Seeking Taubah The Prophets Way

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Dr Zakir Naik – Seeking Taubah The Prophet’s Way

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Regarding another important aspect how Allah subhanaw taala accepts Toba repentance. What are the prerequisites for sincere Toba? And could you possibly enlighten us with some prophetic traditions of some of the prophets making Toba to Allah? subhanaw taala unless isn't the Quran surah chapter number 56 was the breed

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that, yeah, Lizzie nomina Oh, you believe, turn to Allah subhanaw taala with sincere repentance. And there are basically five prerequisite for Allah subhanaw taala to accept Toba. Number one, the person should accept that he is doing is wrong. Number two, he should immediately stop it.

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Number three, should seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. Number four, he should not commit that act again. And number five, if he has taken something from any other human being and if you return it, if you turn it back, for example, he says robbed some money should turn the money back in first take in some wealth Did you give the wealth back if he can undo the harm, he should do it. And according to him, he says that repentance is accepted when the person does not do the evil act again.

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And it further helps him to do good deeds and prevents him from going back to that act. Currently, Mama Novi, he says there are three prerequisites

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for any towbar to be accepted. Number one, is to stop that what he's doing. Number two, should ask for forgiveness. Number three, he should not do it again. And he says that the fourth requirement, if he had done some harm to any other human being, then should undo it if you can.

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And there are various examples in the Hadith,

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which give that how people have asked for forgiveness. It's mentioned hadith of say Bukhari before in the book of stories of the Prophet, how did number 3470 that there was a person who had committed 99 murders.

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So he wants to seek repentance. So he asked the people that how can he do it? So the central monk, someone says that we have kill 99 people,

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there is no chance of forgiveness. So that person that murderer, he kills the monk to, and now he has committed 100 murders. So it goes to another person and says that I want to seek repentance. So he says that if you want to seek repentance, go to that land, where people are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And inshallah you should leave the land in which you have committed the crime, and go to that land where people are seeking repentance, and inshallah Allah will

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do forgiveness. So he immediately goes towards that land, but on his way, that takes place, and he dies. And he turns this just towards that village, where people are repenting, then both the angels, the angels of God, and the angels of bad, both come and won't take him the angel from the heaven faith, that we will take him because you would repent. But then just from the bad deeds, the hell, they say, No, has not committed a single good deed, we will take him. So your last minute, I'll intervene.

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And he asks the village where people are painting, that it should come closer

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to the person who's committed murder.

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And he commands to the place where he committed the crime that he should go further away. So when they mentioned the district, they find out that the person who committed the murder, he was one step closer to the village where people are repenting.

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So then Allah subhanaw taala, grants him gender. So this is an example that a person commits 100 murder, and he wants to repent, only the knee of repenting and travelling towards that place. And a different version of the same idea says that while dying, he pushes himself towards the end, he looks towards the place where he can get forgiveness. So this shows that only the NEA and the intention of asking forgiveness, Allah forgives. There is another example. In say, Muslim, we're number three in the book of food. Hadith number 4207.

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There was a lady from the tribe of Johanna, she comes to the prophet

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and she had somebody adultery, and she was pregnant. So she comes to the prophet and says, that I've done so and so sin.

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Please give me punishment.

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So the Prophet

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calls her master, and says, take care of this woman, till she delivers the child.

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And after that, get her to me. So the master takes care of her. After she gives birth to a child, he gets the woman. Then the Prophet says

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Because of the adultery, she has to be given that penalty. And the lady, she's asked to wrap around the self, chocolate, and the people stoning to death. And after she dies, the prophet, he prays for her. so mad men live peace with him, says the Prophet. you're praying for a woman who's committed adultery. And the Prophet replies that the ratio has repented. Even if you distribute this repentance to 70 people of Medina it would be sufficient for them to go to China.

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Who can depend better than the woman who's willing to give her life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. A similar example is given in a Muslim, born Missouri, in the book of

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Voodoo, how did number four to 05 that my husband Maalik, me live with him. He comes to the Prophet, and he says that, please purify me. The Prophet says, What do you

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go and ask for forgiveness Allah Spano, tala, and you repent,

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the person who goes back again he comes and says, No messenger, please pardon me. He says, What do you

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ask for forgiveness? Allah subhanaw taala and you repent, again, the person goes, again, you come for third time, or messenger of Allah, please purify me. If they go away from you. Ask for repentance. ask forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala. Again, the fourth time he comes in, he says to the Prophet, please pardon me. The Prophet says, From what?

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So my mellow president, he says that from adultery.

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He says, Are you mad? Have you gone crazy?

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So the person says, No, I'm not mad. The Prophet is that are you drunk? Did you have come or did you have wine? So the other people get up and the smell is more this is no profit. He said no, Homer.

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Is it? Did you really commit adultery sins? Yes, I've committed adultery. And I want the punishment for the sin have committed. So I'd have no Saracen asked the people to stone him. And he was stoned to death.

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After stoned to death, there's a controversy between the summers and the two groups of people. One group of people say that he has been undone.

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That means it's a pity that he will not get my phrase banned and the other group say

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Allah subhanaw taala has accepted my millipedes, Islam. Allah accepted repentance, and he shall go to Jenna, this happens for two or three days. Then the Beloved Prophet Hassan comes and they test to the Sabbath, that pray for my Malik, because he has repented for a sin.

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And if redistributed repentance, even in a large number of people, in a group of people, it will be sufficient. Research shows that the people they committed a major sin. But the repentant

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they were even willing to have themselves killed. Because both these people knew very well. That the punishment for adultery was that it was going to the Soviet show that the high level of taqwa they had

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the sincere repentance, that that from Allah subhanaw taala