Seeking Knowledge is Obligatory on Every Muslim, Man or Woman

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Do Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the first guidance in the Glorious Quran that we should read. But unfortunately,

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we realize

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that the Muslims in the Muslim community, everyone

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does not read. And those Muslims who are involved in aquatic knowledge in reading, they don't read as per the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah does not say only read, Allah says ekra Bismillah because he cannot read in the name of the Lord. So when we read, when we acquire knowledge, we should acquire knowledge in such a way that we come closer to our Creator Allah subhana wa Taala. If the knowledge

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does not bring you closer towards your Creator towards your rub, then that knowledge is not useful for the IRA.

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And our beloved Prophet, masala Salim said it's two sided, which mentioned him nomada Hadith number 224. Our beloved Prophet said

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Taliban ilmi seeking knowledge

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for either to Allah Allah Muslim

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is obligatory on every Muslim seeking knowledge is obligated on every Muslim man or woman.

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It's compulsory that every Muslim should acquire knowledge

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and it is the duty of Muslims to see to it, that we acquire knowledge

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many of us we think that knowledge is only what we study in schools and colleges and universities.

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education and knowledge

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starts at home.

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And the best teacher is the mother.

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It is the duty of the parents to see to it that they properly educate the children see to it, that they give them proper education.

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Because the child when he or she is born, they are not responsible for the environment in which they're born. It is the duty of the parents to see to it that irrespective of the environment, they give them proper education.