Zakir Naik – Reply to French President Macron who said, “Islam is in Crisis all Over the World”

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The " emerging crisis" of Islam is being portrayed through media and language, with French President Emmanuel Macron promising to make Islam a solution for the crisis. The French government is treating non-M-thirsty people who do not want to speak up against Islam, and the use of language and media to portray the Prophet's image is a "right." The speaker advocate for unity and patientness in addressing the crisis, and discusses the global awareness of Islam as a solution for the crisis.
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Before we throw the floor open for the open question our session,

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I would like to inform our Muslim brothers and sisters in France, particularly, that we are with you in solidarity.

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We pray to Allah subhanaw taala, to give you steadfastness, to give you patience. And we are totally against what's happening in France for the last one month.

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And we know that on the second of October, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said that Islam is in crisis all over the world. And if you go a few days before,

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there was a trial that's taking place for the killing that took place in 2015,

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for the Charlie Hebdo staff that were killed

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by some of the terrorist, and when the trial was taking place, in the month of September, Charlie Hebdo, again, they published the caricature of the Prophet belittling him, demeaning him.

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And that's nothing but blasphemy. Because of which,

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on the 25th of September,

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there was a Muslim, we use a cleaver, or chopper, and he attacked two of the staff members of Charlie Hebdo. After which, one week later,

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on the second of October, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, he gave a speech on how to control radicalism. And he went on to say in that speech openly, that Islam is in crisis all over the world. And he went on to say that it is wrong to portray your religious feeling in public. France believes in freedom of speech, France believes in human rights, we have no problem with someone following certain religion, but to outwardly portray your religiosity in public is not accepted in France, wearing Hijab in public is not accepted. And he went on vilifying Islam, and speaking against the Prophet for which the Muslims condemned his speech in different parts of the

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world. It is

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uncalled for that head of state, if there is a problem. Rather than solving the problem, he is adding fuel to the fire.

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If someone is blessed, seeming, or speaking against the profit of anti religion, demeaning him, making caricatures, instead of saying that they should not be done, he said, this is allowed in the freedom of speech. Thus he is allowed. And he went on to add fuel to the fire. So much for that.

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There was a teacher

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who had a session

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with the students in the class of tolerance, and circulated the caricature of the Prophet nos Bella, and had a debate because of which that became viral, what the teacher did.

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And in retaliation to this, there was a Chechen immigrant

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on the 16th of October, who

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took a hatchet, and it beheaded that teacher, Samuel petty, because of which, that became World News, everywhere. As far as the act of that Muslim, beheading the teacher in France. This is not what Islam says, In Islam, there are some rules and regulations, and they should be followed in a country, which follows the Islamic Sharia, not in the country, which should not follow the Islamic Sharia. A person cannot get up in the morning and take the law in his hand, or go and behead someone. And this act is not condoned by me at all. And there are many Muslims throughout the world who have condemned this act. But the point to be noted that a one Muslim, out of the millions of

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Muslims makes a mistake, that does not mean that you demean the full community, that you speak against the full community that to speak against the religion that they speak against the prophet of Islam. What the person did is to be condemned, he made a mistake. But you cannot go on criticizing the religion of Islam, criticizing the prophet and going out of the way and saying that we will make these caricatures public giving in the media. And you could see that big buildings were hired and paid out

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were given so that the caricature of the Prophet was portrayed on tall buildings as advertisements. This is uncalled for, it hurts us. And we Muslims, we condemn this act of France, especially the head of the country, the President of France Macron. We condemn it. He's talking about human values, talking about freedom of speech, he should be the last person knowing what France has done in the colonial rule.

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If you read the history of France, the France had many colonies, including Algeria. And we know that France ruled Algeria for more than 100 years, 432 years, the France ruled Algeria, right, from 1800 30 to 1962. And according to historical records, there were 875,000 Algerians killed by France, some records, say up to 1 million.

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And when you talk about freedom of speech at that time, in Algeria, when anyone spoke against the French government, against the French, they've executed, they were killed.

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This is history. They went to colonize many countries, including Morocco, including Tunisia, and saying that we want to uplift the civilization. We want to civilize these countries, what they actually did was converted them into slaves.

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And this is what has been done by many of the Western countries. We have the example of UK, they colonized many countries in the world, including India, where I come from the whole of the Indian subcontinent was colonized by them. They started the East India Company, in the name of business, they came and they ruled, they looted the country, they plundered the country, the GDP was at the lowest India, which was one of the richest countries in the world, one of the most powerful countries in the world, they looted it completely. And in their history, they say that they wanted to uplift India. Same thing with the France, imagine the mid colonies in Algeria, and concentration

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camps, much before what Hitler made in Germany.

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And they are talking about human rights to us. It's a shame that the France president doesn't know the history of France just a couple of 100 years ago, what did they do?

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And what Muslims do you have today, according to the P W. Report, in 2017, there were 8.8% Muslims, who were French citizens, 5.7 5 million Muslims lived in France, and now

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it's approximately close to 6 million Muslims are in France, more than 9% of the French population of Muslims. And who are these Muslims? These Muslims were brought from Algeria, from Morocco, from Tunisia, into France, for labour.

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Many of them were brought as slaves and the Muslims today, most of them, they are third generation, fourth generation, fifth generation born in France. And the French government is treating them like third class citizens. They have the same passport, talking about advanced country, talking about freedom of speech, but that treated a third class citizens, and they have made ghettos of them. So when they don't get the Equal Rights, there's bound to be retaliation.

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And what you see what's happening is unheard of. And in retaliation,

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there are so many cases that is happening in the world, one Muslim doesn't act which we know is wrong. It comes out in the media as though almost from the like that there are so many such cases happening in the world which got deported. We know of the case that in Toronto, a Muslim, after offering Salah was there in the carpark a white supremist comes and slits his throat, and the media doesn't report. We come to know from the small media, social media.

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It's not news at all. There are several such cases, if you see all over the attacks, the terrorist attacks, and all the killings that are going on. It is much more than my non Muslim and I've given the talk

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in 2006 on the topic, instead of the Muslim monopoly. And I went on 100 250 years back that who was the first terrorist who was the first person who did the hijacking of the plane, who are the people who did the first assassination and when you read history online

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Almost all of them are non Muslims.

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It's recently that we find that the media picking up the black sheep of the Muslim community, and they're portraying as though the exemplary Muslims. And what happens

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Two days later,

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after the teacher was beheaded on the 18th of October, just below a filter over to Muslim ladies who are wearing hijab, they were attacked by a French woman, and stabbed multiple times. One Muslim lady, she was 40 years old. The other was 19 years old. And there was multiple stab injuries, so much so that both were admitted to the hospital. And the elderly lady was there in the hospital with multiple wounds to a lung.

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And even the younger Lady of 19 years old, she had multiple stab injuries and this was actually not reported. Later on when the video became very popular, and was circulated on social media. Then the police later on goes and arrest. The French woman is in the double standards.

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France claiming to be a very advanced country, claiming to be a country which has human rights, they have double standards. Imagine when nine to 10% of the population of France, they are Muslims.

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Instead of taking care, instead of living harmoniously, they go out of the way to say that the headscarf will be banned.

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The niqab will be banned, showing signs of religiosity banned and what do they do? They go and openly.

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They say that we are going to make these caricatures of the Prophet nose Billa public and anyone who objected to this, it was a crime. And they went and closed down more than 70 mosques in the last week.

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The French government, all those who objected that making a public display of the prophets caricature demeaning him, insulting the Prophet making derogatory statement against him when they objected. They were arrested. Imagine more than 70 mosques work close, not only are they doing blasphemy, but anyone who objects that they consider is not freedom of speech that they consider as crime is in the double standard. It does nothing but thank God, that just because then majority 90% of them. They subduing and they are oppressing the minority. If this freedom of speech.

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We condemn the act of the French government of the French people, especially the president, Emmanuel Macron. And when he said that Islam is in crisis all over the world, he got it wrong. Actually, Islam is the solution for the crisis all over the world.

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And I've given a talk on Islam, the solution to the problem of humanity, and that will reply to all the questions.

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What we have to realize as Muslims, that we have to be steadfast, we have to be patient. May Allah subhanaw taala give a sob or

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whatever these people do. They're trying to instigate us. They want more such cases to happen. Someone comes out of the blue, and beheads someone so that they can attack us more fiercely. They can bring laws against us. These things are happening all over the world. And they are done by the non Muslims in a greater number than by the Muslims. We are black sheep in the community. But what we fail to realize that what the non Muslims are doing, it is not portrayed in the media. But what the Muslims do. They pick up the black sheep of the community, and they portray as though we exemplary Muslims.

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I especially condemn what's happening in France. And I condemn also the statements made by the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. And I would like to say that Islam is the solution for the crisis all over the world.

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And we as Muslims, regarding what should be done in instances like Charlie Hebdo, and given the reply, when it happened in 2015. You can go into YouTube, and see my reply. It's a long reply. regarding how to reply to statements like

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that of the French president. You can refer to my video cassette is terrorism, a Muslim monopoly when they said that, everybody

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Islam is not a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim how to reply, you hear my video cassette it for about three hours.

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And we Muslims, what we should do whatever we can, but natural number one we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that May He grant us the silver, and he paid us father that taught the world. We find the Muslims are being oppressed. We find it in China,

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we have the Uighur Muslims in Ching Gan, that put in concentration camps, one to 2 million. We have seen the cases in Myanmar, the Rangers in the Rakhine state where they were persecuted.

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And we have this example that in China, they are not allowed to read the Quran, they're not allowed to pray, they're forced to have alcohol, they aren't allowed to fast in the month of Ramadan. This is nothing but operation. What we have in Myanmar, that we have millions of Muslims who are made to leave the country and they are staying as a refugee in other countries. Many of them were killed, many were murdered.

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Then we have Muslims in Palestine,

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where we find that the Israelis are doing operation against the Muslims, we pray to Allah Subhana Allah for the Muslims in Yemen, or the Muslims in Syria for the Muslims or Afghanistan, for the Muslims in Kashmir that are being oppressed by the Indian government that have been persecuted by the Indian government. We have Muslims in India as a whole, that in many parts of India, they have been persecuted, who prayed Allah subhanaw taala. And the list is wrong. It's difficult to name all the Muslims to be persecuted. What we have to do is that we have to be steadfast on our theme

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distributorless Manasa Allah be steadfast on a Deen and see to it, that whatever we can do in our limited capacity. And today, the whole world is a global village. Previously, to make our voice reach throughout the world was very difficult, unless you own the media, or you had a satellite or a newspaper or a magazine. But today, the world has become a global village. Everyone, they have access to the social media. What we have to do is we have to portray our views and condemn what's happening, whether it be on the YouTube, whether it be on the Facebook, whether it be on the Instagram, whether it be on the Twitter, and in fact situation that we know at the time of the

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Prophet. There were times when the Quraysh they abused the Prophet, they criticize them. We have the example of Abu lahab what he did to the Prophet, at that time, Allah subhana wa Taala he reveals

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Surah alcocer

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the surah I started to recession with surah number 100 well as is in pineapple Casa for Selena began her initial Nicola that we have granted D the fount of abundance.

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So turn to the Lord in prayer and sacrifice and anyone who hated the he will be cut off from all future hope. here Allah subhana wa Taala is promising in pineapple culture that we have granted D the fount of abundance imagine the lord of mankind is telling to our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that we have granted you the fount of abundance.

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That is, Allah subhana wa Taala himself is saying, and in Jannah, there is a fountain over by the name of Allah.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala is breathing of a prophet. Now imagine the lord of mankind is predicting the profit. So how much the unbelievers, the cafe, how much the non Muslims, they build to the profit, when the Lord of mankind himself is praising, that is more than sufficient. We as Muslims, we are hurt, we feel bad, we get angry, but we should see to that we should not break the Sharia. We should object to what's happening.

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And we know that that Allah continues and says

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in Athena alcocer for selenia Becca wanna turn to the Lord in prayer and sacrifice letters to the Prophet, turn to the Lord in prayer and sacrifice. And the last was English and Nicola, after that anyone who hated the anyone who hate the Prophet, he will be cut off from all future hope and you know what happened to the Quraysh you know what happened? Travel habits in the Sierra. So, all these Western countries, whether it be France, whether it be other countries, whether

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The big European countries, however much they hate the Prophet, Allah promises that he will cut them off from all future. Oh, and we have the example, the moment, the French president said that Islam is in crisis all over the world, a few days later,

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one of the French aid workers by the name of Sophie petroni. She was released after being taken hostage

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in December 2016, some of the jihadists in Mali, where she was working as an aid worker amongst orphans to remove malnutrition. When she was working in December 2016. She was taken hostage by some of the Muslim jihadists, and she was kept as a prisoner for four years. And recently, she was the last French hostage all over the world who was released by these Mali jihadis. So when she was released, just a couple of weeks back, when she came in the plane, the French president himself, went to the airport receiver.

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And Sophie pregnant, she was kept as a hostage for four years.

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When she came down from the stairs of the plane,

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the French president, he greeted her. And when she came down, you could see her wearing the scarf.

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And she said, that I am not Sophie, I am Maria Alhamdulillah. She had accepted Islam. Imagine when the people tried to find out that they will treat you How are they she had kind words for those people who are taking her hostage. And she said that what they're doing is for the freedom and she respected them so much so that she accepted Islam. And it was a shock

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for the president of France, he goes to receiver and then he finds out that she has accepted Islam. He hardly sees to it that you know, everything is your hashtag. This is Allah's planning. They plan and plot Allah to plans Allah the best of planners. Allah says in Surah, a mirage chapter number three verse number 54 mahalo mahalo Aloha, Martin, the plan and plotted Allah to plan a life the best of planners, here you find that the President of France was criticizing Islam, and he goes to receive the lady who was freed after four years, and he gets the shock of his life, that she accepted Islam. And this reminds me of Johann Ridley, who was another white journalist from UK, who

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was taken as a hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan, I mentioned was relieved. She openly praised the Taliban. And the Taliban only requested when they released that you promise us that you'll read the Quran. And when she came back, she read the Quran and hamdulillah she accepts Islam. So here we find that Islam is the religion

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of humanity. It is a religion of peace. Why should someone who's been taken as hostage kept in captivity for four years except Islam? Before she found out the true value of Islam, and she realized that what is portrayed in the media is not what true Islam is. And inshallah one day, Allah subhanaw taala will also open up the eyes of Emmanuel Macron and show him that Islam is the religion which has the solution for the problems of humanity. Islam

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is not in crisis all over the world. Islam has the solution for the crisis all over the world.

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