Tawfique Chowdhury – Twins of Faith Show – Day 9 – Fasting and Ramadan

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The host introduces a showimia of T Morales of faith, emphasizing the importance of fasting during a serious day like the Day of Judgment. The Prophet system uses the use of the ADU system to encourage people to fast on hot days and avoid drinking water. The importance of fasting during a serious day is discussed, with some people experiencing thirsty behavior due to heat and lack of water. A narration from a spiritual source also touches on married people's lack of water apologizing for the lack of water.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to yet another episode of the tunes of faith show the show all about gaining knowledge and implementing it through our actions. My name is Dean, your host as always, and we have Chef tofik Tilbury with us. How are you? Sure, Camilla could do Leila. Now today we're going to discuss all about fasting. Every Muslim should do it. It's a it's a pillar of Islam. Right. So now, share, can you give us a brief description of how important is all this What's so special about fasting?

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Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala intended certain deeds to be done in a hidden form, and intended that that deed not be visible to anyone but Allah subhanho wa Taala. And from those deeds is definitely fasting. Because it's a deed that cannot be shown to someone you don't know someone's fasting until a person tells you I'm fasting, or until you see a person not eating and drinking, for example, and being away from his family. So it is a secret deed by its nature, fasting has an higher level of excellence in it. And that is why how you could see from Allah subhanho wa Taala is very, very, very, very important because it shows that Allah, Allah gives so much importance to fasting because

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of its excellence factor in it, naturally built in a plus factor, because of it being a secret and a hidden deed. And that is a hadith where rosulip Some said Allah subhanho wa Taala says, All the kulu emiliana Adam, all the actions, even Adam offer himself Illa except for fasting. Yeah, it is for me, and I will reward it. Why is it for Allah xojo because only Allah can really witness it. Only Allah sees it. And no one ultimately knows a person's fasting until he's been told that he's fasting. Now, you mentioned the interesting concept that EClass though, again, with we mentioned that in one of our previous episode, a class and how important it is. So can you just elaborate on the importance

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of a class in fasting and the importance of fasting in general, in the life of a Muslim? Yes, yes, fasting is of tremendous importance. First of all, it's a pillar of our Deen Allah subhanho wa Taala intended to be a pillar of God. It was made obligatory in in the second year of hedgerow. However, before that, the Prophet says I'm always used to fast fasting was also made into a deed that that was highly recommended in other times as well. And we find that odd sort of Salaam, loving to fast every second day, for example, we find the Prophet system, not only love to fast the month of Ramadan, but he would fast you know, all of Shaban as well. In fact that this is authentic, it says,

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we never saw the Prophet so I said and fasting in any month, all of it other than Ramadan, except for Shabbat, which is a month just before Ramadan.

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So the Prophet is not used to love too fast, especially on the hot days, the profitsystem used to love to fast and hot days and the hot days and the hot days. Why so you know, because, you know, the Sahaba used to say something very interesting. They say, you know, what,

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if there's some sort of good deed that can be done by everyone, it's easy to do, because everyone can do it. They wanted to do those deeds that can only be done by the few people, the Chosen Few, and that that's what makes a person sabya Khun Asahi Kona sobre como la eco macabre, Boone, the you know, the the for for runners, those who had the absolute forefront, they're not people who just do simple leads, there are people who seek out the most difficult things to do, and they do it purely for the sake of Allah. And that is why fasting on the hot days is a specific deed that the Sahaba used to love to do. They used to love to do Amato they allowed when he was passing away. He used to

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he said to his to his sons. He said, Oh my Oh, my children seek out the blessings of Allah azza wa jal, and the first thing he said, to seek other blessings is to fast on a hot day. The Jebel rhodiola and who on the day of his deathbed, when he was dying, he said, Oh, how I miss the days of fasting, the fasting and the heat the thirst of fasting. In fact, the reason why they used to love to fast on this day is because they used to fear another more serious day and that is the day of judgment, a day of 50,000 years of standing when no one will be allowed to drink except for

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righteous people. So because of that day, because of that day of the standing of the Day of Judgment, they prefer to be thirsty in this life. So Allah will not make them thirsty on the Day of Judgment, because of the Hadith that is authentic, where the prophets have said Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he will Jalali by my honor. And by my glory, anyone who is thirsty in this dunya, for my sake, I will give him to drink on the Day of Judgment. So if we fast and for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, this dunya, that Allah will give us to drink on the Day of Judgment. So it is in preparation of a more serious time, in preparation of a more serious days, we have examples of the

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of the pious predecessors who almost used to faint from, from the from the heat, we have the Sahaba, who used to anticipate this look up the sun. And if they if they saw that day was going to be hot than they would intentionally fast, we have the Sahaba, who used to wait for the summer, instead of the winter too fast. Why would they do that? Because the days were hotter in summer, and longer in summer as well. It's the opposite what we do now, we say, you know, we have Ramadan, we've got a few days to make up for Ramadan, we intentionally wait for winter to make it up. And that is why our reward is also soulless. And that is why the effect of the fastest also so little, because we I

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mean, you see people fasting, but are they really getting the benefit of fasting, which is what, why aren't they because they're really not tasting the sweetness of fasting, which is which is too fast on the hottest of days, and to really feel the blessings of water, the coolness of the water at the time of breaking the fast. That is the blessing that you feel. So panela that is what makes you righteous in your heart. Because you you value water, you value the most simplest of food at that time, you know, and Subhanallah and how amazing is it? You know that that first quenching of your thirst? Yes. So can we know? For instance, today we look at? Can we now look at the weather forecast

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and just say okay, we've got a few days of no rain, for instance, can we purposely choose those days? Absolutely. Absolutely. And we should do so. Absolutely. And we should do so we should we should purposefully wait for the hottest days and fast on those days. And in anticipation reward, one loves the watch. Because you see have you be the most important point about fasting is that you understand the value of the most simplest of blessings of Allah azza wa jal, the value of water, the value of food, the value of air, the value of your wife, and your spouse which you cannot have until you start fasting, you know what I'm saying? You understand the value of this so you become more

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grateful, thankful to Allah, you become more more happy with Allah subhanho wa Taala and his mother, how can that happen any other time? And there was one very important amazing narration that I came across in lotto fl maarif of improbable Hambali Rahim Allah, and he mentioned that he has an Rahim Allah, he said, and this is a narration from the Sahaba that, that a man will be, will be lying on the rivers of honey, in the gardens of Paradise with his beautiful wife from the holder of pain, whilst his wife hands him a goblet of the most beautiful, amazing or drink, from which he will drink. And then his wife will speak to him and say, my husband, do you know which day my my lord

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Allah azza wa jal married me to you. You know which day I got married to you. And the man will say, No, I don't know which day Allah married you to me. And and she will say, there was a day when you fast and when was intensely hot, and Allah saw you fasting, and on that day, Allah forgive you and he married me to you.

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