Zakir Naik – Solution for Prevention of Bloodshed in the Name of Religion

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the differences between religion and Islam, as it is a common topic in the world. They explain that while some people may not know the scripture, they can see the differences in their own lives. The speaker also discusses the importance of finding commonalities in the scripture and offers a symposium on the topic.
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I am Dr. De Ray from Community College.

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every religion is a supreme science of life.

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Nothing is wrong so far as the principles of religions are concerned.

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But the formulation of principles is a different thing and execution of these principles is a different thing.

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Actually, here there is no relationship of blood.

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The relationship is to be established by the religions.

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Actually what we find?

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I quote, last to fussy do, pillar a bada is Allah?

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Is samsara Miss Shanti prostatite Hanukkah bar, a Shanti mahalo Chi Gong.

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I'm Eli.

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But actually, what we find what we realize what we experience is this, the maximum blood is vested only on account of

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the conflicts in the religions.

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So where is the wrong? I mean, what are your views about his?

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How would you reconcile the principles of religion and his chaos, which arises on account of religion? What are your views? On this particular aspect? The Prophet has asked a very good question that in all religion basically speak good thing, but the implementation may be different. That is good things. But to really feed the world, many people are fighting on the name of religion. How can you solve this problem? It's a very good question. And part of the answer I gave in my talk, and I said that I find Islam is concerned, we should not kill any human being. So in my chapter five, verse 32, how can you see to it that we can come to common terms? How can we solve the differences

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that also mentioned my talk, in Surah, in branch, chapter three, verse 54, which says, that Allah will occur within our environment, that come to come in terms of us and you, if suppose you have 10 points. And I have got 10 points. If out of those 10 points, if five points are common, and five are different, I at least, agree with the five points which are common.

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The difference is we'll come to it later on. Quran Allah will tell me things about a minor minor come that come to common terms as mean as a new, which is the first term Allah Illallah that we worship men but Allah acaba yo that we associate a partner with him. So you rightly said how to solve and I have given the methodology how to solve that come to come in terms. But the point to be noted here is that many people who follow religions, they do not know what the old religious scriptures speak. That is the problem. Many Muslims don't know what the Quran says.

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Many people don't know what in the scripture say, many Christians and Jews don't know what the Bible says, who's to blame? Follow us. Therefore, I tell the people who read your scriptures.

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The point of difference we will come to it later on, at least come to the commonalities. I've given a talk on similarities between Islam and Christianity. I say the thing which will differ we'll come to it later on, at least what your Bible and my Quran says. Let's agree with those things which are common fight will be solved. What I'm doing now, in my talk, did I ever criticize any religion?

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I was forced to reply when certain brothers tried to ask certain question which I have to speak the truth. Otherwise, in my talk, you can take the video cassette, I did not criticize a single point on any religion. I never spoke about the differences. I only came to come in terms, different fields, I can give a talk on different civilizations with him different made some in Christianity. I am a student of comparative religion.

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I can quote versus Alhamdulillah from the various scriptures talking about differences. I keep that when required. When someone tries to disrupt the program, we have to be very aware of these things, but never using them at all. And never use it as a common man. It is a common man, you read your scriptures, you will come closer to your scriptures and to Universal without reading a scripture that believe in one God, the difference we'll come to later on. The differences we'll come to later on, dies and says that Christianity says that Hinduism say that Islam says that Sikhism says that parts of him say that believe in one God and worship Him alone. Why do you worship other gods come

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to that point, then come to other points if we solve this problem of commonalities, if even if there are three points coming out of 10 at least agree on those common points. The other points, we can agree to disagree. We'll come to it later on. So if we come on the common points first

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Coming on the comparative studies, believe me, most of the problem will be solved, believe me, and that's what I'm doing. I'm going throughout the world, and I address audience of non Muslims, and many of them because they're not aware of their scriptures of our scriptures. Many people post questions, even Muslims aren't aware of the Scriptures. So the first question was the underwear of so I indicate them. I educate them about Quran about Hadith, about Vedas, about Bible, and I quote, when I quote, I give the reference number, so no one can say Osaka is pulling a fast one. And all the scriptures are quoted. It's available in Islamic search foundation. Our library has the various

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translation of Vedas. We have hundreds of types of Bibles, more than 30 different versions of the Bibles we have from vanilla. So whichever site you belong to, whether Joe as witnesses are Protestant or Catholic, I speak from the scriptures. So if you say that that is wrong, you have to say that the Holy Scripture is wrong. I quote, and most of my talks are quotations. quotations from various scriptures. If you disagree with the scriptures,

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that's your choice. If you want to disagree, and most of them disagree, most Quran says like Rafi Deen, there is no compulsion region. Truth stands out from error. So I'm presenting the truth of Hinduism to you if you want to agree or agree, do not I don't agree. There is a symposium. The third katha from the symposium on concept of God on Islam Hinduism, Christianity. People call it a debate. The Hindu pundit from Kerala and delicate, a Christian father of calicut. I myself presented the Islamic view, four and a half hours debate. It's available outside scholars of Hinduism of Christianity. I'm just a student. I'm presenting my view and it for the audience to judge. I'm

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talking about similarities. quoting the scriptures chapter, chapter number was number. The best way to cause all women must unite is find the commonalities pick apart the differences later on.

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