Science and Classification of Hadeeth

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Come to third question that what are the categorizations of Hadoop,

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as far as classification and categorization of this is concerned, it is called mostella Hadith. That is the science of

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the machines have classified into various different categories. The three most important classification I'll tell you there are many classifications. One is based on who is the original Narrator

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And according to Abner Salah, he has classified that into who is the originator. And number one, the highest Hadith he could see. It goes up to Allah subhanaw taala. If it says that masala Salam said, that Allah smart Allah said, it goes up to Allah it starts with the narrator goes till Saba goes to the prophet and prophets that Allah said that becomes the secret to the highest category. Number two is the morpho Hadith, the Hadith, which reaches morpheme is reached, it reaches to Prophet masala Salah, a chain of writers are they then it says the Sahaba named say the prophet who masala sunset, so that becomes powerful. The third category is mocha which top it goes to the level of the Sahaba.

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So if the Hadith goes to the level of Sabah but doesn't reach the level of profit or muscle sanlam it is called as mocha

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that is stopped that the third level, the fourth is the Mk two means cut off. It reaches to the turbine to villages Allah subhanaw taala it's called a DITA could see, which is to the Prophet it's called as morpho Hadith, which is to the Sahaba it is called as Marcos if it reaches to the turbine, that is the next generation after the Saba is called MK two. So this classification is based on who is the original narrator one type of classification. The second type of classification of baldness Allah is based on the number of chain of narrators. And it is divided into two texts, the Moto moto D, and the other D in the Moto moto D, there are umpteen there are several number of narrators, the

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number is not specified, it says several at every stage. And this motor was divided into two further mutawatir in terms of wordings mutawatir in terms of meaning.

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I'll give an example of mutawatir in terms

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of wording that means all the Hadith that you find the wording is exactly the same and motivates me at every stage there are various narrators

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like at the Saba level, there are various Saba who narrated it, then there are various other people who narrated from the Sabbath and the next level and the third level. One example is a very famous motto waterbodies which is headed, motivated in words that are beloved partners, or some said that anyone

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who deliberately or purposefully tells a lie in my name, he prepares his feet in the hellfire. Now this Hadid The words are same, but not Arabic, this is English translation which may differ, but in Arabic, the words are the same, it was narrated by no less than 74 hours 74 difference hubbas narrated the Hadith that they said that they heard the Prophet says

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74 now, in the next level, you have much more than 74 people who have narrated it estaba ma'am narrated to many other people. So, in the second level, you have more than 100 of narrators. Then third level you have another few 100 narrator So, overall, there are hundreds of people who have narrated this ad and all those who have narrated the words are exactly the same.

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So, the scholars have added they say, it cannot be possible that hundreds of people are narrating exactly the same words, it has to be correct. There is no difference of opinion that these are verbatim the words of the Beloved Prophet Musa masala so many narrators at every level. That means minimum narrators have this idea that 74 next level there are more than 74 third level more than that. So minimum. So if there are several narrators at each level, then that is called mutawatir. If the words are famous for matamata in words,

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let's come second example mutata in meaning that didn't have the problem of Salah Salam when he said that for further Salah there are two rakaats there are four cut for the Zohar Salah, a sercial Anisha salah and for McGriff Allah there

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there are various

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narrators at each level, um, the number of narrators, many survivors who narrated it followed by but the words kept on differing, but the meaning was the same, though the words differ the meaning was the same that in funjet, there were two in zohore a ser Anisha therefore occurred to be prayed and the magnet tilaka So, here the board is in shape, it is water water in meaning meaning of the same the word metaphor.

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So, this was the type of water these two types in has a deed it is further divided into three types of Hadith one is Massoud, second is disease and third is scary,

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all the other they do not meet the criteria of

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the highest level of other this is the machine that minimum three or more narrators have narrated at each level that means minimum number of narrator each level if there are three, then it is called as a maturity that that minimum three Saba narrated it, then the turbine may be more than three, but if minimum three is there, at each level, it is called maturity, or even more than three, it can be four or so yet it's called a maturity. If it is several, then it becomes a bottle bottle but if it's three at each level of for each level, it is called as a maturity it is the highest in terms of

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the second level in other words, it is the obesity in obesity, there are minimum two narrator that each level

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the chain of narrators and minimum two servers have narrated it and at the other level is also two or more have continued with the chain. So that's called a thesis. The third category of other this is a query that means at any one stage only one person, other stages, there may be 1020, no problem. And the best example that is ohare which are narrated by the Dharma lab up with him. It is the first hadith of say Buhari one number one. Book number one is number one, that our beloved partner Salah Sallam said in Albania, that your actions are based on your intention. All that is there are hundreds of all honey that are there. It goes to another commandment lobby pizza, save Omar mela, up

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with him said that the Prophet said below. After the tumor, mela we presume there are many narrators. But at one stage there's only one narrator no other Sahaba beside her that Omar narrated this, this becomes a hunt.

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It's a this is a book Buhari. It's a headache, but it is how the DEA and agree buddy all the chains rich Guatemala produces them. There is no other Sahaba who narrated this. So this is called an

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ad agreement. So this was the second type of classification based on number of narrators.

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There are various classification I'll just come to the main one which were discussing the third type of classification of Hadith. It's based on authenticity. In this type of classification, there are two types of audit, one is McCubbin accepted, and the other is more dude which is rejected. In the accepted I've added the two types of say Hadith. And Hassan

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in the say Hadith There are two types of Hadith.

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That is the Hadith with continuous chain

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and say Hadith with a broken chain. In the hustle again, there are two types, Hassan added with the continuous chain. And Hassan added with the broken chain. So these are the categories of the macgiolla did accept it. If it falls under psi or Hassan, it is accepted as

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an argument for you to accept it. If it's a Saturday or a Sunday, and the Prophet has prohibited it become haram for you. If the Prophet has commanded you, it becomes complicity for you and become Muslim for you. The second category is Hadith, which are they are mortal. They've got various categories they did done. They've because of the chain of narrator they because of inconsistency in the narrator. Various there are multiple different types of cipher The time will not permit to go into detail. Same with modo there are different types. So basically, the third type of classification based on authenticity. And the other classification also makes a date which has been

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added which is more due date is rejected.