambassador, had lost the power the real power people, you know, lamented the situation in the Grand Mosque of Baghdad, and they talked about it but Muslims

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could not do anything effective to take back the city of Jerusalem. Later on cut the long story short, I'm going to fast forward because if you want to read the history of the crusades, I recommend a number of books I will recommend inshallah.

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Very quickly, if I don't, please remind me during the q&a, inshallah.

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Then I'm a man came in 1114, his name was noodle beans, Inky, noodle beans in key launched a campaign of recapture of the Holy Land. Because the Crusaders had taken a lot of cities in the Holy Land, holy land means, you know,

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for the Christians, it means the land of Palestine. Okay. So, a lot of land. Antioch, which was beyond the the land of Palestine was also taken by the Christians, many of these coastal cities of Palestine. They were taken by Christians, the Crusaders from Europe, they had taken the cities. So the people of the Middle East were very much disturbed by this. And the social order, the political order, the economic order had been disturbed, because the Crusaders brought much negativity with them, you know, they didn't govern the way Muslims are governing before them. Economics, economic situation didn't remain the same. political situation changed drastically. Muslims became subjects

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of the Crusaders in these cities. And it was a very difficult situation. And many travelers at the time described the situation of the Muslims such as Abel jubair, even jubair, his his wrestler, or his travelogue, has been translated into the English language. I invite you to read his travelogue even jubair talked about the Crusaders when he passed through some of the cities on his way to Hajj. So even you better came from Spain traveling through some of these Crusader cities. In the time when Sultan Salahuddin was governing the land of Palestine which had been liberated from the Crusaders. You pass through these lands and he drew a contrast between the two situations. Very important work

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ever Jabez travels his wrestler. Okay, so, after this land was taken futon noodles in zinc, he launched a campaign to recapture the land of Palestine. And then as a result, he realized that

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he has to take Egypt unless and until he takes the land of Egypt from the Crusaders. There is no way for the Muslims to take the land of Palestine from the Crusaders. noodles in zinc. He had taken a number of cities in Palestine from the Crusaders by fighting back launching a campaign of jihad against the Crusaders at the time. You took a lot of land back from the Crusaders, okay.

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And having taken that land

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He realized Egypt that fell behind the land of Palestine was very important because so long as Egypt remains vulnerable to consider attacks, and there was a chance that the Crusaders would have occupied Egypt completely. And then any hope of conquering Palestine, again, for the Muslims would be lost. And Egypt at the time was governed by a heretical group called the *. Right? This is a minority group that came to power in Egypt in the ninth century. And they're established the

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fatimid Caliphate in Egypt, right? It was a caliphate in name, because they had launched a parallel Caliphate to the caliphate in Baghdad. So they also call themselves killers, right? So the masses in Egypt, the people were predominantly Sunni, but the ruling class the elite were fetta means and they were a branch of Shia Islam, right to the masses did not agree with them. So this continues for some time. Until in 1160s, the fatimid cailli at the time, who had lost hope

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from in Crusaders because Crusaders would not keep any word, and they would break all the treaties. He reached out to new ruins dinky, he reached out to newbies in key for help. He asked him for help, can you help me and protect me against the terrorists because I'm setting nunobiki saw a chance to now take the land of Egypt form the weak hands of the Father meets and make Egypt strong for Muslims so that when it comes to conquering the city of Jerusalem and the larger territory of Palestine, Egypt cannot be used against the ambitions or the aspirations of the xindi. Okay, so notice things Inky, he invited one of his most evil generals called sherco. sherco was a sharp fat man who was

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Kurdish originally who came from the land of northern Iraq the city of decreed the city of decreed to be precise, you will a very able, trustworthy general. So nosings, Inky, invited sherco to go and take the land of Egypt in this situation. sherco had a nephew called use a use of a tube, also known as Sultan falafel Deena up he was later called the Sultan Salahuddin and also known as Saladin in Europe. Okay. Salahuddin

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use of Vienna, you was a young man at the time in his early 30s. And he had been to Egypt previously on some campaigns and he didn't like the experience. He didn't want to go back. But sherco pushed him to come back and check who told him that neurobion Ziggy has specifically asked for you to join the campaign cut the long story short, both the uncle and the nephew, they make their way to Egypt with the armies they arrive in Egypt. And they find a very disturbing situation where the state has become very weak. And

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they took the land of Egypt militarily. And it was like

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how can I put it a soft coup? It was not a coup, a direct coup. They did not immediately remove the bailiff. But the the state of protest was completely removed. Sure, who died soon after from overfeeding. Okay. I mean, he was fond of eating a lot and he died because of possibly food poisoning. And then the responsibility fell upon the shoulders of us have been a you shirkers nephew who did not want this responsibility. He didn't want this responsibility. And then photon use of when you became a Sultan in the real sense of the world. He was appointed firstly as the Vizier as the Wizard of the kailis. And then he realized until he removes the Kelly from power, he cannot do

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anything effective. So eventually, in the 1170s, Salahuddin, sometimes will have been a yogi, he removed the fatimid Kaylie from power and took the reins of power into his own hands. Now, he became the Sultan of Egypt, one of the most powerful lands in the Muslim world. Egypt was most was the most powerful, the most fertile, the richest land in the Mediterranean region. Why? Because of the river Nile. Okay, agriculture mainly came from Egypt. Okay. For centuries, Egypt was supplying corn to the Roman Empire, Egypt, whoever controlled Egypt, by extension of by default control the region. So when Egypt came into the hands of the Muslims, Sunni Muslims,

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it was a huge blow to the Crusader ambition.

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And no being dinky Of course, had realized that so tanto la de the UV had declared himself to be the kailis. And he did that obviously so tantalizing the UB was of the view that Allah has chosen him for this task. And so tanto La Nina UV is thought to have said that when Allah gave me Egypt, I knew he meant Palestine for me also, in other words, so cancel out the the UV, he had his mind set on Palestine, he was not interested, mainly or specifically about Egypt. He was interested in Palestine, you wanted to take the land of Palestine, back from the Crusaders.

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And this he did in the coming years. So no, these dinky

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asked, so Tom Salahuddin for to pay for for him to pay homage which will cancel out Dean, he did nominally. But in reality photons alladhina up was more powerful than Notre Dame thinking at the time. And he was independent. He did pay homage nominally nominally to know the Incidentally, he did accept him as his Overlord, but not ultimately, right. But afternoon leadzinc he died, his 19 year old son came to power, and he wanted to oust soltanto ladina up from Egypt. He was campaigning and conspiring and guess what sounds lovely. So as a result, so tangela you know, you'll be had to attack the land of Syria and take the xindi power into his into his own hands so that the Muslims do

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not end up disunited again. Right. So So tell us about the movie to cut the long story short, took the land of Syria on the drinkie. Right, I need United for the first time, the Muslims, for the first time in the last 100 years, the United almost actually for a long time for a long time, because Egypt was in the hands of the fascinates, for a very long time. So united the Muslims, for the first time in a very long time, the land of Egypt and Syria. And after that, it took the land of shujaaz. And he took the land of Yemen. So in a very short time for violence allowed Deena up through his genius, through his strategic thinking, through his sincerity, through His love and

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compassion for the Muslim community. And for his greater ambitions. He became the Sultan, the sole ruler of the land of Egypt, of the land of Syria, of the land of shujaaz, of the land of Yemen. So he was the most powerful King in the Middle East. He was the most powerful King in the Middle East.

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And the only land left was in the middle, the land of Palestine, the city of Jerusalem. Now, so Tom Saladino, you'll be having united all the Muslims around these

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territories. I have mentioned already having united them, he launched his campaign against the Crusaders. And one after another, he started to take cities from the Crusaders because he had a united front. He had the militaries of Egypt,

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Syria, shujaaz and Yemen united against him. In fact, Sultan Salahuddin a UB had become more powerful than the caliphate in Baghdad. Although he paid homage.

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He paid homage nominally again to the cave of Baghdad, and respected his authority, but he was more powerful than anyone else at the time in the Middle East.

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To take back the land of Palestine from the Crusaders, so the Crusaders were being governed at the time by a king who was a leper who had leprosy. His name was king Baldwin, and he died soon after Baldwin died, it is leprosy and who took power, again, from Baldwin was a man called gi deletion. rosignano de la leucaena was a Frenchman, a French Crusader, and he came to power he became the king of the Crusaders, one incident very quickly. I want to integrate which triggered so powerful our Dean up to to an extent that he could not handle it anymore and he wanted to launch a decisive campaign to take back the land of Palestine from the Crusaders, the land of Jerusalem from the

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Crusaders. This incident took place in Jordan, currently Jordan, in a place called khaliq. Cara was a castle, ruled by a crusader Knight called raynald. The Shatila Rinaldi Shatila was a French Knight again, and he had attacked a caravan of pilgrims despite the fact there was a treaty between Crusaders and the Muslims of the time that the pilgrims will not be attacked. Muslim caravans will not be attacked, but reynald breaking all treaties and the word given to the Muslims he attacked

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a cow

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Are unarmed Muslims going for Hajj to Mecca, and he designated the people, he captured some of them, he looted them. And you brought some of these Muslim prisoners to his castle, which stands to this day. In fact, I have actually seen it in Jordan, currently, Jordan intelect. The castle stands to this day. And this castle is very, very scary, believe me, he brought these Muslim prisoners to this castle, he put them in dungeons. And he said to them, call your Mohammed, call your Muhammad and tell him to rescue just like some islamophobes around the world today are mocking the Prophet sallallahu sallam, just like some of these people are doing all sorts of things, you know, they are

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insulting the Prophet, day and night, you know, this man insulted the police or something in front of these must call Mohammed to rescue you and so Bansal Edina up, he heard this,

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he was very disturbed, he was very moved by this and he vowed that he will confront raynald himself and punish him with his own hands punishing, because of his,

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you know, breaking of the treaty because of disrespect and all these things. So

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reynald had done this. And so tonsillar Dini up gathered his army, and he went for raynald he went for renewal and cut the long story short.

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The result? The ultimate outcome was the Battle of 18 which took place later on, of course, I mean, a lot of things happen in between, I do not have the time to go into the details, but you can read the details in some of the histories. I will recommend inshallah very soon. Okay. So, cut the long story short, the accumulation of all of this, okay, was

00:36:46 --> 00:37:37

the Battle of 18, which took place in July 11 87. Cut the long story short, so turn, Salahuddin a UV decisively defeated a united army of the Crusaders. This was a heavy blow to the Crusaders. As a result, the Crusaders lost the city of Jerusalem when the photon had defeated the Crusaders in this battle, which took place in 1187. In the month of July, six years before the photon was, was to pass away when he died. So bon Salahuddin died in 1193, six years before that, he was able to take the city of Jerusalem back from the Crusaders. And this was a huge blow to the Crusaders. This was a united front raynald was also part of the army, and D The eleusinian was captured. Also the king was

00:37:37 --> 00:38:22

captured in this particular battle. So Ronald was brought to the tent of the Sultan, so tonsil, Edina UV, he, as he vowed that He will punish raynald for torturing the Muslims for looting the caravan for pillaging, and disrespecting the religion of Islam and all that, you know, all these clients put together. So tansen How do you be he executed reynald with his own hand, with his own hand. And when it came to give the Lusitania, the king, the Sultan forgave him. So sometimes at Kings do not treat other kings in this way. So you have nothing to worry about the socon forgiven cannon Armstrong in one of our books, he states that so Don Saladino up in this book, Holy War,

00:38:22 --> 00:38:41

which is by Karen Armstrong, she talks about all these incidents I just mentioned in this book. It's a very, very good history of the Crusades. I strongly recommended by Karen Armstrong is from a from a European scholar, of course, he has this European perspective, which is fine. She's an objective scholar, I think

00:38:42 --> 00:38:42

she is

00:38:44 --> 00:39:15

a good writer, holy war is the book where she writes about crusades, and he talks about how this was a mistake on the part of lobbying to release g the Lusitania, who would later Later on fight against the Muslims again, so the mercy of Sultan sometimes came back to haunt him. He was so merciful to afford Karen Armstrong to use our words, to a fault he was merciful to a fault, he led this kingo and later on, he came back to fight them again. So the result of this battle, the Battle of 18

00:39:16 --> 00:39:59

this battle of course, called the Battle of shittim, because it took took place in a place called 18. And the year was 1187. The result was the fall of Jerusalem cut the long story short, Jerusalem fell to the Muslims of long siege, and some Muslims wanted to avenge what happened in 1099. Remember, I told you about the Crusaders? When the Crusaders took the city and the massacre the entire population? There was a genocide of people, Jews, Christians and Muslims. Some Muslims wanted to do the same. And sometimes a Latina you'll be reminded them of their religion, that you are Muslims. Crusaders are not your teachers. Crusaders are not your teachers. You are Muslim. You

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

follow me?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

As a result of law, we are a people of mercy. We will not do what the Crusaders did. We do not follow them. They are not our examples. And Allahu Akbar Sultan Saladino up upheld his moral and upright character. Many 1000s of Crusaders are captured, and they were

00:40:20 --> 00:41:04

slaves, they were taken into slavery. And then what happened as a result to Pamela. So tanto La Nina up three styles of cactus 1000s of capsules, captives, and then provided military escorts for them to go back to the coast and take boats and ships back to their countries. Why did he provide military escorts for them, so that they are not attacked on the way by the people who had enough bitterness towards the Crusaders? people hated the Crusaders with passion. And I'm not I'm not only talking about Christians, or sorry, Muslims. I'm talking about Christians and Jews also, the Christians, the Jews of the Middle East, the Christians of the Middle East in the Muslim Middle East

00:41:04 --> 00:41:44

has suffered daily at the hands of the Crusaders. They all hated them, but to protect the women and children. So thanks a lot. Dina, you'll be provided escorts so them to be to be transported to the coasts of Palestine such as acre and Jaffa and escalon. And then they were sent off to Europe. And these people came back to Europe and the total Europeans. How much of a wonderful man Saladin is as Muslim as he is, but he's a wonderful man because Muslim in Europe at the time meant a monster. Okay, a barbarian. Okay, some something crazy, although the Muslims are the most civilized people in the world at the time, because even the Crusaders when they came to the Middle East, they were

00:41:44 --> 00:41:59

shocked looking at the advanced advancement of the Muslims, Muslims are very advanced progressive at the time, by the standards of those times. Of course, Muslims were the most advanced and progressive people at the time by the standards of those times.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:05

So, what happened

00:42:06 --> 00:42:07

after this?

00:42:08 --> 00:42:31

Richard the Lionheart, the King of England I will have to stop very soon because we have to go to q&a as well and I will summarize very quickly, the life and the achievements of so cancel our dinner up so that we can inshallah talk about some questions as well and take some questions. So Richard, the Lionheart is the king of England and parts of France and the Prime Minister, the city of Jerusalem is taken and the pope fell.

00:42:32 --> 00:43:02

Ill and he died as a result when he heard the news that the city of Jerusalem has been lost to the Saracens and this was a huge blow to the Catholic Church, the Pope, he died as a result due to the shock. Richard the Lionheart, the King of England he was called the Lionheart he took it upon himself to go back and take the city of Jerusalem back from the Crusaders, sorry, the Muslims. So he must have an army and he left for

00:43:03 --> 00:43:51

Palestine. He raised taxes in France, and in Britain, he even said that I would sell London if I had to go and liberate the Holy Land. So he taxed people very, very high. Okay, and he left for Palestine cut the long story short, it took him nearly a year and he took the city of acre from the sea when he took the city of acre when you reach Palestine, a year later in the city found 3000 Muslims, so he demanded a ransom consultancy Labine up which was nearly 200,000 gold coins. 200,000 dinar so trans Latina up was trying to arrange money and buying time so that he can somehow liberate these Muslims from this from the claw of this vicious man, but he did not wait. And Richard ordered

00:43:51 --> 00:44:35

the massacre of 3000 Muslims in cold blood in the city of acres. The Muslims never forgot that. The Muslims never forgot that and Richard was since then law known in the history of humanity as a bloodthirsty barbarian, although he was called Lionheart. But this is what he did. He committed this massacre, cold blooded massacre. And then as a result, whatever prisoners the Muslims had on their side in their camp, the Muslim army demanded that they be executed as a result. So all the fire the all the fighting men from the Crusaders were executed. Muslims are not killing women and children. At the time, they were only specifically going after those who were fighting the Muslims at the time

00:44:36 --> 00:44:56

fighting men. So Richard made his way down the coast of Palestine to conquer city of Jerusalem. So tangela Dena UB, who was a very pious man, who was in the city of Jerusalem at the time, he did not want to leave the city of Jerusalem, his advisors advised him to leave the city so that you can fight

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

later on, you know, lifted a fight.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:47

Tomorrow, so tomsula Dean refused to leave the city of Jerusalem, he said, I will not leave my people to a monster like that. If he takes the city of Jerusalem, he will massacre the people. If my destiny is written with these people, then I will stay and defend the city from any attack from our side. So Richard was on his way to Jerusalem. He was making his way down the coast of Palestine, and he was making his way towards Jerusalem. And now the situation had reached alarming proportions. Some of the people that came to the Sultan, and they said he's very close to the city and it will be captured the city will be captured, if we are besieged, we will be captured. So what are we to do?

00:45:47 --> 00:46:31

The Sultan said those who want to leave, you can leave but I am not going to leave. And some of his generals stayed with him in the city, and they decided to defend the city from within. And then so Pamela Deena, up went to his share, also known as Bow Bow, Dini, bachata, who is also a biographer of the substantia Latina up, bow Dean, a bunch of dad, he told Sultan Salahuddin to pray to Allah. He asked him who is the greatest power who gave you victory in the first place? But how do you even start? He said Allah, sorry. So Daniel aldini said, Allah, Allah gave me this victory. So he said Allah gives victory. So ask Allah for another victory. So so tomsula Dina up went to the mustard

00:46:31 --> 00:47:20

mustard will oxa and the shaker Sultan Salahuddin is narrating that I saw him pray standing on the masala and when he made the such that he cried and cried and cried in prostration, in such that he cried so much that is spot of such that where you make frustration was wet with tears, the prayer mat was wet with tears, and I could see his gray beard moving, because he was saying something his mouth was moving. He was begging Allah for a victory for the safety of the people of Palestine for the safety of the people of Jerusalem is begging Allah. Something happens. Six miles away from the city of Jerusalem, Richard changes his mind. Richard changes his mind and turns around and goes back

00:47:20 --> 00:47:43

to where he came from, eventually France where he was captured, and then he was killed in a battle in 1194. In France, why would you turn around? What happened? People give him a number of days. People give theories such as Richard could not sustain a siege because there was no water around because all the wells had been poisoned.

00:47:44 --> 00:48:27

There was no supply of food, the countryside are hostile, and we could not maintain a siege battle. Therefore he decided to go back. But he had come all the way to the city of Jerusalem, six miles away. Some of his generals said to him, why don't you look at the city? Why don't you gaze upon the city. he famously historically is thought to have said that I will not look upon what I cannot conquer. I cannot look at what I cannot take. So he didn't even look at the city of Jerusalem, turned around and went back to LA. And I believe this was a Dr. Sultan Saladino up. So Tom Saladino, you'll be successful in taking back the land. And then another catastrophe took place. That was the

00:48:27 --> 00:49:11

announcement of the German Emperor. Frederick Barbarossa. Frederick Barbarossa was the emperor of Germany at the time he announced that he will go on associate the Muslims and they heard that that he is coming with 100,000 men to take back the city of Jerusalem forms will cancel out either up in his armies, the Muslims pray to who knows who knows, you know, cornuta na Villa? You know, when Muslims pray, when a calamity strikes them, they pray collectively, who knows? So the Muslims are praying Knute Kanata Nadella every single day. The result was Frederick drowned in a city in a river, which was waist high, which was waist high. He was only the horse. It was an old man. And he

00:49:11 --> 00:49:37

fell from his heart horse. his armor caused him to drown in waist high water it could not rise he could not stand up a low October. So the army when they saw the king die, it disintegrated. Some of them were killed off some of them made it to Jerusalem. Others went back to Germany a lot about So Richard turnaround. Frederick was drowned in river by the RS also tanto La Nina UV and the Muslims around the land of Palestine.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:59

This was the greatest achievement of achievement of photons alladhina Ue. Now some personal characteristics he was very pious man. Soon as soon as he took power in Egypt, he became excessively religious. He would sit with the allama he would learn from them he would study with them he would listen to the Hadith of the Prophet of Islam for hours upon hours.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:15

He would sit with the allama excessively, and bow the temperature does narrates and I will read a quote from the Houthi rebels Shabbat, who actually wrote one of the most authentic biographies of trans Latina UB you must read this biography by,

00:50:16 --> 00:50:24

by howdini dot title a Nevada WrestleMania and Nevada companhia. There is a quote in that, and he states

00:50:26 --> 00:50:31

that the photons ladina uv seemed obsessed with his duty towards jihad.

00:50:35 --> 00:51:18

Jihad and the suffering involved in it weighed heavily on his heart and his whole being in every limb. He spoke of nothing else, thought only about equipment for the fight, was interested only in those who had taken up arms had little sympathy with anyone who spoke of anything else, or encouraged any other activity for the love of the holy war, which is the heart of course the word there on God's path. He left his family and his sons, his homeland, his house, all his estates, and chose out of all the world to live in the shade of his tent, where the winds blew on him from every side. This quote is again taken from the holy war, the book written by Karen Armstrong, and the

00:51:18 --> 00:52:11

quote she took, she took it from building a bunch of dots. So image generates that photons Labine up on his deathbed, he asked the disciples to read the Quran to him repeatedly. He died in 1193, he had to lie. And when he died, he asked the disciples to read the Quran excessively nonstop to him. And when he died, he will listen to Sora for Ramadan. And upon his death, he had 47 silver coins in his pocket in his Treasury, he had given everything away to poor, to the needy, and to his children and his family. He will he only died with 47 silver coins for his coffin for his barrio Lao Akbar. And this was the king of shujaaz, the king of Yemen, the king of Syria, the king of all these lands.

00:52:13 --> 00:52:49

So, I will move on to the questions very very soon. Before I do that, I want to mention very few things from his character. So Baldini, which are not talked about how merciful he was, in fact, there is an anecdote. he narrates, in his book body image about that. So mercy will was the photon photon cloud in the UV that even the Crusaders reached out to him when they had a problem. Can you imagine the enemy people coming to you, for you to solve problems? Can you imagine enemies approaching you, when they are in a war with you, those people are approaching you to solve their problems.

00:52:58 --> 00:52:58


00:53:01 --> 00:53:22

So one of the anecdotes that how the image of the shadow generates is that once a crusader woman had lost her daughter, her daughter was stolen by some Muslims, they went into the Crusader camp, because they were in war. So they picked up one of the girls of a crusader woman.

00:53:24 --> 00:53:35

And it took her so she cried and cried and she went to the Crusaders. She went to this is narrated by balbina budget dot, the biographer of the Sultan.

00:53:36 --> 00:54:22

So she cried, and the Crusaders told her that go to the Muslim king. He is a very merciful man, I repeat, the Crusaders told a crusader woman go to the Muslim king. He is a very merciful man. So this woman, without delay, made her way to the tent also sounds loud, and she came, he was there with his entourage with his men. And sometimes Latina up lived a very simple life. Very, very simple. I lived in a tent, even though he was the king of all these lands, the richest man in the Middle East. all his money, all his wealth was being spent on the on the campaign to liberate Palestine from the Crusaders who were a very evil force in the land of Palestine. They were very,

00:54:22 --> 00:54:52

very evil people because they did not keep their word. They brutalize people, they tortured people, they did not keep any treaties, and they were governing barbarically so this was about Latina UV not only wanted to liberate the Muslims, he wanted to liberate the non Muslims as well, the Jews and the Christians from this tyranny. So this woman came to the salon, and he cried in front of him. She cried in front of him, and she was saying something in her language, which was, I'm assuming of an old French or lacking.

00:54:53 --> 00:54:59

This will turn off someone to translate and they translated a word that someone has taken a go. So Don said

00:55:00 --> 00:55:42

And his men to find the child. And they found her in a slave market. They found her with some people in a slave market. So those people were immediately punished him the girl was brought back and the girl was handed over to the mother. The mother took the child and he fell on the floor, throwing dust on her face out of excitement, and praying, raising their hands and praying, praying for the support. When the full band saw this, he started to cry, tears roll down his cheeks. And when everyone saw the whole band trying, others started to cry with him, his heart broke. Others also started to cry with him to panela this was the mercy of the Muslim Sultan, Sultan Salah. That's why

00:55:42 --> 00:56:23

he was known as the Most Merciful man of his time. This is why the Europeans people like Dante, even in His Divine Comedy, he could not put the Sultan in jahannam you know, Dante, who had Limbo who had purgatory, he had his paradise, he did not put the photon despite the fact he was a Muslim. He put him in limbo, he could not pet put him in Paradise, because he was not a fixture. They could not put him in purgatory because he was a good man. So he put him in limbo. So he's in the middle, he's in the middle. He was so special, even to the Europeans. Such was the man called Sultan Salahuddin up believing my brothers and sisters. I haven't done justice to his legacy in this short time. I have

00:56:23 --> 00:57:07

not done justice to his legacy. This is a very, very short time for me to go through his life. I need maybe 10 hours to possibly do some justice to his legacy and his deeds. I really strongly recommend some books for you to read. And the first one I begin with is a three volume set three volumes set by Adi Salafi. Okay, Dr. Ali, Ancelotti, okay, this has been translated into English This is the English translation and the book is titled I have been a UB It is a very good translation, okay. It is by III pH, i th three volumes, biography of the photon written by bout three

00:57:08 --> 00:57:50

Alia Salahi, he's a modern Muslim author, and he has done a lot of work on Muslim history, his work for good, you should read his work. I don't agree with all the content of course, but his works are very very good Mashallah for you to read. Then another history of photons alladhina Ub is by the howdini Adventure dot Nevada Sylvania which has been translated into English language you will find the translation please find it online. Also Mr. Dean is for honey was another biographer of the Sultan Sultan Salahuddin a UB please read that also, another biographer is a thief who has written on the futon although he was slightly critical because he had a bias towards the Yankees because he

00:57:50 --> 00:58:29

was living in zombies territory in Mosul. So he was slightly biased towards the Sultan against the so tantalizing up but even him he has a lot of good things to say. And then, if you want to if you want an easy read on the history of the crusades, holy war by Karen Armstrong is good. Then Christian Christopher time, man, Christopher time and he's also written a history of the crusades, then there is Jonathan Phillips, and then Thomas ashbridge. These scholars have written histories of crusades, you must read them inshallah tala and there are I'm pretty sure there are books written in the Arabic language by Arab historian. Now brothers sisters, I do apologize for taking longer than

00:58:29 --> 00:58:45

expected, because such as the topic such as the nature of this man, one cannot stop talking about him if you know something about him. So there are some questions I will go straight to questions now. You can send me your questions online and they will be sent to me in Charlotte Allah, question is will it rain?

00:58:48 --> 00:59:25

So I am now finished with my talk, I have talked about so Don Saladino, UV, may Allah have mercy on him. And again, I have not covered all the details of his life. All the virtues he had all the achievements he had, I have not covered them by far I have not this was a very brief introduction about his life and his achievements and his struggles right. For details. You must read books like earliest earliest Salamis, photography, praveena uv, and other books I've mentioned inshallah. Now I go to the question, which Allah can you please repeat the names of the books you mentioned or would recommend to read on the topic? I have already done that.

00:59:26 --> 00:59:30

And you can go back to the video after it's uploaded. You can go back to it and listen to the names again. Sharla.

00:59:32 --> 00:59:35

You may skip this one. Okay. It's been

00:59:39 --> 00:59:40


00:59:44 --> 01:00:00

Brother anon where or how disallow been become so strategically able and competent in making positive change? How did he gain the understanding of wisdom? So labin became competent because he was sincere. He was very sincere with Islam, very sincere with Allah. Very

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

sincerity is messenger and he was sincere. When it came when it came to his responsibilities as a king and he realized as a king, he has to represent the best interests of his people. And at that time his people were being brutalized. Okay. So, likewise Muslims today, they need to understand the situation they live in, and what are our responsibilities towards the world, we are a civilized people. Our Prophet has told us to be merciful to be compassionate. So we have to spread the love and justice and mercy of Islam all around the world by teaching people about it by removing misconceptions by confronting Islamophobia, where it says, Islamophobia is the biggest threat

01:00:40 --> 01:01:18

Muslims are facing today, all around the world, Islamophobia has been normalized for some reason, living in this modern age, in the so called civilized age, Islamophobia has been normalized. It is normal now to insult Muslims, 2 billion people on the planet, insult him, insult them degrade them dehumanize them, demonize them, for that matter, right. How can we reverse that we can reverse that intellectually, intelligently, socially, educationally, we need to educate ourselves. We need to really speak up we need to represent our civilization, we need to learn about it, we need to teach more actively about it. We need to live our dream write articles, we need to become journalists, we

01:01:18 --> 01:01:34

need to become lecturers, we need to become professors. We need to become politicians, politicians, not not for the sake of power, not for the sake of money, politicians for the sake of the betterment of this world, so that this world can be a better place. So we need to become all these things. We need to be

01:01:35 --> 01:02:17

intelligent people, we need to look at the legal limits we have in every single country we live in and within those legal limits, within those legal limits. We need to uphold the law and order and do anything we can in our power within the boundaries of the law and order. We need to educate the people of these lands we live in insha, Allah tala wherever we are. So these are our responsibilities. Learning from the legacy of Sultana Latina up with the Muslims will need to take leadership, in journalism, in media, in politics, in education, these are the fields we have neglected for a very long time. So we need to take leadership in the season shadowfell How did

01:02:17 --> 01:02:52

Sultan Saladino you begin so much courage? And how can Muslims become more courageous today and overcome? I just answered that question. I think I've answered that question. How did the politics of the Middle East change after the death of photons Latina UB, who were his successors? Very good question. Unfortunately, the politics of the Middle East changed drastically within 50 years after, after the death of the photon, much of what he had created, disintegrated. But Jerusalem a Shangri La remained in Muslim hands. Except for some time when King Frederick, who was

01:02:55 --> 01:03:42

who was the king of Italy, if I'm not mistaken, he had taken Jerusalem for some time on the Muslim but then this, the city was taken back again by the Muslims Alhamdulillah. But since then, the city Muslim city of the city of Jerusalem has remained in the Muslim hand. But the politics changed beyond recognition. His children the lost power that you beat lost power in 1250 and the Mamelukes came to power as a result. Mamelukes people like sayfudine, gatos and Sultan baybars and many more followed thenceforth that came to power. And then what happened was Mongol invasions. That basically So Dan Sullivan up noodle Zink he actually has started the job. So Tom's ladina up, took it to the

01:03:42 --> 01:04:30

peak, and then it declined. And then the Mamelukes finished the job by taking the remaining stronghold from the Crusaders such as crack the shovel is crack the shovel is was an impregnable castle in Syria, which was taken by Sultan by bus in 1290. If not on the second 1290s It took that castle nearly a century after the death of the Sultan Salahuddin a UB. So the politics changed then Mongol invasions happened Mongols came invading the Muslim land and that devastated the land. So much had changed later on. And then the then the Ottomans came to power in 1299. And Ottomans changed the dynamics of the Muslim power at that time for nearly six centuries. So a lot had changed

01:04:30 --> 01:04:54

after Sultana Lavina up what we must judge him for his time for his circumstances. And for his time that is circumstance for his circumstances. He did his best. He did his best. Any more questions? I assume there are no more questions if there are questions, please put them forward. If there are any more questions inshallah. Please put them forward. I assume. There are no more questions.

01:04:56 --> 01:04:59

Okay, there is another question. Who would you turn the spiritual

01:05:00 --> 01:05:07

Military successor of Sultan Salahuddin up to date a good question. There are few individuals. Okay.

01:05:08 --> 01:06:02

I would say spiritual and military successors, strictly speaking, the religiosity of Sultana Lavina up and his military powers, although this person was not as successful as the photon, because this person I'm going to mention, he died on the battlefield fighting his enemies. His name is debo Sultan, debo Sultan. He was a very, very amazing character very similar in many ways to Sultana Latina up, okay, of course, I cannot say that he can be an equal to the satanic lobby movie. He was unique in his own way. But he also can, I think, is a very good candidate to be a successor in legacy in spirituality in religiosity, in a sense of responsibility in military genius, okay, and

01:06:02 --> 01:06:47

all that and even success for for a long time, he can be regarded as the successor of the photon slogging up, perhaps some ultimate photons like photon Solomon, or cannone. Okay, or maybe orange wave alum G's, the Mughal Emperor orange zeballos, he was a very successful Emperor, very pious, very, very special person, you can go on my YouTube channel and watch lectures on people Sultan, and orange a volunteer, I have two lectures on these two people. I also have a lecture on futons ladina up on my YouTube channel, you can check that out as lunch. Are there any more questions, please put them forward in Charlottetown. Otherwise, our time is up. I think we have gone eight minutes beyond

01:06:47 --> 01:07:25

our time. So if there are no more questions, thank you very much. I will end the session here. causal sisters, thank you very much for joining us. Hopefully you benefited from this talk. If I said anything wrong, please forgive me. I didn't mean to say anything wrong. I simply narrated the history as it is, and I use my sources a lot for listening and inshallah look forward to seeing you in another session on history of Islam and the Muslim civilization until then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to reliable alameen subtonic allama will become definition en la ilaha illa Allah mastaba federal governor to bow Lake

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