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Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Quran and how it is difficult to produce a verse like it. They also criticize the use of the Quran in schools and the influence of Islam on the way it is taught. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reading the Quran and not just copying it.
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Hola esta Martin in so while Jean Nuala and yet to me three headed for en les tuna remitly he will elkana ba, ba, ba hero. So if the whole of human, the whole of Jean gathered together to produce the life of this garage, they will never ever produced a lot of this garage, even if they were to support each other. This is a divine thing. Allah Allah has preserved it from tampering with, from playing with it from changing from destruction. From auditions and omissions from alterations in this book potions, no one will lie no one has the ability to ever play with this Quran.

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For things centuries, since the Quran was revealed,

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do we see one vowel one letter different from another in any other Quran, any other version? As they might say? One Quran one version one book

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is the Quran. The same current here is the same at the end of the world.

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No one has ever been able to meet this challenge. Why?

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Because it's not hard. Because data has preserved it for any length of

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If you do it no end you will never ever be able to do it.

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Our non Muslims if you say this Quran is the word of Allah, they prove it.

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Prove it, try to get a verse like the Quran

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will lie they tried. And they tried and they tried 1400 G's they have been trying and they all failed. One narration came that a man a Jewish man six whole months in a garage, he locked himself up

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in a garage. We should have stayed there six whole months trying to produce a verse like it. He came out on admin.

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He came out a madman did not know what to do, or how to produce it was impossible.

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This is centuries ago.

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The pagan Arabs

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who were avowed enemies of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when the Quran was being revealed,

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they wanted to take or try to attempt his challenge.

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In order to prove that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a false prophet, Allah He may as the heck woman a lot

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of the knowledge of the pagan Arabs or the Arabs in those days the Quraysh Arabs, they the Quran was revealed in their language in their dialect, and they were people who used to compose beautiful poetry, the most eloquent poetry and they were very eloquent extremely eloquent in if they cannot do it. No one on earth can do it

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due to the strength in Arabic and they were unable they tried but they were unable to pass this challenge.

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Why decreases why I felt a bonus

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hello Joe do fi t laugh and Kathy arrow, do they not consider the Quran? Do they not reflect what are they gonna awaken had these thoughts on being from Allah they would have found in it much discrepancy, much problems.

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If it was from other than Allah to Allah, it's not hard to resemble in the sense of to produce a verse it's simple.

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Because in man in humanity origin, it was always someone better.

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So it's not hard to produce something better than another person you always find someone better than you.

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But this book is not

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from you. minuchin. This is the uncreated word of the Almighty.

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Heaven have we taken this full reflection? Have we really understood as Muslims the meaning of the Quran? Have we placed the correct position in Islam, where we placed it on the walls and graving or hide it on the walls for beautification are placed on NFL pillows or on our shoulders, or in our car as an amulet

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or this piece, the end placed on the covered when you walk in

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Work and when you leave to work and I believe in the Quran you say giving lip service only this lip service. You just read it you close it commandment, not a problem prohibition not a problem. It doesn't bother you.

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You just give it lip service. How many schools unfortunately decide this how many schools are out there

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that are teaching children? The Quran, the memorization of the Quran, excellent work beautiful. But how many of the schools are really teaching the meaning of the Quran? The implementation of the Quran? Isn't that more important?

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Or is it important to memorize the Quran and say Masha Allah Haffield have a half as

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well yeah, if you see his actions, he can't even tell us a Muslim, but he's how feasible

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the companions would not go beyond 10 verses of the Quran until they read it, memorized it, understood it and implement the commands in it.

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As for today,

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how many Muslims have been reading Surah Fatiha

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for years or 10s of years and yet they do not even understand what Al Fatiha the word Fatiha even means.

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Our hearts have become softened to the Quran. Because we are not implementing the Quran the way we should. And Allah says

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Allah Javelin

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Dionne minha Shatila have we reviewed this book, this Quran on a mountain the mountain will be humbling out of fear.

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The mountain with full stability and power would humble would shake at a fright. But when we read it

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a heart so easy it's a command and shall not Allah in the future when I get older.

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It's a prohibition it's hard to do this Kenya cannot abstain from this is too hard. So why read the Quran?

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Why read the Quran if you're not going to implement the Quran 19 now it's gonna be against you and not for you on the Day of Resurrection

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against you and not for you.

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