Alhamdulillah! A Hindu Woman Declares her Islam in Public

Zakir Naik


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salam ala ghoom This is budgie Sri Salman, I'm a non Muslim. I want to accept Islam in front of everybody because I want all these people to view him on my Chaga on the Day of Judgment, I should do n L L L L L

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U N Mahamadou

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Allah Sr. I think Dr. Zakir can pronounce it properly and you can repeat if I said and you can pronounce it against the eyeshadow Hola, ilaha

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illa Illa Allah, Allah wa should do Ana, why should you ana Muhammadan Mohammed Abu Zulu

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I bear witness, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is Be Upon Him is the servant and messenger of Almighty God is the seventh and messenger of Almighty God. Welcome to the Legion of peace.

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We find that in this 10 day conference that we have the standard conference that are many people accepted Islam, and many questions was to several of the speakers. And they were convinced that this is the only solution for humanity and we appreciate that sister

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and I pray to Allah Subhana Allah to grant you Jana peace in this world and the next volume chart