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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And Hamdi levels, so that was set up I know Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what that usually were on the roof of the Kaaba, there is construction. So there's a lot of heavy machinery being used there. And there you know there are restrictions with assembly and so on. So we wanted to make sure that we still got to spend some time have a little bit of a vibrancy and something to quake in and

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shake our iman and let it recalibrate Inshallah, with all of the wonderful activities and things that we've been doing. In the authentic hadith the prophets I said Lim said in an Eman and the Ebla

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tablets and Manisha Allah Hebrew

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that Eman gets worn out within your hearts. The way that clothing becomes worn out. The more you wear something the more you use something the more it disintegrates for cellula you get the the Eman if you do become privatized, Selim said so ask Allah regularly to reinvigorate reignite restart the man in your heart

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in saying that he teaches us that Eman is not something that we should take for granted faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala is not just a feeling that we have, you know, when somebody says I'm feeling good, or I'm feeling tired or feeling bad, and it's almost like it's something that comes and goes in his 20 but he man is meant to be something that is always in the heart. It increases the more we obey Allah subhanho wa Taala it decreases when our obedience of Allah lessons, it increases when something we were doing wrong, we turn away from it, even if we don't do anything good in its place. And it increases when something that we are

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doing wrong is abandoned by us and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala

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we pray that Allah subhanaw taala continues to elevate and increase our iman, the aspect of us coming to these blessings lands is to do what to increase our iman and to do that is by increasing the output of good deeds. So I wanted to share with you something that I like to say generally when we've spent a day or two in Mecca, which is don't leave Mecca until you've done these things. By the way, there's locusts in Mecca they come out of the desert and so on Mecca and Medina it's normal. Don't be scared of them. Nothing here fights in chakra, right? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to try to find ways to increase our iman.

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And I wanted to share a list of five things that I recommend for for myself and you for my family and you not to leave Mecca, unless we've accomplished this not once or twice, but multiple times. First is tawaf. And mashallah we've done our phenomena, some of you have gone to do to off, but the more toe off you do, the better. I know, it's more uncomfortable for us as brothers to have to put on the towels and bow down. But Hawaii is an action of worship that can only be done were here in Mecca, there's no place else in the world. There's no other opportunity for you to make time for you to worship Allah in that way, except to you're in these short days in these few short moments. What

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is the reward of tawaf compared to the reward of prayer to the reward of tawaf is greater because it includes prayer in it, right? So what do you do at the end of the seven times around the Kaaba, you can you pray to Africa, it's built in. It is the complete act of worship of your service to Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam. So MaineCare Nia, try to do as many tawaf as you can before you to barge depart these blessings lands in Java. Number two, is defined charitable acts. And when I say charitable acts, I mean, unconventional charitable acts. So it could be like one sister, you could see her she's going around looking for a chair. So a charitable act is, you know, cayenne, for

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example, he says, This sister, I sorry, she came and asked for this one, she's walking around, looking for a chair. I'm gonna run around, I'm gonna get a chair and I'm gonna find a chair for her. It's unconventional, you don't think of it as an act of charity. But really, it is about sensitivity of heart. One of the most beautiful Do I ever mean for me? In front of the camera, was by an old man, I don't know his name. I don't know his name. So there was this old man, Arabic speaker

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Are and I mashallah I like to pray in the first row. So before those who live by about 20 minutes, you'll hear them they'll go, they'll breathe into the mic to do their Mic test. About five minutes before that they'll begin to form the roads and a police officer will say, Stand here What about, you know, tie your arms with people and don't let anyone go past because they want to block off the Kaaba, no more women going no more when I stand here. So I know when that happened, I love to pray in the first row of the cabinet. Right? I'll take you in sha Allah. So you stand there. And this old man after the event and after the farmer, he comes around

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and he's you know, trying to like hustle his way into and everybody's like, you know, like pull closer and live because there is no room there is no room And subhanAllah I had prayed that day maybe three out of the four so far. And I just looked at him and said data had died off take my spot and I took my shoes and I began to walk away. And this man he just simply said Allah who might have gone worldly he wanted behind me. Oh Allah be pleased with him. Please him and be pleased with him again. And I it was like a cold shower. Allah he's like somebody poured water on me I was like hello has Yanni that's it cuz I just gave up a spot people are fighting for that spot. And I was fighting

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for that. Yeah, I mean, I came early and my god vanish and and I just say don't take it take it. Oh Allah here. today. We're live we're golly, you know, it's this army kind of way of saying it. May Allah be pleased with you, please you and be pleased with you again. So unconventional acts of charity are powerful. And it could be just somebody left something so you picked it up and you put it away. It's the place of Mecca. Somebody came to Buddhism's and cup and it didn't go in the right it was on the floor. You picked it up, somebody's waiting behind you. You see them they're thirsty, waiting for a cup of them done before you took your you gave them do something that is recorded that

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you will forget that Allah will maintain for you and that impact another what is the concept of sadaqa it is an acceptance of truth. It is a set an act of truthfulness, where you believe ALLAH has been truthful to me that if I do something good for somebody,

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Allah will return it for me a bothand mcgautha many times over Subhanallah Wallahi I believe that men's drama is one of the reasons if not the primary reason, because I felt it I felt this yawning chalk that went through me. I believe that that was one of the primary reasons why I am able to visit these lands time and again, Wallah. Like as I stood in front of the camera, and I looked away as I was walking by, I felt Subhanallah this is something that was a powerful moment I'll never forgot it's maybe been 25, maybe even 30 years since that time. All right. Number three, before you leave my chemical Rama, connect yourself with some of our other team members, other family members

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who are traveling with us in a way that is meaningful beyond here as well. And I know you have each other's mobile numbers and I know we live in similar cities are far away from each other, but connect ourselves with each other in a way that is meaningful Subhanallah all of the other groups that I know this group is not going to be very different is that you know who in Perth just before I came, I actually won I delayed my flight for one of my students who I did is in the caf just like I did had these Nico who's had he and his wife there with us here today right? So I did there Nick at two weeks earlier, before traveling and the hero and Sauron every I did their Nikka just the night

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of my travel.

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And I was supposed to go to Malaysia earlier and then do I delete it for them. And Subhan Allah

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in the audience with us out of all of the people who are with us because my heroes father had come with us to Uppsala and to Ramallah. And my hero came with us to rock out of the audience almost, you know, looking at all the faces that were people who were from Perth, people who came from Singapore, Sister Sharif, I came from Singapore to attend his wedding, all these new connected because they walked in this path in this journey together. So connect yourselves with each other in childlike meaningful ways. Not necessarily that you were you know going to do business with each other or anything lofty like that, but checking with each other you now have you know, family members in

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Perth, you have family members in Melbourne, and family members in Sydney that you can find commonalities with May Allah allow our

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Art to grow together and visit Nigeria in the future inshallah. Inshallah, right? You got people in Nigeria man, you know how you meet that alive you guys have no idea about Nigeria by the way I have been to Nigeria three times unbelievable right shot Allah you get a chance to visit Nigeria but

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number four

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is to ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah for forgiveness for what is past and what is not yet to come. I always found this strange in the drought of the prophet Isaiah, Allah and my family my wife Amanda, Allah forgive me what I know and what I don't know Subhanallah What do you mean what do you don't know? Like are there things that I've done wrong that I don't know? Yes. As you're making the lives of Pamela you cut in front of one brother once it you know, Allah, Allah Allah if something and somebody you know was upset with you? You don't know. You don't know. That's the power of his farm is the farm. What makes it different to tell them it's the farm is different to Tober the prophets I

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seldom used to make a steel farm and tilde more than 100 times a day. Toba is when I know what I did wrong. So Subhanallah I took something and Okay, no, I gotta give it back. And I know what I did wrong. Oh Allah, forgive me for this moment for what I did to this person for what I said for what I felt. Something I know I did wrong. is still far is for the things you don't know you did wrong. But you have all of us in one way or another. We say Estelle Fetullah had all the I asked Allah for her to forgive me. For what I know what I don't know. Number two, is to recognize that it's still far is not just a cleansing of what we have done, but its purpose is to protect us from falling into

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mistakes into the future. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that when we make his default, it's something that in asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah for forgiveness, it protects us from falling into bigger mistakes into the future. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Womack can Allah Who do your unbeliever whom will whom he has some rune, Allah will not hold them into punishment as long as they are regular insofar as you says to his people, you have told me something Rebecca, all my people ask you Lord for forgiveness, be regular Mr. Fall for the things you know when you don't know you receive this summer Aliko Makarora they were in drought Allah who will bring rain where you indeed

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come Allah will strengthen you with strings from him the unwanted in your well weapon in your family in your your progeny and your children and those who love ya I let them get not in wedge I like them and Hara. And in place of this desert, you will have gardens and rivers that are flowing. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes us regular and consistent in is the father is the father is a solution to all of the difficulties of life. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says to us, that what saves Eunice alayhi salam from the depths of the ocean from the dragging down of the whale is that he asks ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for forgiveness for something I did. I didn't know Oh, Allah.

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Yunus didn't know that. Him walking away from his people was as bad as it was. So Yunus on a tsunami recognizes as he's being pulled under the ADA. Oh Allah. I've never worshipped anyone other than me. Oh Allah, I have no one that I will ask except you know, ilaha illa Anta Subhana how glory is incomplete? You are Oh Allah, how mighty you are, oh Allah in the Quran do in a body. I am from the one who has wronged themselves. I recognize my error. I asked you to forgive me Oh ALLAH. So the element of Yunus is that he doesn't say Oh, Allah saved me from the water saved me from the darkness. Save me from being overboard. Save me from a whale that's trying to pull me under. None of

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that is spoken by Eunice. He just simply says oh Allah I know my mistakes. And I know there are things that I've done that are wrong Oh ALLAH forgive me for them. I stuck with little Allah had all the way to will evade. Oh Allah you are allow the the almighty you were the one who has power to hold me into to hold me to account. Estelle Fetullah and all the black Tourmaline A Oh Allah I returned back to you. Toba Is this the brother sister relationship of is the farm. They are from the same family and related to each other and near to each other. And one cannot be without the other. They have a connection to each other. So when you ask Allah for forgiveness, also then begin to

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think about Hold on. It's not just general the thing

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As in my life, I said this and I wasn't completely truthful, I could have been more honest I could have been more direct I could have been more sincere in the advice that I gave I could have been more accurate. All of it I asked Allah to forgive me. But now there are things that I know I need to make amends for in my life. So increase your is the fall in the days that we spend together in your coop make one or two of the circuits around just simply a snug fit Allah and all the little walk all the stone through the wall. And as you are sitting now I want you to have a reflective

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Yanni I want you to think to yourself, that the words that we say they do have a connection in how we put them into practice. So when you say Alhamdulillah

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you know Alhamdulillah I'm thankful to Allah I'm praising to Allah. What what are you praising to Allah for Alhamdulillah that I've arrived to your safe, like after Salah we say 33 times haven't really done haven't been led, and hamdulillah I've arrived at and Hamdulillah I didn't use my luggage and Hamdulillah I visited the NABI Muhammad, and Hamdulillah I prayed in his masjid and many in the OMA have not and Hamdulillah I have carried my families with me and Hamdulillah I have given some charity and Hamdulillah I have given salaam face to face to the prophets Alhamdulillah I have visited the message of the prophets I send them regularly walking to it counting in my scale and

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Hamdulillah I visited the people of that made to have to the Sahaba and Hamza with one Allah here. And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we arrived safely to Mecca Alhamdulillah we fulfilled our umbra. Alhamdulillah our sins have fallen as we have shaved that we're in cut our hair and hamdulillah I'm still here and I have more days and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah and hamdulillah so as you make your lip be conscious of what it means as Stubblefield Allah, Oh Allah forgive me.

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This person who's upset with me here or at home, Oh ALLAH forgive me. For what I said for what I did for what I saw for what I held back for what I gave for how I made this person feel for cutting in front of this person. A stuff that Allah had all the A to Allah us stuff. Oh Allah, I ask you to forgive me. Yeah.

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Allahu Akbar. Allah is great, great, greater than this pain that I've carried greater than this illness that I'm worried about, greater than the job that I'm searching for greater than the test that I have upcoming, greater than what my family's expectations are greater than greater than Allah can help and begin to sing of the near amount of Allah willing to do their mental life Lathrop. So Allah says, if you count the one name of Allah, it will never come to an end. Meaning Allah wants you to try to count it. And you'll never come to an end to just keep counting. Keep thinking Subhan Allah how blessed I am.

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Allah He, somehow we are living under a rainfall of Allah's blessing. Wala you and I are living a privileged life, that if we were to just, you know, meditate and pray to Allah, for the one blessing of fulfilling our umbra, that others weren't meant to ask for their home light will Allah he will not be able to fulfill it. May Allah accept our MRI Allah, may Allah return us again, Allah him to me. So be conscious of this word itself that Allah I truly believe Allah, I ask Allah, I'm thankful to Allah Alhamdulillah number five, and finally in sha Allah

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don't leave Mecca.

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Until you have forgiven yourself Subhan Allah, a lot of us we say ourselves that Allah Oh ALLAH forgive me. And then we go back and we say, Oh Allah Ya Allah forgive me, but we haven't forgiven ourselves. So we live in a prison of our own worry, our own self guilt, our own self loathing, our own, beating up ourselves for a problem we made or a mistake that we had or a misstep that was occurring in our life. And we keep replaying it and reliving it and re thinking about it. We can't undo it. We're willing to forgive somebody else. And then when when when within ourselves, we haven't really forgiven ourselves. And one of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam is this concept of the greatest drought we may combine it to the country's Allahumma in that chi foo. Oh Allah, you just wipe it all out. It's like it never happened to him perhaps was that for I mean, you love to make. So make me from those whose app was given that you had pardon my sins. It's like it never existed. Why is apple with the highest level?

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will have his default and tilba. Because the Eiffel it gives you peace of heart that I'm no longer accountable Allahu Akbar, that I can move forward in my life and I'm not I'm not worried that Allah is going to question me about this. It's part of Eman that on the day that you make this dua Allahumma in the cartoon,

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that you release that pain with Allah subhanaw taala and you begin a new leaf and you begin a new life and you begin a new chapter and you begin a new start. You ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for more and more blessing, to open for us a new a new new beginning in the measure of the prophets I send them where you and I prayed, people would come to and they would say oh Messenger of Allah, I did this crime or I said this thing or I you know committed this atrocity and the prophets I send them was generous in how he would you know cure their hearts he would say, I love to suddenly mana it you just pray with us. You say yes, your lawsuit Allah and understand FileZilla Didn't you ask Allah for

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forgiveness. He said well they could have for Allah who that

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Allah has forgiven you. Meaning Yanni push this away. Now move on with your life. So as you come and as you stand in front of the camera, as you come in, you make dua to Allah, and you ask for things of the past and things of the present. Put your determination that Allah subhanaw taala yester Kobina has opened a new opening for us. This concept of Allah being Alpha Kappa will have been the opener of new opportunities, the opener of new experiences and the knower of all things. Some kinda went to either class combat subhanaw taala to give us a new start, to give us a new fix to open for us new opportunities I knew

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moments of success and conquest in our life. I wanted to end with a dua of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And I will never be Muhammad Tyson them had this blessing of Joe Americlean that he had the opportunity to say many things in just a short sentence. So the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam he would mean to in the morning you would say Allahu

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Allah Most of the other beginner Mohammed Allahumma inni as Luca Yura, and he would say this at night, he would say in the morning, and he would say in the evening, Oh Allah, I asked you for the good that is found in this day. Set have the conquest of it. Why not struggle where you are supporting me in it? What new Rahu the light of that day that I will be in the dark if you don't show it to me? What who die so that I can find guidance in this day in fact have NASA who Nora who were who that? Allah Khomeini, who will be coming shortly have Oh Allah I don't ask only for the good. But oh Allah protect me from the evil that's also in this day. Where some of the Magi that any

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evil that is in the days to come after Allahumma me. This is a beautiful authentic, grab the prophets I send them for your mornings in your evening, I will send a screenshot of it in sha Allah and they will see the the audio for you that ended up Allahumma inni Allah Khomeini as Endoca how you ever had that happen? We're not sure where you're where, who the Who am I ask you for the good of this day, the blessing of this day, its conquest, you're supporting it, the light that you provide me for it, and the guidance that is in it, Allah

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I pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives us happiness and joy throughout our day in our night, that we take opportunity to do extra cco us to be unconventional in our charity Act, to be regular in our is still found, to be conscious when we make our day and that we have a forgiveness for ourselves and the new beginning. Every day is a new day. Every day is a fresh start. The moment you have you know Alhamdulillah he led the piano and gave us back life. It is a new opportunity. May Allah increase your footsteps to this blessing, Matthew, that you are in it for each and every Salah that you come down early to attend the salah. And that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah keeps us healthy and safe. I

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know some of you are not feeling well. Now Allah subhanaw taala grant you a cure by the way

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that would say from the sign of an accepted how generous is illness.

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Everybody's like, brother call me

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right? So cannula, because when somebody gets sick what is the drought we say we say to whom? You've been purified lava. Right? Everybody comes back from hygiene. They got the hygiene. What did you call right? Hey,

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Everybody's got a fever Subhan Allah, you give meningitis and the flu job and the MA doesn't matter, either for a day or an hour you're going to have Insha Allah, a little bit of this humor, this agitation that gives you Insha Allah, happiness and success, Allah Muhammad. So may Allah subhanaw taala heal us and make it on hold for all of you, may Allah keep you happy and safe and content. May Allah put our hearts together, grow us in love for each other, and give us support until we return home back to our busy lives and days that we continue to remember the conquest, the support the light and the heat of this day and the days to come. Allah whom I mean, the days we have our scare

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Subhanallah there are other people in the in the world who are going to start today as the new day of their year. Right? You were like forgotten is today Yeah. Today Subhan Allah is the start for in the western world for a new year. For us, it is the sort of when am I going to make tau off who is going to go to the who wants to make a second camera, that kind of thing in sha Allah for those who do want to make a second Rimrock and I know some people saying where can we get a taxi and so on, you have two options inshallah. One is that you walk that way you will see taxis all coming around at the end. So you come out and you go left to the right. You will see a roundabout all the taxis

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come and drop people off. And you say

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go, come, go, come don't get out of the car. Right? If he doesn't speak English or Arabic. Just go come. How much 60 rial 70 rial. If you put two or three people everybody 1015 20 Syrian Java, you go and come back. Don't get into the car, make your media come back. Or chef I don't want to It's so crowded. I don't want to No problem. Take the BB

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scooter. Right. You walk up the ramp at the end. Sit in the scooter and make your full head full ramrod. Now, some people I know you we have this preconceived notion that walking has to be better. The Prophet SAW Selim when he did his tawaf, it was riding, right. It was right. In fact, Abdullah Hypno bass used to try to correct this mistake. He would say there are three things people say is Sunnah, but are not sunnah. They said, What are the three things? He said? One is to show your

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your shoulder, right? People have made it to know that if you don't do it all you have to do to love again. No. He said when we came for Umrah, and the people of Kure sat on the mountains. The prophets I send them wanted to show them that we have muscles. He said uncover show them that you're not weak. You're not scrawny, so uncover your shoulder. And when we go don't walk run. Number two people said it's suiting up but it is not it is that the puppet said run show them we have energy. We didn't come from Medina and now they can attack us. Show them your arms and show them that you can run.

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And number three, they said that you have to ride a camel to make pull off. People used to think the Sunnah is to do what the wife doing on a ride, not walking. So the lug novice would say listen, you can walk man, you don't have to bring your camo for No, but also loss iclm He did this to love on the camera. Back then this standard practice what they used to think was Kamal, how did I shadow the Allahu Ana make cloth? Because all the men and how did you make that had the wives? They did it on writing, so nobody would bother them with one ally.

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Right? This is how faulty my ally or the Allahu Anhu and those who would hold the rain, they would walk around the prophets. I send them as he did his toe off so people would see him twice. I'm not telling you it shouldn't matter. Right? And it's not to not work. But at the same time, there is no difference between the two in your argument with Allah subhanho wa Taala the element is fulfilling your Ibadah a funny story when the first automobile arrived in this country. Very first one was King AbdulAziz, the very first king whose gate we're sitting under right. King AbdulAziz? What did he do? He said okay, nobody is allowed to drive this car anywhere except pull off first. So they actually

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drag the car hit. They didn't drive it here. They put it they brought it. They pulled it and they put it here and his first Miles was a waffle? Because I'm gonna make Tov like caddy.

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You know, that's the concept. So I highly recommend for you in sha Allah do another camera if you want you want another camera you don't have to go in the crowd you don't have to do the thoughts. If you have the energy do it, do it to off on your foot and then go up and do the sign share with each other one person can drive and you stop And subhanAllah it's very enjoyable at times as well to have that type of Emre Inshallah, it's a different feeling and it will be a different memory please in sha Allah tried to do even tawaf you know you just do a pull up or the sign may Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for all of you. Allah

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so you just mentioned Isha because we are local

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Masjid he has about 15 kilometers to 18 Miles 15 Yeah, not too far.

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So the taxi will take you and bring you back you don't get out while you are in it in your area Ramsay let me come Lahoma bedroom rugs for somebody else will bake Allahumma Barbara and on behalf of

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or somebody you know whoever it is you name them or even in your heart you just mentioned them in childbirth. I said no honey comes at

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Yes sister.

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You forgot to do the two raka no problem. It's not essential. All right, but it's better you can do them now.

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No problem.

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Good question Does Allah

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Allah He better keep all right. Just I don't want to keep you on that cold floor too long and I want you to enjoy your time and have some rest and wake up early for your to wake up to do some of your Salah in sha Allah. Find some time to eat you don't have a little bit of your EBA with Allah subhanaw taala say they are movie stars man come on

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Masha, Allah has had lots of Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad he could show to Allah Allah Allah to sacrifice