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June 11, 2016

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The speaker discusses various disciplines and sciences of the Quran, including the history of the Bible's meaning and the importance of understanding the language of the Quran. They emphasize the significance of the Quran's significance for personal lives and its universal application. The speaker also discusses the importance of reciting the Prophet's words in public settings and the connection between the Battle of God and the title of the book. The title of the book is not a problem, and the speaker provides examples of its use in praying.

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To strengthen and fortify our relationship with the Quran, what we want you to do over this Saturday and the next coming Saturday lectures, is speak about some of the disciplines and some of the sciences of the Quran. Because the Quran in order for you to understand and appreciate its glory and its majesty, it's not just about listening to its beautiful recitation, or learning to recite it yourself. or seeing the wonder and amazement and the and the miracle of a child memorizing the Koran who perhaps doesn't speak a single word of the Arabic language, it's still he can or she can memorize the Quran from cover to cover. It is not just simply about these things, but rather there

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are many other facets and angles and sciences connected to the Quran. that once you start to delve into this ocean, that is the Koran you are amazed and and you stand in wonderment of the miracle and the miraculous nature of the Quran.

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The scholars of Islam have mentioned various disciplines, some of those disciplines are well known and they're pretty familiar to us. Like the science of the seal. The seal speaks about the explanation of the verses of the Quran. That's something which even though we may perhaps on an individual level not be scholars, maybe we're not people who are well versed in the SIOP or the science of the seer and the word the seal is familiar to us. If I say to you that the fear of ayatul kursi or Sora allows Surah Fatiha, it's a meaning that you understand from those sciences that are perhaps slightly more known. Slightly more familiar to us is the science of

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the rules of pronunciation of the recitation of the Quran, the mud, the elongation that you make, or the Horner that you make when you hold a sound, all of these different rules of the G that you find the Imams using when they recite the Quran to beautify the Koran, even though you may not be well versed yourself in those sciences, you can appreciate it and you hear the word of God you have some semblance of understanding of what is being meant. But then there are other sciences of the poor and are not so familiar to us. The man who just led the prayer now in his widow in the last two articles of Torah we he read in different color art, there are artists of signs of the Quran. He didn't read

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the way that we normally read when we pray. For example, you probably noticed that it didn't say manly kiyomi Dean in Surah Fatiha, he said many kiyomi Dean, that's a different para also authentically reported and narrated and used by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used by the companions passed on from generation to generation. But it is a science that isn't so well known. It's a science that's becoming lost over generations. It's not something that you're familiar with. There are many people when they hear that slight variation from Maliki to Maliki. They think he's made a mistake. Or they think that he's changed the origin, because they're not familiar with what

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he's doing. And there were other things that he did in Surah, philos and surah. Philip, you probably heard that you think this is the first time in my lifetime that I've come across this, but these are sciences of the origin, but they're less well known to us. From amongst those sciences of the Quran is a science that I want to spend a few minutes in Charlottetown now I'm not going to be long, right? You'll be home by support.

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A science that perhaps isn't also so familiar to us, but something that is extremely important as well. You see all of these sciences they hope to bring to you the majesty and the glory of the Quran. And if you want to study and analyze the meanings and the depths of the Quran, the sciences assist you and they help you when a large Zilla gel in the Quran in Surah Fatiha he says Mandy kiyomi Dean, he means that he is the Owner of the Day of Judgment. And when a large zildjian says many kiyomi Dean he says that he is the king of the Day of Judgment. He owns the Day of Judgment. So everything that happens on that day is within his power under his power by his order and command

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subhana wa Taala and he is the king of the day of judgment that no one will be able to stand before a large zoa Jalan challenges authority. No one will be able to stand on that day and have the audacity to speak out. There will be no other Kingdom or rule on that day except that of Allah. So when you have that slight variation, it gives you an additional meaning with which to understand and appreciate the origin. That is what the sciences of Islam do. But the science that I want to speak about today isn't pirot. The science that I want to speak to you today or the topic that was given to me is what is known as Babel mazoon causes of Revelation.

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The Origin generally speaking is of two types. One is revelation that came from a loss of Hannah who Tyler empty done. It came from a Lorenzo's oil from Allah subhanho wa Taala himself and there was no cause of revenue

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In the sense that there was no incident that took place for this revelation to take place and that is the majority of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal will just reveal the revealed verses of the Quran. And the second category when it comes to causes of Revelation. The second category The second type of verse in the Quran, is that which has a cause of Revelation, a specific incident took place. And because of it, Allah revealed the Quran, the Battle of God took place. So a larger region revealed 6070 odd verses in Surah. Earlier in run, companions would come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or people, sometimes even non Muslims, and they will ask questions, so Alon aerates, the

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question along with its answer in the Quran aluna can you rule the People of the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians they asked you concerning the spirit. What is the Spirit? Alia rowhome in Emily, Robbie, say to them that the Spirit is from the affair of my Lord, and you have no knowledge except little. That's a question posed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So then a large religion reveals the or and accordingly, or an incident take place, like the Battle of the Battle of warhead, or the Treaty of Abia. So alaric zoldan reveals or on concerning those issues and those incidents,

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this science of the origin, it is one of those sciences that in our time, unfortunately, isn't something that many people pay much attention to. But it is an extremely important and vital science because it brings to the forefront the beauty of the Koran. And it brings to us a number of benefits from amongst those benefits with Chief of the amongst those benefits is that it shows to us the historical nature of the Quran. And it's practical implementation and benefits. What do I mean by that? In our time today, one of the biggest problems that we have me a new and one of the problems that we're having with our children, the next generation, our children who have been born here, who

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grow up here who go to school here who speak English and very little else have their mother tongue or any other language. One of the problems that we're having ourselves are now transferring on to them is we don't know how the origin is relevant to us anymore. How is the origin relevant to us? All of us love the Koran. We all glorify the Koran we all respect upon and we all adore the Quran. The Quran to us is something precious and valuable. But if you were to ask the average Muslim, you ask yourself this question, what does the Quran actually say to me? What is it actually saying to me, you will find that most Muslims would have no, you wouldn't have an answer. Even in Surah Fatiha

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saw that we read 17 times minimum a day, every single day from the moment that you reached maturity until the end of your life in sha Allah, every day you repeat the soul of so many times. But if I was to ask you what is the single one message of Salatin Fatiha, I guarantee that most Muslims couldn't tell you because they know the words, and they can recite it and they can read it. But they can't connect to it. How is the Quran relevant to us in our times? This is a big problem that we're facing. And because we don't understand this question and how to tackle this question, we have a number of problems. One of them is that the Quran now has become a scripture that is no longer

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relevant to us because we don't understand it. The way that the Bible is for many Christians, there's a scripture that they also love and adore and read. But they don't think that it's relevant to them. So that's why it's only read once on a Sunday, or at a wedding or a funeral or on a special occasion, because it's no longer relevant to them. This is what's happening with us. And the Quran is from the signs of normal piano. Because from the signs of normal piano is the lifting of the origin. And the lifting of the origin isn't something drastic that happens overnight. But next tomorrow morning, we wake up and there's no longer upper and one of the forefathers have forgotten

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their memorization. Every Muslim no longer has a copy of the Quran. No. Rarely are the signs of Yama, Yama. So drastic, those are the major signs that are drastic and have that type of impact. All of these other signs until Yamuna Yama are step by step gradual patterns that occur within creation. We as Muslims lose our connection to the Koran. So over generations and decades and years, you will find that the Koran becomes lifted slowly but surely, until our Prophet told us all along while he was telling them that our time will come from the signs of Yama, Yama, when people will no longer know the meaning of Salah Osaka or Hajj or fasting, but all that they will have remaining of this

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religion is La ilaha illa Allah and only the old from amongst them, the elders will know this this word the statement

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They will say we don't know what it means. But we used to hear our forefathers sing it so he say it. That is what Islam will become. Isn't that what the mushrikeen of Qureshi is to say that Allah mentions time and time again in the Quran? When they would say in our agenda, Abba and Allah, we found our forefathers upon a religion so we're following them. Don't ask us why. We don't know why we worship idols. We don't know what they mean or what they signify. But they worship them, so we worship them. That is what happens to the Muslim ummah. And they may well happen to us and our our children if we're not careful. So no longer is not relevant to us. The Origin now is stories, but

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those stories don't connect to us that are appropriate to live 3000 years ago, who those silence, or at the very least a prophet to live 1400 years ago, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but how does that relate to me and you in our situation today in the UK? 2016? How does it relate to us in the challenges that we're going through? And the Quran does relate to us? There is a lesson for us, and the Quran has all the answers. But the problem is that we no longer know how to extract those answers. That is the problem. So when we lose these sciences, we lose relevance of the Quran, as bamboozle causes of revelation are one of those sciences that tell you context, because they teach

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you that the Quran was relevant in the lives of the companions, the origin was revealed, like the Bible, or the Torah, or the other scriptures that came down before. It wasn't revealed all at once together in a single document, a single book or a single tablet and given to a prophet. But rather, the plan was spread its revelation over 23 years. Why? Because it's relevant to the lives of the Muslims and their situation, as it's evolving 23 years from the early meccan period, until the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam dies, 23 years later, situation changes, the society changes, challenges evolve, things happen. And so throughout that time, a lot is revealing the origin. So

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when you understand this, and you understand that the origin was meant to be relevant, and its relevance is in eternal nature. Why? Because if a large soldier was to reveal a story that is only specific to a certain time or place or location, then only those people can benefit from it, it is only particular to them. But the Orion in its nature, in the story is that it gives a gives principles and morals, you will find when you read the Koran rarely does a lot of xojo mentioned details, he never tells you the background of the story never tells you the names of all of the people within that story doesn't tell you the ages or the clothes that they were wearing, or the

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lens in which they lived or even the time period. The Quran never says 3000 years ago, once upon a time, you know, in a distance. You know, the Quran doesn't do this. Why? Because then it becomes particularly then it does become a story that is only missed and fiction, but rather the Koran only mentions or always focuses on principles and morals, because principles are eternal. You can use them for every time and place because those principles are universal. So the origin therefore becomes universal. But then the problem remains that we must know how to extrapolate those lessons from the Quran.

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So loss of Hannah what Allah gave us the science, the science of the causes of Revelation. And when you understand this, it helps you to understand the context of the plan, and what alarms The region is saying and what he means by the verses that he is saying. For example, when a loss of Hannah Montana in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah he says, American Allahu

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Allah azza wa jal will not make your prayers go to waste. This is a verse of the Quran. But what does that actually mean? How do we connect to it? How is it relevant to us? If you were to look in Bukhari and Muslim and the other books of Hadith, you will find the statement of the hadith of Al Bara Ibrahim rhodiola. One, that this verse came down at the time when the Qibla was changed from Jerusalem to Mecca. And he said that we used to pray towards Jerusalem for 16 or 17 months before the command came from a large region that the people have been changed from Jerusalem to Mecca. So when this happened, the people came to the profits on the low Arlene will sell them and they said O

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Messenger of Allah, we've changed our direction, from Jerusalem to to Mecca, but many of our brothers and sisters died and they only ever prayed towards Jerusalem. We know today that if you face a direction in your prayers other than maca, your prayers invalid you must face the fibula. Those companions no longer fits the template because the template has been changed. Does that mean or messenger of Allah

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That 1718 months of prayer for them is no longer valid. So Alonzo will reveal this verse. When Matt can alone you will de Monaco, Allah doesn't make your prayers go to waste. That is the context of this verse. So now when you understand this context, it is relevant to our time today. If you don't know the ruling of Islam, genuinely you don't know. And you do something which is wrong, you make a mistake. And then later you find out Allah subhana wa Taala has forgiven you for that genuine mistake. If you are forgetful, you didn't know. You have genuine forgetfulness, or some other issues that came upon you, so that you did something unintentionally alaric xojo doesn't hold you to a

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camp. That's from the benefits of that verse and that rule or that principle and that moral, it is universal for all time. It is applicable in all times and places and situations. Similar to it is another verse, a verse that was recited in the tarawih prayer tonight, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says Lisa Lavina Amman were Amina Sani hottie, Juna one female Islamic man, what Amina salia had, there is no harm upon you upon those who believe and do good deeds, there is no harm upon what they consumed in terms of food, so long as they had belief and they had righteous deeds. What does that mean? You see, when you read this verse on itself doesn't really give you much. There's no harm in

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you eating so long as you have a man and righteous deeds. What does that even mean? But when you look in the sooner you find the hadith of nscp monocolor, the last one, that this verse was revealed at the time, when alcohol was made Hara prohibited. So when it was made Haram, and a sybian, Malik says that the companions went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said, O Messenger of Allah, many of our brothers and sisters have died. And all they did was drink alcohol. Before it was made Haram, the companions used to drink. And it's even Malik says that when this verse was revealed, I was in the house of my stepfather, alongside your loved one, and he had his friends ran

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and they were drinking wine. And that's when they heard this verse of prohibition. So they spilled the caskets of wine until the the alleyways of Medina were flowing with wine. But they were drinking, brothers of ours and sisters died and they drank alcohol. So Alexa will reveal this verse, there is no harm upon what they already did, in a state of Eman and righteous deed, it wasn't haram for them. So Allah will not hold them to account. So now you begin to understand the context of the Quran. You understand the context of the Quran, when you look at these verses, and you find that a loss of Hannah Montana addressed the situation of the Muslims directly. When you look at the story,

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and you understand the background, it helps you to see the relevance of the

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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was going through a situation or there was a trial and the challenge along with revealed upon an addressing him with that challenge in respect to that situation. And that situation, even though it is specific to the profits on a lower hourly you will sell them similar situations will occur to every single Muslim, be it for example, that he's lost his wife, or his lost support from amongst the people, his protectors, or some other issue has come upon him. So a lot of xojo reveals the origin. Yes, that

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is specific to that situation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the moral and the principle is universal. And it is timeless. For example, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first stood, first stood, and he began to call people to Islam. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to pray, is to pray with the companions. And when he would pray with the companions, so that they could hear, he would raise his voice, but sometimes his voice would be so loud in the prayer that when the mushrikeen when the non Muslims, the pagans used to come by and they would pass by and they would hear the Koran, they would curse the Koran, but they would swear

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to God, because they will disbelievers. They would swear a couple and so then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would go silent, he would go quiet, and he would recite very quietly because he doesn't want them cursing the Quran. But then the companions behind him can no longer hear his recitation. So Larissa will reveal the verse will attach or bestow Latika want to have it be her web web, no danika sebelah. Don't read so loud. Neither read so quietly, but find the middle path between the two. That's a lesson. If you're in a public place, sometimes you may have to do you pray outside in a public place. Your recitation shouldn't be so loud, that is going to disturb those

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people that aren't Muslims. They're not going to pray the Prophet son alone while he will send them this is the lesson that is

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been taught, don't disturb the people, especially if it's going to antagonize them and make them custom or an or Allah, or this religion. nor should you recite so quietly that the people behind you can hear if it's allowed prayer, because they need to follow your rule. They need to follow your lead in the burrata find a place between the two. When the profits on the low Arlene will sell them, and another incident and occasion where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he didn't receive revelation for a number of days. And some narrations that is said that some of the mushrikeen used to come with questions, and he wouldn't know because I logged in and give him revelation. So they

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began to say that we think that your gin your devil that used to come to you has left you it's forsaken you Who are they referring to gibreel is Sara. They would call him a devil, your devil has forsaken you. So then alarm because the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam became sad, extremely sad and anxious and overcome my grief. That revelation isn't coming to him.

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Just as we have problems and issues, where you feel that you're completely alone in the world, no one supports you, no one can help you. No one can understand what you're going through. And that is when a large will reveal the verses of surah to Doha, Doha. One lady either sajer Maya was the Akira bukoba map Allah, Allah takes an oath by the morning, and he takes an oath by the night when it goes dark, like it was now the middle of the night. Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor does he have enmity towards you. Why? Because the Lord's diligently seem to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and by extension to us to me and knew that even if all of the universe was to forsake you,

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Allah is with you. And if Allah is with you, then you don't need anything else or anyone else. And alaric xojo takes an oath by the morning, and by the night, because these are the two times when people who have depression, worries, anxiety griefs, these are the two times that are most difficult for them. A person who was overcome by worry, doesn't sleep at night, everyone else in their house in their street is asleep, but they're awake, because their worries won't allow them to sleep. And when they do eventually fall asleep, when they wake up first thing in the morning, the first thing that hits them is those same mores and those same anxieties. So Alonzo vigil took an oath by those

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two times. And when he made that oath and said to his profits on a lower hourly you will sell them, that alone will not forsake you. So again, when you read the Quran, it is not just about reading the verse are the apparent meaning of the words, but rather look for the context and look for the message. Because sometimes the wording isn't what a larger region is actually intending. For example, are ye bluebay Rahim Allah one of the scholars of the tambien he came to his aunt Anisha rhodiola Juana, our mother, and he said oh my mother, oh my aunt. I found out a large surgeon says in the Quran in the software one more time in sha Allah femen hug gel beta we are tomorrow for large

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una hora de Hema, Hema, the two mountains of Safa and Marwa from the signs of Allah in this religion. So if you make 100 camera, then there is no problem if you make 70 between them, no problem. He said, Oh my art I understand from this verse that Allah is saying that you don't have to make say he said it's not a problem. Meaning if you do it, it's okay. If you don't do it, it's okay. She said no, oh, my nephew. That is not the meaning of this verse. But rather this verse was revealed, because the people of the unsolved never used to make science before Islam in Germania, they would refuse to make, say, between Safa and Marwa because of their practices, so when Islam

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came and the camera was legislated and hedge, they said, O Messenger of Allah, what do we do? We don't make sorry, this isn't something that we've ever done. So Allah revealed this verse, there's no harm upon you make sorry, there's no problem. Make sense? That's the meaning of the verse. The apparent wording is different to what a large religion is saying. And there are many such examples and verses in the Quran. You can find countless versus what Allah subhana wa Taala mentions a story or about the story and background is mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then Allah azzawajal mentions versus you see one of the for example, one of the non end

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with this insha Allah but one of the problems we have in relating to the Quran is we don't know how to understand the Quran correctly. You come across the polygon, you find that a lot jumps from topic to topic. A lot begins in a tsunami speaking about the heat, and then we'll speak about marriage, and then we'll speak about a battle and then we'll speak about the story of a prophet and you're left thinking What is the connection between those

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Heat and marriage and prayer and all of these different things that seem seem random, but actually they are connected. For example, in a large dimension is the story of the Battle of art, the Battle of word in the middle of those verses, a large soldier then says later let me show you one or two battling him over your exhibit home for in the home value moon.

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It is not up to you, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nor up to as Muslims, if Alonzo JAL wishes to punish them or to forgive them. What does this have to do with a bottle of water? And then immediately after a large religion talks about Riba interest, yeah, you live in Amman, oh, you who believe don't devour interest in multitudes don't take interest. How does the Battle of HUD connect to a law saying, you know, it's up to allow whether replenishes them or doesn't? And how does it connect to interest? If you were to read the background of the bachelor, in the books of Sierra, in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you would understand the context you would

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understand the relationship because in the Battle of God, as we know 70 more and more than 70 companions of the Prophet of cinema Martin neurone were the martyred but when they died, and as they were dead, lying on the battlefield, the orange came and the mutilated their bodies, mutilated them. So after they left, and the Muslims came to collect and shroud and bury their dead, they sold their mutilated bodies that these people weren't just killed. But because of the enmity, and the hatred, the orange hand for the Muslims, they literally cut their bodies open, mutilated them. So they said, My Allah, by Allah, if ever we are victorious again in a battle, we will do to them worse than what

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they did to our dead. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, How can allow possibly forgive a people who injured his profit? Because the processor was injured in that battle? blood flowed from his body, his tooth was broken, and so on and so forth. He said, How can Allah possibly forgive a people who injured their own profit? So Allah revealed these verses? Because they are connected to the battle? It's not up to you whether Allah forgives them or doesn't, did it holiday? When will he become a Muslim? Did Abu sufian become a Muslim? Allah, it is up to Allah Who He guides and who he doesn't guide. And that is why even in our lives, the worst of people, your arch enemy

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that is maybe a non Muslim, or they may be a Muslim, or that person who has so much animosity towards Islam, don't ever think that Allah will never guide them because Allah guided Abu sufian and Allah guided holiday. And Allah guided washi, the man who threw the spear and killed him out of the long run, and Allah guided him at the center of Abuja. And Allah guided him the wife of Abu sufian, who ordered the assassination of Hamza. And then a large surgeon said, don't take interest. Why? Because if even in wealth, you're not allowed to take wealth that doesn't belong to you and justly, then how is it allowed in Islam to mutilate another person's body? If in one, you can't be unjust

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Can you be in just in someone's life and the sanctity of their body? So alaric zildjian makes a comparison in the most beautiful and eloquent of ways, the point of all of this. And this is a vast topic that scholars have written countless volumes over. The point of this is just to give you a glimpse of how when you go slightly deeper into the Quran, when rather than just simply reading a translation, you open a book of difficile, and you read the background and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in the books of Hadith you have chapters that are dedicated to the origin and the sutras of the Quran in which these ahaadeeth are mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim

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other than them, you begin to have a greater appreciation and sense of understanding and connection with the Quran as former soldier and is specified to make us from the people of the world on onto quantas understanding of the Quran and Sunnah long interview Mohammed Ali. He was