Rose Asks, Jesus (pbuh) was Born Miraculously. How was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Born?

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AI: Summary © A doctor discusses the origins of the holy Bible and how it relates to Jesus Christ. The doctor explains that Jesus Christ had no father and that if someone tries to say that because of that, the reply is given in Surah Al Imran. The doctor also discusses the importance of believing in the holy Bible and not only accept it, but also practice it.
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Good evening doctor. My name is Rose telephone operator. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus was created by God, our God, our Creator, and was born through miracle. One of my friend, he is a Muslim and he asked me he requested me to read the Holy Quran, and I got interest of it. And I found out when I read it that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And my question is, how Mohammed he was born? Is it true miracle also

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Cystoscopy Good question. She says that the Christian should editor for an operator and she knows that Jesus Christ peace be upon him was created by God perfectly right. He was born miraculously by the help of God perfectly right. When she had the Quran she came to know that Muhammad is the Messenger of God Salah Salem, he asked me how vamos Salah Salem Bon sistema masala Salam was born naturally.

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He had a mother and father. He was born actually he was not born miraculously. But if someone tries to say that because Jesus Christ peace be upon him had no father, therefore, Almighty God, if this is your understanding, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon had a mother and father, Jesus Christ had a mother but no father, so if that makes him a god, then the reply is given in Surah Al Imran Chapter three verse 59. In number Salah Issa in the light commerce Allah Adam Calaca Myntra Suma Cara lo confocal, the simulated of Jesus in front of Allah subhanaw taala is like Adam, he was killed from dark unsaid be and it was if you say that Jesus is God because he had no farther than

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Adam peace be upon him with a greater God, he had no mother no father

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No, it's clear for me, Mashallah. I can promise is I will continue to read the Holy Quran so that I will learn more. I'm ready for you to come to the Division of free sister.

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I'm the moment you understand that Islam is the right way of life. If you believe in the Quran, immediately you should accept it, except there's no God but Allah, and believe that Jesus is a messenger of God, and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the messenger of God. If you believe Jesus is the messenger of God, and we believe in one God who has got no images, and you believe Prophet, Mama, the last messenger who was prophesied in the Bible, as I mentioned, then you become a Muslim. The moment you believe that God is one, and Jesus is the messenger, peace be upon him. And Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger, then you submit your will to Almighty God. So do you believe? I do

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believe that we have only one gods? We are all brothers and sister? Correct? But do you believe that Jesus is the messenger of God?

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Yes. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? I've come to know when I read the Holy Quran, what do you believe in it? I believe.

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So if you believe, I will become to believe sorry, I will believe and I will come to believe I will open my heart to believe what is the Quran is so do you believe that Muhammad is the Messenger of God? I'm learning to believe I am accepting mashallah for accepting practice comes later on first you have to accept

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that I will learn and I will read more about Quran Yes, but after that, I will know the whole truth sister but when you read and when you believe, you have to accept once you accept then you put into practice.

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Awesome. Yes, you have to read you have to understand and the moment you realize the truth, that Almighty God is one he has got no images, He is not begotten. Jesus says a messenger of God. And if we agree, Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God. That means in Arabic We say Muslim, Muslim means a person who submits himself to God. The practice comes later on practice and fine you may have to pray you may have to fall but one thing is first you have to accept as you said that we are believers. Believers means you believe there's one God and you submit your will to God, then you're called as a Muslim.

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So if you believe in Almighty Allah, and do you believe in Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, I cannot promise

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I will try my very level best yes you try and inshallah we pray to Allah subhanaw taala may give you that may give you guidance.