Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 23

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Dua for Spouse, Children & Community

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at Hamdi level salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or bad this is your brother Hey Brahim with another Ramadan therapy and hamdulillah This is Dr. Number 23 and we're in the final 10 days of the month of Ramadan May Allah subhanaw taala give us many more Ramadan to make this ramadan ramadan have held prosperity and therapy and healing for all of us along I mean, the door that I wish to share with you today is a blessing. It is derived from the Koran from the 25th chapter of the Quran, which is sort of held for fun the criterion the separation between right and wrong, the divider can be other translations for that

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word, and this is a a number 74 Allah Subhana Allah says, describing his very bad his humble worshiping slaves His servants the servants of the ever Merciful are and unloved gives a list of it and near the end near two or three verses before the end of the surah end of the chapter, Allah subhanaw taala says and from the characteristics of the worshiping slaves of Allah, when levina who do not have bene Haeberlin mean as well as you know, whether we Tina kurata or john Nadine with Dr. Nina Emma. They are those who have the characteristics of the people of worshipping status of the ever Merciful Allah subhana wa, tada, those who are consistent in making their invocation and

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they're doing our Lord or a banner, it's a communal hedlin gift us grace us, bless us mean as a genome, from our spouses, our wives in particular from our spouses, whether we Tina and from our progeny and children and the offspring that come from them. So therefore, this is a duel that's very central for you and your family. And this is the duty of bringing about future a future of blessedness and righteousness or benna hablan I mean, as well, you know, I mean, the reality you know, Allah blessed me with having a spouse and from and from my spouse, children, offspring kotora to iron that will be pleasing and a comfort to my eyes literally, quote uttarayan coolness to the

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eyes. We'll explain that shortly, which I hadn't done in Woodstock, Lena imama and make myself and my family were Jana, all of us and Eman for the believers make us an example for the righteous to be modeled after what a blessing to once again when levina coluna they are those who say here is the Doha or bene hablan I mean as well Gina Weatherly Tina kurata Yun or Jana Sakina, Amana Allahumma. I mean,

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you know, anytime a lot answers you dry, it's a gift. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala says or a benevolent they understand this, you understand that when Allah answers you, it's not because you have earned the right to ask for whatever you want. Whatever Allah blesses you with, you want it to be a gift from Allah, not a punishment from Allah. And sometimes a law ensures that you have a person who is viable gives us the what they gives them what they want, but in fact, it is counterproductive worse than if they had not received it so we don't ask for this we ask a lot to gift us with that which is good. Or Bennett hedlin egg grant us this gift lenna mean as well as you

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know from our spouses and therefore always making the conscious effort to include a drive for yourself, your wife and your children I drive for yourself your husband and your children make it a reflective habit. It's a reflex within you and a reflection in your mind that I will never asked just for myself but always for my family. This is the righteous conduct of the prophets of and the messengers and the righteous from amongst humanity. You know, Miriam's mother makes a drive for her daughter when she's still in their stomach. You know, make my children and the child that grows within me and the child children that will come from him or her she assumed it would be a boy that

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will not be touched by the shaytaan. She makes Zachary Alia Salah makes a draft for his unborn children. He assumes Allah will enter his drive to be gifted a son. Had Glenna mean as well Gina for your family Ibrahim Ali Salaam, Robbie Gianni Maki masala women via t O Allah make me and establish your prayer and from my children and their progeny. He would make it for himself and his family. Notice even in our soul that we're commanded to say Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed, Allah grant your blessings and choices mercy upon the Prophet Mohammed and the family of the Prophet Mohammed wila Ibrahim wahala le Ibrahim, and therefore have this as a statement as a sacred formula

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in your little banner headline I mean, as far as you know, from our spouses were votary Tina, and from our offspring lulea literally means it comes from the concept of a seed and therefore the your children are seeds you plant into this world that you hope will fruit a tree of righteousness theory

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Net that which will come from our union that which will come from our years of sacrifice that will come from the effort we put in their education, of chasing them up, following them, making sure that they are habitual in their prayers. While studying IE Allah says in Surah Taha to our prophet SAW Selim, as he said to his morale and all of the prophets of Allah, what more alika sada command your children to prayer was spotted, it hadn't remain obstinately stubborn upon it.

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This is a recipe of success, or a banner headline, I mean, as well, Gina? Well, Julia, Tina, grant us this gift of righteousness within our spouses and our children. Make them quarter burrata iron quarter at the coolness of our eyes. Now I want to explain the context of this. So if you lived in the deserts of Arabia, way back, then there's no air conditioning, there's no goggles, there's nothing and you would travel by camel or by horse in the desert in the scorching heat, what you would do is you would cover your face, and you would cover everything except but a slit for the eyes. So you could see where you're going. And therefore everything around you would be shielded and

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protected from the sun and the sandblasting of the wind. But your eyes would bear the brunt of it. And that's why camels are a miraculous creation. You know, they've had these adaptations where their lenses are a particular, their eyelashes are very particular, they're able to withstand that lashing set sandblast. But once you unsettled and you got off your horse or off your camel, your eyes would be burning, there would be you know, this desert blindness that would occur, it was difficult to see and they would be full of sand. So the first thing that you would get when you visited someone, or when you arrived home was they would have cool water that was shaded water, you know, in barrels

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that were kept for this particular purpose. And you would basically dunk your face in it, take the water and put your eyes inside it, you would open your eyes and clear it. And that was called cold water is the cleansing of the eyes, the cooling of the eyes from the heat of the sand and the sun, that moment of relief of your eyes being given that relief. That is the imagery Allah says, you ask him to make your children have that for you. It's like I've been out in the wilderness of the world. And I've come to relief mink, my children and my spouse the relief of my pain, Aloma I mean, what to do, I do a therapy i do i that is necessary in Ramadan, which is the second part of the draw, which

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Allah make all of us, within my household within my family, living in a mama make us for the believers commands examples to model themselves after. Don't ever assume that it's a you know, sinful to want people to aspire to live like you. If you are modeling yourself after the prophets, I send them you're modeling yourself after his family, his daughters, his wives, his children, you want to be modeled after those who lived with him and talk by and experience. The talks he gave in the in the life he taught and the experiences he shared with them. So we model ourselves with imams who came before us. When I landed with Athena a mama or lawmakers imams for the believers, you want

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that someone will look at your children and say, may Allah Subhana Allah bless my children to be like his children. May Allah bless me to be like Him. May Allah bless my husband to be like this man to my wife to be like this sister. May Allah Subhana Allah make us the reference points of society that people model their morality, their behavior, their code of ethics and their conduct on us because we've modeled it from the teachings of our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam robina hablan Minh as well Gina whether Rhea Tina kurata union or Jana little mustafina Imam May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you to remember me and my family and your drama. And I pray that Allah

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blesses your home your family, makes it out Ramadan of therapy for all of us and heals whatever grievances that we have and connects us in our hearts together. Allahumma amin will suddenly lahoma Selim was it Rebecca, let's say Mohammed, this was your brother Ibrahim with Ramadan therapy number 23. That for our families and our homes.