Zakir Naik – Why are there Controversies when Muslims marry Non-Muslims?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A man named Rohit renessa discusses the controversy surrounding Islam in the United States, stating that while some may not be able to achieve their goals, they are required to show their faith in the word of God. He emphasizes the importance of showing faith in the word of God to achieve peace and achieve allied goals.
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Good evening, sir. My name is Rohit renessa. Basically, I'm Hindu, and I just recently converted to Islam. And not only because

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I'm in love with Muslim girl, not only because of that, problems and all those in because I accept Islam from my bottom of heart. And I tell you frankly I don't know about Arabic I don't know about or do from the very initially. And I don't know about the Sanskrit also because I am from the Hindu background. Now I want to learn about Islam, not only because

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I'm going to be married a Muslim girl, and why the controversies are there so much in the nature that people are creating, not God is creating that controversy. And not God is not giving the message to people that do all those if a non Muslim, marry a Hindu Muslim girl, and if a non Muslim, Hindu Maryam slim girl, so why the controversies are there. And if I accept Islam, then there is no problem and their family also so why there there must be a lot of controversies. Please explain me. Without a question that hunger relationship there is some recently and you're in love with a Muslim girl but that was not the main reason he accepted Islam at the bottom of the heart. He doesn't

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understand Arabic he doesn't know Sanskrit, whether it's not compulsory. There is you know Arabic to go to Ghana, it's not compulsory, but at present I am translating English Arabic. Well the other said it's not compulsory for a person to know Arabic other language to go to Jana, I said if you know Arabic you can understand the Quran the best. If you don't know Arabic, read the Quran in the language you understand the best if you know English, read the English translation of the Quran. If you know Hindi, read the passage of the Quran. What you'll have to do is minimum what is required for your Salah.

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Salah is one of the important pillars of Islam, what is required for Salah that much at least you should memorize because when you worship Allah subhanaw taala you have to say in the original word, if you translator translation may be wrong. So besides this knowing is not compulsory, but read the translation of the Quran in the language you understand the best as far as the main question is concerned that why this controversy? You have accepted Islam. So what the controversy as far as the Muslims are concerned there's no controversy. Well, I'm not telling about the Muslim controversy. I'm telling you about the Hindu Hindu controversy. Why? Why I'm saying because the Quran says in

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Surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 221. It says that do not marry an idol worshiper until he believes

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a believing man, even if he's a bondsman, even if he's a slave, he is far better than idol worshiper, even if he follows you. And the same is vice versa for the girl and for the boy. The reason is that when if you have a vehicle, and one tires of the bicycle, and the other of the truck, how will the children but natural all the tires should be similar and but natural. Any good pious girl would want that the husband also goes to Jana.

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Go to paradise. So she has found the way to Paradise that acquire peace by submitting a will to Almighty God. That's what she may have requested you and that is that is an accepted Islam. As far as the Hindus are concerned, you have to show them a video asset

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similarity between Islam and Hinduism. What I tell them

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when people talk about interfaith, I tell them at least agree it is a non Muslims.

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You know, I don't believe interfaith dialogue that Islam is the same religion as Hinduism. As Christianity. All I say, I don't agree with that. I being a sort of compiled religion, I know the differences, what I tell them, at least agree that one book is 100% the Word of God. The kitchen will say I don't mind agreeing that Bible 100% The Word of God, then you will say I don't mind believing without to be the word of God. The Muslim will say, I don't mind agreeing that Quran is the word of God. So I tell them, that whatever is common in all the scriptures, let us agree to follow 100% What is different, what is continuity we can discuss tomorrow, at least what is common,

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let us agree to follow 100% and when we read the scriptures, all the scriptures say that there is only one God.

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All the Scriptures say Almighty God no images, he has got no idol, he has got no statue. So let us all of us agree to believe in worship one God who has got no image well God no it is. All the scriptures, whether the Vedas, whether the Bible or the Quran, they say that the last and final messengers, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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Even if you read the Bible, Jesus Christ peace be upon him said, just mentioned the Gospel of John, chapter number 15, verse number 12 to 14 JFKs peace be upon him said, I have many things to say into he, but he cannot buy them now for him in the Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, all that ye shall he speak, he shall show you things to come here, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him is telling that I have many things to say unto you, but you cannot just message him in the spirit or through shall come, he shall guide don't also talking about Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The scriptures of all the major world religions,

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Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, all of them say there's one God, you have to worship Him alone. And the last and final messengers, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So if all the religious people read the scriptures, Inshallah, this conflict would be solved, and all of them would acquire peace by submitting to Almighty God hope that answers a question

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