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The meaning of "rd" is discussed, including the use of "rd" in context of "rd" and the importance of remembering the meaning of "rd" in one's life. The speakers emphasize the need to learn and practice the culture of Islam to become more knowledgeable and aware of its potential, as it is a source of destruction and war on the world. The speakers also emphasize the importance of history and the need for everyone to learn and practice the culture to become aware of its potential.

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Hello layerable alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffle MBA will move slowly while he was happy as main but lots of our televisions are up for more reason

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to hate him Dr. Otto Allah bio nom de karela

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the word resolve the grammatical meaning is men. But in the Koran this word whenever Allah subhanaw taala has used the word resolve.

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The meaning is not the only purely grammatical in terms of gender to say that men as different provision but Rizal has been used as a word of honor.

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Allah is only resolved with regard to men whenever he has said something about those men which

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honored them. So in a manner whenever I was proud that appraisers have a reasonably Hollywood many golden vigil. So these are men of substance. These are men who are

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targeted. How do you create men, so men in every positive aspect of being a man so it is not just a matter of you know, man or woman, it's a matter of

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men in every positive aspect of being a man. So men of honor men of integrity, men of value, men of truth.

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Muslims who are firm on their Deen men who are willing to sacrifice their lives, and everything they have for the sake of the universe over Salah

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men who love Allah subhanaw taala more than anybody else.

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And by inference also this means men and women, so both men and women elephanta uses what Raja Raja alone law love to hate him who do not allow themselves to be destroyed. Your opinion aka halaqaat, when hated

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that will him try to buy own and the gorilla.

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They do not allow themselves to be destroyed by allowing the data and by now both basically mean read. But

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the data is also in terms of losing money by is in terms also of patterns or whichever means of trade, jobs, whatever, meaning worldly things.

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And the gorilla

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did not allow themselves to become too old. They do not allow their worldly pursuits, to distract them, and to destroy them by distracting them from the dhikr of Allah plateau am Dr. Otto La Valle. And the

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two things we

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understand from this number one

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is that to allow worldly things to distract us from Allah subhanho wa Taala is a source of our own self destruction.

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To allow worldly stuff to distract us from the vicar of Allah is a source of our destruction. What is the meaning of being distracted from the seeker of Allah? It's not just a question of walking around with your hand rotating. Some people do this in a way this is rare, because you are showing to the world that you are doing Zika by carrying a dustbin your hand or some counter or something unless rather I did not tell you to count the number of times you take His name's white, why do you need to count forward? Just keep making bigger. The whole idea of zeker is that digger is between you and Allah. Why do you want the world to know? So an issue is not of carrying around that has

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been in your hand. The issue is of constantly being aware of and remember in Allah subhanho wa Taala in every aspect of your life.

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So whether you are in PGR or whether you are in bad whether you are in a in a job, whether you are studying, whether you are playing on the playing field or whatever it is you're doing, we never lose track of the fact that we never lose consciousness of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is with us, he is watching us, that he is aware of what we are doing he is aware of what we are speaking he is aware of what we are thinking he is aware of the desires in our heart.

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And therefore, we do not want to be ashamed before Allah subhanaw taala so any action which then goes against the will of Allah is an action that we do not do.

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So the first thing we understand is that we'll hear him these are the whatever nondegree That is to say that to allow ourselves to be distracted by the by our everyday work, to be distracted from the rigor of Allah subhanaw taala is a source of our

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Our own destruction, our own halakhah

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we will destroy ourselves if we do that. Because naturally if we are, if we forget Allah subhanho wa Taala then we will do something which is wrong and that's something which is wrong is a source of destruction for us.

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And the second thing we understand is that if we are among those and mellitus among those who remember Allah subhanaw taala in everything that we do, then this is a source of honor for Allah. Because Allah called such people who do not allow themselves to be distracted.

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It shows that to be involved in in worldly affairs, there's nothing wrong.

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Allah did not say Riyal are those people who do who wish to discard the world who do not get involved in band and piano who were involved in biology.

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And do remember Allah subhanho wa Taala in that process.

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Target dunya Islamic

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law toleriane punia, Diego Taconic Neva Turkana

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Jelani Libya, Allah sent us into the world to run this world it didn't send us into this world to destroy to leave this world, if we are to leave the world, why do we come into the world at all, we did not come into the world unless raw data centers into this world to lead this world to run this world. And he sent us a methodology by which this world is to be run it is not to run according to our own wizard will impress.

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And in order to run the world, according to the methodology of Allah subhanaw taala we have to remember that remember, Allah was wrong the methodology camera guy.

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He philia is dunya Kanda dunya mama cannot work with Allah zeker Allah. Allah Chiara kanaya, Karna luck, Mr. Patel, Nikki,

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do you still do

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those two things, you understand one, if we forget Allah in the world that we live in, then this leads to our destruction. And number two, if we remember Allah subhanho wa Taala in the things that we do in our worldly affairs, then this is a source of honor for us before Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And therefore, we are We must ensure that we remember Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala in our worldly affairs, now in the light of this fire, you understand the power of Satan, I'm working on satara Delano, where he said that the trader does not have the right to trade in the market of Medina, until he has understood the fifth of trade from lushes ANOVA. We

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understand how this links

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Why must we understand the effect of trade we must understand how trade is to be done before it goes into the market. That will he him Dr. Otto,

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How else will you remember when you say router and trade? What does it mean?

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It means not just remembering Allah subhanaw taala in terms of the Corolla, but remembering the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala in relation to that particular activity.

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So, unless he understand the feeling of the Jarrah,

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how does he know he does not know what the akamas Oh, how does it what is that what is wrong which which transaction he can do which transactions are. So, he has to learn and that is the focus on the LM of Islam, to say that we must know the minimum amount of knowledge that is required for a person is to know the format is to know the rules with respect to his particular activity.

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If you are not a doctor, you did not know the rules related to medicine,

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if you know them and nothing wrong and getting knowledge but it is not necessary for you to do that.

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But if you are not a doctor, but you are a shopkeeper, then you have to know definitely rules relating to running the shop.

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And vice versa doctor may not know about shop giving but he has to know about his medicine, medical practice what is permitted what is not.

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The oculars Ronald Allah to always

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give us a trophy to remember him in all our activities and all our worldly affairs and girls COVID to spend the time to learn. Let us understand this learning cannot be done while as a spare time activity while we do everything else. We have to take time out and we have to come and sit and we have to learn. We have to read. We have to go to places where learning is being dispensed and go and learn. If we think that the learning is somehow going to happen, it will not happen. And then we will fall into sin and we will fall into evil which will be the source of our destruction. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to to save us from that and to give us a trophy, to learn his Deen and to

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practice and then to the best of our ability and we ask Allah

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100 data to forgive us our sins and whatever is left off what we should be doing. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make all of this easy for us to do was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim while Allah He was happy he made erotica.