Solution for the Attack on Islam by the President of France Emmanuel Macron

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah savage min Ahmed also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in Athena kalkaska for Salida pika winner in Nashua in Accra who will utter

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rubbish surely sadly, we are suddenly Emery. wahala opendata Mila Sania Coco Lee, welcome all of you with Islamic greetings. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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inshallah, Today, I'll be speaking on the topic, the 15. Point action the Muslim Ummah should take when someone insults the Prophet, or indulges in Islamic blasphemy.

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This is a very short speech of mine. For the longer version, you can refer to my full length. on the same topic, I'll be only speaking on the highlights of these 15 points where action should be taken. Each point can be elaborated to more than one hour or one speech, each point you can give a speech on that. And depending upon how serious is the insult, or the blasphemy, maybe you have to implement only the first three points or sometime only five points, sometimes seven points, sometimes eight points. Depending upon the seriousness of the insult, you have to decide how many points should be indulgent.

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A Beloved Prophet masala Sallam said it's mentioned inside Muslim world number one, Hadith number 177. A Beloved Prophet said that whenever you see an evil action, you should stop it or change it with your hand by doing an action. If you cannot, then do it with a tongue. That is by speaking. If you cannot, then by a heart that is hitting that act in your heart and condemning it is wrong, then you will be the lowest level of a believer you will have the lowest level of Eman.

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Based on this hadith inshallah we'll discuss the 15 point action plan. If someone insults a prophet, or if someone indulges in Islam, the first

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thing that any Muslim should do, whenever he hears an insult against the Prophet, or sees anything against the Prophet argues Islam is he should condemn that act in his heart immediately. It should agree what is being done is wrong, and it should condemn it.

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Unfortunately, today, we have many Muslims who have been so much impressed by the Western world and the philosophy. Then, when they see someone insulting the Prophet, they may say, Oh, this is freedom of speech, no problem and we should not take any action. The first Muslim can do the list is condemning his heart, then only can he take the further actions. Number two.

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Today, the whole world has become a Global Village. And today, one of the best and the easiest ways to make anything public or to convey your message to the masses or to the world is the social media.

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Today 4.1 4 billion people use social media 53% of the world. They use social media,

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and the most popular and famous among all the social media is the Facebook. As of October 2020. Facebook has got 2.70 1 billion monthly active users. The second most famous social media is the YouTube which has got 2 billion monthly active users. Third is the WhatsApp, which again has got 2 billion monthly active users. The fourth is the Facebook Messenger, which has about 1.3 billion. The fifth is the WeChat which has got 1.20 6 billion monthly active users.

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And the sixth is the Instagram, which has got 1.15 6 billion users as of 2020. And the list goes on amongst the top 20 social media platforms that are there. We have also the Snapchat, which has got 433 million monthly active users. We have the Pinterest which has 413 million monthly active users we have the Twitter which comes on the 18th in the list has got 333 million monthly active users as of October 2020. We have to use as much as possible of the social media to convey our condemnation against the evil that has been done.

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We have to

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condemn if anyone insulted the prophet or anyone other Islamic besame on social media. For example, my social media, the Facebook has got 22 point 6 million followers. It is the largest amongst any Malaysian resident, whether it be a Malaysian citizen or a Malaysian PR holder, there is no Malaysian PR holder or a citizen, a Malaysian resident, which even has half the followers Alhamdulillah. But I have on my Facebook, we did a campaign on the Facebook for five days, only on posts, and we put 16 posts, then we add some videos which went on for in the few days. In this one week. Alhamdulillah the total number of people who viewed our posts and videos was somewhere close

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to 45 to 50 million Alhamdulillah. We also did on the YouTube on the YouTube Mashallah there are 2.2 million subscribers, and one video posted against what Macron said about Islam. And in a span of three days, more than half a million people saw it. So depending upon whichever social media platform you have, irrespective whether the numbers are small or big, you have to put it onto the social media platform and make it reach as many people as you can. If you cannot say something yourself, if you cannot write something yourself what you should do, you should go to the social media platforms of other Islamic speakers. They can be other Islamic scholars or other Muslim

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leaders and see what they have said, after maybe watching 2530 4050 of them, you can select the best that you want it the best that you feel, and you can forward it on to your social media platform or to your friends, to your non Muslim friends, to your Muslim friends. And this is the least you can do and believe me, it is absolutely free.

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What you can do, you can go online.

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There are many articles available on our beloved portal masala Salaam, written even by non Muslims by Muslims. We have a small booklet written on the life of the Prophet peace be upon him by a Hindu Professor Ramakrishna Rao, your articles written by Lee Martin

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by Thomas Carlyle, by Michael chart, pick this up and forget it. There's a very good CEA which is called the seal nectar by shake sulfuric among Mubarak theory. And it won an award you can take it in the PDF format to a non Muslim friend to Muslims, very easy, you can go on the website and pick up a good translation in the language you feel the best whether it be English, whether it be Malay, whether it be Hindi, whether to pick up the translation for it to a non Muslim friend, very easy. It doesn't cost you anything, not even a penny. This is the least a Muslim can do after condemning the act in his heart. Number three, he can distribute pamphlets dealing with the life of the prophet or

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small booklets or he can distribute copies of the Quran copies of the translation of the Quran, he can take it a former Muslim organization, he can buy it from the bookstore

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by number four is that he should see in his list of contacts, that who are the most influential people that he knows who are the top 10 or top 25 or top 50 opinion makers in his fund tax. And depending upon each one's capacity, he may know maybe the Prime Minister he may know the home minister, the religious minister, he may know local politician, he may know celebrate at least he can always if you're staying in apartment a mineral, the chairman of the society, whoever you know make a list of the 10 Most Influential People in your contacts or 25 influential people or 50 and convey to them the message personally either on foot or on a personal text message. That fee This is

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what has happened to Anthropocene and insulting the Prophet, we have to take action what happens when many people tell whose opinion maker one person tells to them they may not be bothered. But when many people write to them those who knows he gets into action and this is very important. Point number five is that there can be big billboards put in important cities. On the main crossroad, where you find a lot of traffic. We can have the billboard for a month, and sayings of the Beloved Prophet. What other non Muslims have praised the Prophet. You can write verses of the Quran where Allah says in the Quran and select column chapter number 16 verse number four, that verily the

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Prophet standing on the highest standard of character, a similar message given the Quran in surah, Chapter 33, verse number 21, that very early in the profit you will find a beautiful pattern of conduct.

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These verses let the peoples read when they are going by when they're passing by. You can put similar posters on

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hoardings on the bus, on the cars on the taxis. So more people will watch it. Whatever way you can promote it, you can propagate, you can actually place, street press enacting place. And you can have plays, condemning what people have been against Islam. See that in schools, you let your children enact these plays, and give short speeches on the life of the Prophet.

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The sixth is that you can protest

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against the eve election, you can protest if someone has insulted the Prophet.

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And depending upon how serious the matter is, sometimes you should take action only on the first three points, sometimes four points depending upon the seriousness of the insult, or derogatory Mark against Islam, new may only indulge in the first five points, or seven points or eight points or maybe all 15 points.

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The sixth point is there should be protests there should be a mass gathering. So people get together, and they condemn this evil action. They condemn the insult to a prophet or any derogatory remark against Islam. And larger the gathering, the bigger is impact.

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And, like we had a few days back, maybe 50,000 people that gathered in Bangladesh against the wrong statement made by the president of France Macron.

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We had a couple of years back in Chechnya where more than a million people gathered, just to condemn against the insult made against the Prophet.

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So largest the gathering the bitterest impact. And

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when these gatherings take place, you can give a letter to the embassy or the continent of that country. Like in this case, it was the president of France, who spoke against the prophet who spoke against Islam, who had sketches put on the buildings of France. So we can call the French Embassy or give a letter to the French Embassy or the French consulate telling, we condemn the actions and the sayings of your president of your country president Macron.

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The seventh point is that we should boycott the products. If the country which is condoning the innocence of the government of the country accepts that these incidents are correct and should be against the profit what we should do, we should ban the production of that country. And we had done that. In 2006, when the Danish cartoons were there, and Danish country went in a loss of more than $2 billion.

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Now we have to ban the French products,

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or the services provided by France. And in the 16 posts. My five posts were only dedicated to banning the French products and Masha the first four posts. In a span of three days, it had 22 million views. With each post, on average, five and a half million, one post went up to 7 million Alhamdulillah.

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to whichever way we can, we should boycott the products of that particular country.

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Point number eight.

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If that we should contribute financially, whatever we can for this cause. If you're a rich man give a big amount. If you're a poor man, you can give $10 the $5 Allah will see the percentage you give not the amount we give. If a person who is a millionaire, and has the capacity to donate $10 million, and he donates only $1 million dollar a poor man with a capacitor don't only $10 and he gets $20. But naturally, the person who gives $20 and is poor will get multiple time most of us then a rich millionaire who only doing $1 million. Allah will see on your capacity. So don't think what will I donate? What will happen with my $5 or $10 my fortune media account does only 100 people or

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only find it people, oh, he says what million. Whatever capacity we have, Allah will judge you according to your capacity and according to your striving. So we should give for this cause to organizations so that all these things can be done.

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The ninth point is that we should make this condemnation public in the mainstream media, whether it be on the satellite channel, the television, satellite channels, the news stations, it can be on the radio broadcast station that can be in the daily newspaper. It can be in the weekly newspaper, it can be in the magazines.

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If you own any of the mainstream media, whether a satellite channel secret that ran a campaign for maybe a week, or on your newspaper or on your magazine, or you know someone who owns a newspaper, or you know someone who is in a high position in the newspaper or a satellite channel and asked him to run this campaign, and surely it will benefit a lot more people in the world to come to know about it.

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10th point is that there should be legal action taken against this consult. Again, this doesn't mean, they should be a battery of Muslim lawyers who are dedicated for this course. And whenever such things take place, what they should do, they should immediately file a case in the court of law, maybe of that country, with the actors taking place, or maybe the international court of law

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and try and see to it that this thing is stopped. And this insult is completely stopped. Now, up to the first eight points, it is meant for any common person, any common man can surely follow the first eight point, whatever to his capacity, ninth and 10th everyone cannot do depending upon each one's capacity. The 11th point is for the politicians, the countries where Muslims are living, in majority, they should call the ambassador of that country, which has condoned this act of the actors taking place and see to it that it is told to him the ambassador of the country, like what happened now? Mashallah, we have countries like Turkey, like Pakistan, like Malaysia, they call the

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ambassador of France and told them, we disagree with what your president has said, we disagree with what President Macron has said, against Islam and against a prophet. Or if you have to watch it out.

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If to condemn that 12 things, if yet, it persist, what we should do, we should have a trade embargo in that country, the Muslim countries should get together. And Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us and has given us the good things with the world requires. And we know today that oil is a very important commodity, the petrol and this is mainly in the Muslim countries. So if the Muslim countries which are main exporters of petrol for them Saudi Arabia, UAE,

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Kuwait, Oman, Malaysia, they get together and they see to it that we will stop supplying petrol to this country. I know you may think they may be a financial loss, allies with you, don't worry, the more you support the cause of Allah, Allah will support you. And if we put a trade embargo, surely they will think 10 times before speaking and use a profit. Number 13 is if it is very high. If the insult against Islam is very high, we have to cut all diplomatic relations with that country. And this was done a few decades earlier by the Muslim countries against Israel. When Israel did atrocities and killing against the Palestinians. And operations, the Arab countries and Muslim

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countries got together and we cut all diplomatic relationships with them, one or two countries started many years back and unfortunately now, in the last couple of months, some of the countries have again become friendly and open the conflict This is completely disability, we Muslims should be united, how can a country which is killing our Muslim brothers and sisters, which is against Islam, how can you again develop friendlies with them the 14th is that they should be specialized organizations which are mainly meant for this cause which are mainly meant to reply to inserts again to the Prophet replied to attacks against Islam. If someone is attacking a Muslim guy, these

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organizations should be full time dedicated for this call the other organization like for example, we are the organization we have dedicated maybe one or two we for this cause against the professor cetera. But imagine a full year we only doing protest who will do this hour. Sometimes what happened all the Muslim organization leave everything and the dump into the thing. Yes, that can be for a few days, one or two days can be for a week can be for two weeks can be for a month, but not always. So when we have full time dedicated organizations only for this cause, which have got full time cyber troopers, which are involving in the social media, checking who's attacking Islam and replying to

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them, if it's just a small level attack, or having a battery of small lawyers, maybe four or five lawyers in each organization, if such organizations are there in every Muslim country, or in most of the major cities, which are controlled by Muslims. And if anyone does any action against immediately they get into action. And in such greater cause, like what happened about the Danish cartoons or what the French president said, they can continuously follow up for the full year. And the others they can go back to the activity so that they go Ross for Islam, to these organizations fully dedicated for replying to attacks against Islam.

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And point number 15. And the last point is that the Muslim countries should unite together and this unity should solely be for the cause of Islam. We should forget our political differences, unite together as one block and if anyone attacks

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Islam we are together if they attack the Prophet we are together if they attack the Quran we are together if the attack Allah we are together. Not that Oh, how can I say something in this country because there's so much of export and import going on.

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If you strive for the cause of Allah, Allah will take care of all your problems. Now what we find many Muslim countries afraid to speak against countries which are speaking as Islam, because they are afraid that they will lose business, if the Muslims are united.

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And if all the Muslim countries today, the 57 Muslim countries in which Muslims and majority, if all don't want at least start with five, six countries, tomorrow will be seven, tomorrow to be 810, it will increase. And this unity should only be for the cause of Islam for the cause of Atlantis or soul.

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And if this is done, if Muslims are united, no one will ever be able to point a finger at us. And I would like to give you an example, to prove this.

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If you have heard of Sultan Abdul Hamid, he was the last active telephone Ottoman Empire which had power, you're the third last but the other two were very weak, he was the last one which actually had some power. And in his reign, in 1880s 1890s, in France, they were going to conduct a comedy play against the Prophet. And when Sultan Abdullah me to heard about it, he got very angry and wrote a letter to the French government saying that I have heard that there is a play going to take place. And I want that this play should not take place, and it should be banned.

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Initially, France tried to stay away from it. But when they came to know that Hilton was serious, they immediately banned that play. And to play the full tan, the people who are going to enact the play and the comedy, they send them on exiled to UK.

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Imagine, though the Ottoman Empire was towards his lower side instead. And yet, the Muslim doing it later on, the Sultan comes to know that the same play is going to be enacted now in UK long, gets angry and writes a similar letter to the UK government saying that this play was supposed to be enacted earlier in France and wrote a letter and they stopped with the bandit, even you bet it.

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So they get a reply from the UK Government see that UK is not France. And we believe in freedom of expression. Sultan, Abdullah, me too, got very angry. He wrote a stronger letter saying that if you do not ban this comedy, I will inform the full Muslim world about this, and what you're doing against a prophet of Islam. And if anything happens after that, you will be responsible for the consequences. The UK government was so scared that they immediately banned that comedy. Imagine at that time, France was so powerful UK was so powerful, but the Muslims are united. Because the Muslim were united, they did not want to cross swords with the Muslims. Because we are the caliphate. And

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at that time, though, it was towards the last part of the Ottoman Empire. Even though UK and England had so many colonies, they were ruling so many parts of the world yet, they were afraid also done because of the unity of the Muslim. And do you know at that time, was still much smaller number than what we are? Maybe they were less than 15% of the world population. Today, the Muslims are more than 25% of the world population. Today, the Muslims are more than 2 billion. Don't listen to the statistics of those people who are not aware of today, according to authentic statistics. In 2020, October, there are more than 2 billion Muslims, more than 25% of the world population are Muslims.

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Imagine if you're united, what would have happened at that time. When we were a smaller number. We were a smaller percentage. At that time the non Muslim was afraid if the Muslims unite no non Muslim today will ever have the guts to insult the prophet to insult Islam. The problem is that we are disunited. If we unite, we will never face the problem that we are facing today. And believe me, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not require us. I believe these incidences are taking place alive allowing you to take place to test the Muslims. That who is really striving to support the Prophet is only testing us for a law to take care of this is very easily he can take care of all this he's

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allowing these things to happen to see how other Muslims reacting. To test this person has a Muslim name, but actually they're not

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allowed doing this to test. We as Muslims should see how we do we strive in the cause of Allah and our beloved prophet masala. Some said that any one is not a believer until he loves me more than his father, more than his children more than whole of mankind.

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In fact,

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It's in February, wire number 100. Number 1500. Number 16 says that a person will taste the sweetness of belief if you have three things, if he loves a land is resold more than anything else in this world. Number two is that if you love someone for the sake of Allah, and that person loves you for the sake of Allah, and number three, he would never like to go back to disbelief to Cofer, like you know, like to go to the hellfire.

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And Allah subhanaw taala doesn't require you and meet the rubbish that we are, unless sufficient. Allah clearly says in the Quran, in Surah Tauba chapter nine, verse 261, that anyone who abuses the Messenger of Allah will have a painful punishment. Allah doesn't require us, Allah give the similar message in Surah chapter 33 verse, Psalm 57, that, indeed, anyone who abuses Allah and His Messenger, Allah will curse him in this world and the Hereafter, and we prepare for him a humiliating punishment, and that doesn't require you and miserably that via Allah can take care and protect his messenger. And I start my talk by quoting the verse of the Quran from Surah alcocer.

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where Allah says, In chapter number 108, was the 123. In pineapple culture, for selenia because one had initially alcohol after that we have granted D the founder of abundance, Allah The Lord of mankind has given the font of abundance in Jannah, the river and fountain of abundance called counts as given to the Prophet. Who are we, if Allah is breathing him, the full humankind is against the Prophet doesn't matter at all. Allah says, turn to the Lord in prayer and sacrifice. And anyone who hated the hate Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he will be cut off from all future whom Allah doesn't require you and me the rubbish that we are. And Allah promises in the Quran I would like to

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end this talk with the verse of the Quran Richard mentioned three times in the Quran in Surah Tauba chapter number nine was number 33. In Surah Fatiha chapter number 48 was number 28. And sort of stuff chapter number 61 was number nine. Allah says, who are Lizzy Edison or a Soho Buddha? What Dino hacked, Leo's hero led Nikola that Allah has sent His messenger with guidance and the origin of truth so that it will prevail over all religions. All these isms, whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, atheism, modern within socialism, Islam is destined to supersede all currently mastered them all. Well, Nakayama shikun, however much the unbelievers don't like it,

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however, the machine don't like it. And one was a model three, he ended by saying what a fabulous shader and enough his allies of witness like to end this, that may Allah subhanaw taala give us a desire to follow the guidance given the Quran and they say Hadith and unite the Muslims as one. inshallah waka Donna Alhamdulillah Allah anime