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The importance of acknowledging one's Yo story and not denying it is crucial in Islam. The speakers emphasize the need to find practical solutions to one's ego and hold onto one's ego, while also acknowledging the negative impact of Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam's actions and their influence on the world. The speakers also touch on the importance of finding words to express one's opinion and use them in Islam, and the need to stop ego growth within oneself and their loved ones. The speakers stress the importance of not giving "fit" to increase one's connection with Islam, and the need to be mindful of one's words and use them in a way that is "fit."

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I'm sorry

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to words.

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Sometimes it's so difficult to say.

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Sometimes we have to really dig deep to say these words.

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But these words have a meaning behind them.

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The month of Ramadan is close. Even if it wasn't the month of Ramadan, we know that the o'clock of the Muslim is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's something that the Muslim should be attentive to have at all times. But these words I'm sorry, even even if you believe that you still right

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is an aspect of our Eman that we have to consistently focus on.

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Can we just overlook our problem?

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You know if I'm wrong, and if I wronged you, please forgive me.

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Islam is bigger than the boast of both of us. We don't want the following generations to take on the problems that we've had.

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What was said in Clipperton Hodge and the sermon of need that I just mentioned earlier, be mindful of Allah and do not cut off relationships with your kin. Because brothers and sisters, it's important for us to let go of our ego.

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The healthy and spiritual trade off of letting go of our ego. We know that ego was what shape THON was full of when He prohibited himself or did not want to prostrate to Adam. This is a sign from Allah of the kibra of the arrogance that was full and shaped on because he didn't want to prostrate to Adam, look at ourselves and see what are we willing to trade off? When we look at our ego.

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The ego is that isn't an example of someone or the definition of it roughly, is when someone is obsessed with themselves towards Shay THON or their knifes their desires can play with them to work confidence can be arrogance,

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to what your confidence and who you are. But you start to belittle others and use that as a means to strengthen your so called competence. It turns into arrogance. We know that the month of Ramadan as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Sufi shelter, you know that the shaitaan are tied in chains, meaning that the influence of shape on may be minimal. But what are you doing Abdullah, you don't say you know, I'm gonna still be who I am and Ramadan even continue my challenges my sins, I won't acknowledge it's a sin or I do but I continue because Shakedowns locked up. But we still have the knifes American Bisou, you still have that portion of yourself and still calls you to do those

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things that you know are not good, that are not healthy for you, that are not healthy for your soul that are not healthy for your relationships.

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It's important that we Subhanallah each and every one of us that we have to look and ponder over our relationships. Let's start with our family. Each and every one of us

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may have a family member and I'm using May,

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that we cannot just We can't sit in the same room with we have a family member that we may be jealous of. Because they wronged us when we were younger, they bullied us when we were younger, and we hadn't haven't gotten over it. We haven't sought therapy to talk to talk about it. Because we don't want to face the taboo of going to someone to a therapist, to our people that will look at us as sick, or there's something wrong with us.

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We don't want to show it because we don't want to cause stress to everyone else. But it's still deep inside of us.

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We may have been the person that is wrong someone

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and we see the effects of that trauma that we have done. And only a lot myself and that person knows. We haven't stepped up to the plate as a real man or woman Muslim, to dig deep and look beyond ourselves, our ego, our popularity, what we are known for what we are respected for. But the basis of that respect is something false counterfeits. It's not real, because it's built on a satanic influence. It's built on an influence of ourselves in our desires, our shout outs

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says a beautiful Hadith and we've probably heard it in this month of shot ban. But it's a hadith speaking on the generality of Yama if they were homies the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Tour de la could list name or homies for yo fiddle LA who couldn't Embree in LA usually could be la he say an

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in lembrar and can urbane who have been a he Shana for you call otaku has any had to study her or who have any hotter yourself you don't have to go on the road had any had to study her on

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Do you have any hotter your saleha under who had any hotter yesterday, the province also said

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the actions of the individual will be raised every Monday and Thursday.

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These actions will be raised to Allah every Monday and Thursday. So he and he forgives for every individual that does not associate partners with the law except

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the individual that is between him or her and his or her brother in Mutti, malice, so it will be said for you Cardo Ork who had anything hold off on those two until they make up, hold off on him to until they make up. And another narration he said it three times. Hold off on I eat for giving them

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until they make up every Monday and Thursday. How many Mondays and Thursdays have passed, and we see the person's name in WhatsApp. We see their name

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in a group in telegram. We see their picture on Facebook, we see them in the masjid. And we try our best to go the opposite direction.

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Because we don't want to face the reality of saying I'm sorry.

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We don't want to face the reality of digging deep within ourselves and making up because Islam is bigger than the both of us.

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We don't want to face the reality and think about the reality that my children, this ongoing feud between us will transfer over to our children

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to where they will hate each other in the name of what

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in the name of what you notice how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that they will be forgiven except the one that Bane who were baina he, between him or her and his or her brother.

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Just think about that.

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We all subconsciously and inshallah more importantly, consciously know that we do not know when Allah will take us off of this earth. How many times have we heard when people are on their deathbed or when they're on their bed, and they know that their time is coming at any moment. Or you've been the individual to sit or stand there with them. And then they start to let out news that they've never told anyone. Or they start to say you know what, you I've always been hard on you as my son or my daughter, but I've always loved you. Do we want to wait till that time because that time is much who we do not know how, when Allah will take our soul.

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Allah gives us many opportunities to let go of our ego. So let's start from today to ponder over our hearts, our actions, because with that, the heart when it is solidified, when it is clean, when it is pure, when it is soft, when it is one shatter. When it is open to the HAC

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to the truth, then Allah subhanaw taala will guide us and Sharla Kulu kolyada will start slowly welcome Lisa any Muslim infrastructure oh no go for running.

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Alhamdulillah he said he was shocked Allahu Allah tofield he wanted it.

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You know, within Islam Subhan Allah we may say sometimes from a good heart, that I need a practical solution.

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And sometimes that can mean that Islam does not provide it and when I say Islam, I mean, the Quran, the word of Allah, the implementation of the word of Allah being the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the ones that spent their lives to understand these two authoritative texts, and sources being the scholars of Islam.

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We may say to ourselves, sometimes I need something practical.

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But do we make the effort to seek to seek the truth within these sources? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something regarding this is beautiful, because it's important for us to let go of our ego in order to hold firmly to our Eman. That's the trade off. Let go of your ego to hold firmly on to your faith.

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Because when you let the ego grow within you and inside of you, it doesn't only hurt you brother or sister. It hurts the people around you because sometimes if you're the father, if you're the mother, you make your children take aside.

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If you're the close friend, you make your you make your other friends take aside

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because of something that you do not want to be uncomfortable with

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We're comfortable with enmity, think about that. We are comfortable with enmity towards another human being. When we know subconsciously Allah does not want that for us. Allah wants love, or Allah wants tolerance amongst each other. You may not love you may not have be good friends with that person, but it's important to give them at least a greeting of peace and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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lay your head Luli Muslim in an inferior and another narration remote meaning and Yahoo focus

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for your hair the way your mother will hide whom white woman may give the OB salon okay my Color Salon it was on this hadith and I heard all the Allahu Anhu with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it is impermissible layer hidden Lu meaning that it is impermissible. Let's stop for a minute. Anything that is impermissible in Islam. It is something that will tear apart communities, anything that is impermissible in Islam. It is something that will weaken the Eman anything that is impermissible in Islam, it is something that will compromise the Hakim the certainty between you and your Lord when you continue upon that act of something that you know is impermissible ie wrong.

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So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it is impermissible, that a brother or sister

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separates or or yeah Judo yeah Judo Acaba, someone that separates or distances themselves from them more than three days another narration three nights.

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If you have a problem with your brother or sister, you have an issue, you still believe that you're right, that's fine. But Islam is telling you overlook that, look, look, look at the relationship, if it's something of the dunya. If it's something of their religion, that they'd said something about you, they wronged you. This happens not to be literal that the person hasn't woken up and ask for forgiveness. But what about you look at ourselves and see how we can be better. Because you will go in front of Allah Wa, then you will go in front of Allah alone.

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So the Prophet says here, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's impermissible for a brother to distance himself from the brother or sister from his other brother or sister more than three days. And then he gives a definition for your alojado years ago, he says, so this one turns his back on him or her and the other one turns his back on him or her, you know, we just hope that we don't see them at the gathering. And if we do, we're going the other direction. If they're east, we're going west, I don't want to have to face the person giving the salaams or I don't want to have to face giving them so I don't want to deal with it.

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You know, cuz my personalities, I'm non confrontational. So in sha Allah, Allah will forgive me for this.

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And then he says the best of those he gives a solution. He says the best of those is the one that starts with some that at least sends a text and said, I'm on equal and the person is so who, what, when, where, how this person texting me, and we have a problem. They're going to start to think shaytaan can even play with that person. Why are they texting me? What do they want?

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Many of us that have come into Islam or those that have come back to Faith. Isn't it so impactful when someone does something good for you and they don't want anything?

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What they want is something you can't provide. It is only what Allah can provide. When you reach the level of only wanting what Allah wants from you. You're not too concerned about what people think about you, ie, you're not concerned this person's going to think I'm weak if I give salaams or you know, say hello or come up and say salaam aleikum to them with a smile. No, this is an amateur southern salaam it was so this is a pure free hearts.

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The day that nothing will benefit them money, nor children 11x Allah Have you all been selling except the person that comes with a pure clean heart and Salama? That Allah's name is a salon meaning free from any age, any deficiency, any defect? There is no defect in your heart, ie envy, hatred, jealousy, malice. It's free because you're looking at the bigger picture.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Subhanallah

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May Allah make us from the people of Jenin sha Allah may Allah make us for the inhabitants of Jenna.

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Jenna is a place that there is no love. There is no wasting of time there is no love. There is no ill speech. There is no speech that is not pleasing to Allah IE or even to the human beings soul and betterment of their soul.

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Jenna is a place where there's no hidden

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There is no malice, there is no hatred, there is no enmity, there is no doubt, there's no enmity and hatred towards another. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in a beautiful, beautiful verse in the Quran in two verses. Firstly, when he says in the chapter of, of an hedger when he talks about the statements of the people agenda.

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We said that there ought to be lamina shaytaan Energien. When is that in MFE? So dirty him a little in f1 and Isla Sulan Mata cobbling

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when he talks about the inhabitants agenda,

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and Allah uses two beautiful words that I want to capitalize on because capitalizing on the beauty of Arabic, when we go deep into these meanings, we understand the intended meaning which brings forth a human reality therefore appreciating the current Quran much more. Allah says one Azhar

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mafi so don't worry, he may not read these two.

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He says know that that means that we have extracted but if we see in the in the in the chapter of NASA, when NASA it is Orca. NASA means to pull something out with force, meaning that it may be difficult, it may be hard, Allah says Nuzhat now Matthew, so duty him and we have extracted what was in their hearts minimal little and little is an enmity that is deep in the heart.

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I hate my father.

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Because I've never known him.

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You have to dig deep brother. You have to dig deep sister. There was a brother I met Subhanallah he said I forgave my father. But when he asked me to visit him, I couldn't do it. I don't want him to think that what he did was okay.

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You've got to dig deep. Each and every one of you have to ask yourselves, when am I going to take the shovel and dig deep? In myself? No one else when

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and it's not one time. It's consistently but guess what? Allah loves the struggle. What can OSAT you come my squadron

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and your struggle, your efforts. Allah appreciates it it is something that is appreciated appreciated.

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So they will say in Jenna, Allah says when is that and MFE so duty him in Lillian, it one and we have extracted from their hearts this enmity because this is not allowed in June, this is not present.

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And then he says if one as brethren,

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as brothers or sisters, is suited in upon beds, which are cobbling they're looking at each other happy,

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happy, nothing in their hearts. Nothing.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the chapter out off, when he speaks about this evening gets deeper as Subhanallah here and this verse he uses the same words but then he mentions another state and he mentions the statement of the people in Jannah. And this is very important for us. Where Allah subhanho wa Taala says when is that now Matthew saluting him in Linlin tragedy mean tatty him will unhealed will call will hamdulillah and let the medina Womack couldn't barely Not Dead Yet Lola and Madonna la Allahu Akbar

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Allah uses the same beginning when as that Nam mafia is so dirty him in lidded and the same thing and we have extracted out of their hearts this enmity, but then he says touch it even tacky and hard. And he says that the beneath them which rivers flow meaning Jenna, but what do they say?

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Alhamdulillah in LA the Madonna all praises to Allah, the one that has guided us, but it doesn't stop there. What Matt coonelly Nuff said the yellow line and her dad, we would never have been guided if a law did not guide us. If I thought it was up to me, then I am on a path of destruction. Why is this important?

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Let's take a step back. When you make an effort to please Allah. That action is an action of a man therefore, increasing your connection with Allah meaning that your faith will increase

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which can mean it can take you out of doubt and bring you to a level of certainty or a level of being inquisitive. But your path of seeking is a path of trust and hacking and trust in the All Wise each and every one of us have had a question we've asked God why each and every one of us

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Why are my parents still separate and there's enmity you may be the person that is outside but you are affected.

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You may be the person that has done the oppression

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but looking at the guidance of Allah

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When we let go of our ego in order to hurt, hold firmly onto our onto our Eman. What are we really concerned with? What are we looking at? What are we trying? Brother, Sister Allah is going to take each and every one of us. But the relationships, the enmity you have with that brother or sister that's still alive, it's still inside.

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We want that person or those people to at least say, You know what he did reach out to me, there won't be a day when that person sits alone, and says, You know what?

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That person at least reached out, I can't even say I'm sorry to that person anymore.

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Make the effort brother, sister, to write a letter, send a text, tell someone else send a gift through Amazon something,

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to dig deep and to look over your ego to pass over it, to eliminate it, to lessen it, to weaken it.

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Because the opposite of the ego is humility, humility towards Allah, not humility, to get respect or love from people.

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humility towards Allah and humility language that comes from homeless and homeless means low to the ground. Oh Allah, I am low before you.

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You are my Creator. My only goal is to do what you want for me.

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Each and every one of us have those moments in sha Allah, we have to ask a lot to increase those moments. And those moments are increased when you're a man your faith is increased. But ask yourselves what are you consuming yourself with an IE I say yourself meaning your heart. Because that what you consume yourself with on your phone, on the computer with certain people. The more you do it, the more it will consume you and ultimately penetrate your heart. So brothers and sisters, let's make the effort especially this month of Ramadan coming up, to look over our ego and let go of those. Let go of that ego and old in order to hold firmly to our faith to our love to our certainty

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to be closely with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada through will say Alhamdulillah the medina May Allah may Allah Subhan Allah guide us. We also want to make us of those that are rightly guided May Allah make us of those that continuously do the actions of guidance in order to be with him in order to be with the believers in sha Allah rubbin at an after doing your hustle, hustle Makina I never know Robin and that was a cool Obinna back there it had a Tina will have a lot I mean they don't Kurama Allah Masuda slam Allah Muslimeen Allah Massoud Islamic when must mean Allah masa monster Dafina frequently mccannon was a man you gotta build it mean you won't be known in the law yet mobile

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ideally what exactly what eater either CORBA again her fascia it will monkey will

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come to the Quran for cola commerce guru. He is one of the Kula Akbar Allahu

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Akbar masala