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Alaikum salam, what do you have for us? Oh, I have something very, very special today for you. Today I have another episode of history bites for you. History bites a very, very special. You know why? Because you get snippets of history and you get fascinated, you get inspiration, you get to learn the history of Islam and Muslims and the world in general. Before I go into the item, the subject matter, I would like to remind everyone to subscribe to our channel, and support our work by following the links in the description, joined by Patreon, become one of our Patreon patrons rather, and support the work. So what do what do we have today? For history bytes, I have something very,

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very special. I have the coins from the life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam coins, the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad would have used as his currency, when the Prophet used the term dyrham. What did he actually mean? This is what he meant. This is exactly what are their hum looks like, right? This is the theorem of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. I have them in cases because they are to be protected. They're not to be handled necessarily by hand. They are metal you can touch them by hand by by hands, but they are almost 1400 years old coins. These are the coins the Prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions would have used as the daily currency you know

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when they would buy items from market they would buy grain they would buy cattle, they would buy anything for example, clothes, this is the currency they would use. This was the their hum of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam how do I know that because this is a Persian Sasanid the hum and the person on the coin. If you look at it again, the depiction on the coin is basically a person you can see a face on the coin.

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This is a face you can see the beard you can see the nose you can see the eyes you can see the crown on the head you can see ornamentation with jewelry, this is quatro the second, the Persian emperor who was a contemporary of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he is the one who ripped the letter of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam apart. You know when the prophets Allah Salam sent a letter to him, inviting him to Islam to accept Islam so that his people can accept Islam. He out of his arrogance, his pride, he ripped the letter of the Prophet Salah Salem saying that how can I follow a man from the desert when I'm an emperor, right? And the prophets Allah said Allah will rip his empire apart,

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just as he has ripped my letter apart. And indeed, not long after the Prophet Salah Salem during the reign of Omar bin Katara, the Allah one, the second Caliph of Islam, his empire was ripped apart according to another prophecy of the messenger of allah sallallahu ala What was that prophecy? The prophets Allah Allah was talking to one of his companions called Adam Inhotim. And the Prophet told him are the three things will happen. If you live long enough to see these three things they will happen. One thing is a woman will write a beast on her own, and she will make tawaf around the Kaaba and go back home unmolested, they will be so much security in Arabia. Another thing is, you will

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have so much wealth that they won't be anyone to claim it as charity. And another thing that will happen is that the Muslims will open the treasures of Kisara. In other words, for the second, this very Emperor, who is depicted on the coin, so you can see his image on the coin, it is very clearly inscribed, and these are original coins. And on the back of the coin, you see the Fire Altar of the Zoroastrians. This is the Fire Altar in the middle. And there are two attendants on the side. And you can see the year in Palawan Palawan script was a Persian ancient Persian script, you can see the year on this side and you can see the mint on this side and the name of the king Khosrow. The second

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is hair in front of the king, Kings face right. So these are very delicate coins, used, possibly by the Prophet sallallaahu Salam in his companions, not these very coins, I don't mean these very coins, but this is the model. These are the coins that were being circulated and these are original coins in front of you, they come from a private collection, and thanks to the collection and the collector for allowing us to access these coins. I wanted to share these coins with God to forbid you today so that you can get some knowledge on the currency the coins the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would have used and I have already shared another coin previously, the one of the earliest coins of

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Islam or fully Islamic coin used or minted by Abdul Malik min Marwan later on. But these are the coins used by early companions of the Prophet Salla. Solomon Prophet himself because the Prophet had not mentioned

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Did his own currency.

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Neither was was minted by his companions nor by later Caleb's, but only after nearly 60 to 70 years after the promises on his death, when fully Islamic coins were minted by Abdul Malik bin Marwan, and the companions of the Prophet and Dobbyn initially, we're using this currency. I hope you liked the video. And if you liked it, subscribe to the channel. There's a lot more exciting historic content coming and do not forget to support us by following the links in the description. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah