Zakir Naik – Salaah is Practical Demonstration of Universal Brotherhood Five Times A Day

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the universal brotherhood and the use of the symbol "has been up" in Salah, a book about it. They also mention a person who claimed to be the leader of the Chicken Church, but later corrects themselves and says that the term "has been up" refers to the Church's actions and actions of the devil.
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Besides talking about universal brotherhood, the uniqueness about Islam is that it tactically demonstrates the universal brotherhood.

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The Muslims are supposed to demonstrate universal brotherhood

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five times a day in the Salah.

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When we offer Salah, we practically demonstrate the universal brotherhood.

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It's mentioned in say, Buhari.

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We're number one, in the book of Odin, chap number 7500. Number 692. That other times men love up the team. He said, that when we stood for Salah, the shoulder of the companions, touched with the shoulder of the companion, our feet, touch the feet of a companion. The Beloved Prophet said, it's mentioned for now without, we're number one, in the book of Salah, chapter number 245. How did number 666 our beloved Prophet said before starting the Salah, that straight in your rows, stand shoulder to shoulder and do not leave any gap or opening for the devil.

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The Prophet said, stand close to each other during salah and do not leave any opening for the devil. The Prophet was not referring to the devil, which you see in the orinda TV ad, in the arena TV ad, the devil with the two horns and a tail. The Prophet was not referring to that devil, he was referring to devil of racism, of caste, of color of wealth, irrespective whether you're rich or poor, whether King apapa when you stand for prayers, when you stand for Salah stand shoulder to shoulder so that

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the Brotherhood increases the devil of racism, of caste, of color of greed, of wealth does not come in between you

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