Zakir Naik – Pascal Challenges for Debate where he will Prove 25 Points where Jesus (p) Claimed Divinity

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their faith and past experiences in a church, while also acknowledging the confusion surrounding the Bible's use of " Son of God" and "boods". They emphasize their history of begotten children and their belief in begotten children. Additionally, they discuss the use of " bigger than" in English and suggest gathering large numbers of people for a public lecture. The importance of having a debate with a student to avoid wasting time is emphasized, and the speaker offers to answer questions.
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My name is Pascal. I'm a Christian by faith. I'm 69 years old. I'm MSC postgraduate mathematics. I'm retired college, lecturer permanent government Veterinary College. Now, you quartered for the Acts of the Apostles, what Peter addressed to the people. Now the same Peter says in john six, Chapter 6768 69. Then Jesus said to the trial, do you also want to go away? Then Simon Peter on certain Kim, Lord, to constantly go, you have the words of eternal life. Also, we have come to believe and know that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God, that Christ said basato sung and but Jonah, it is not flesh and blood cannot reveal it to you, but my father himself who is in heaven. Now, to your

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question, I answered this question I got here 25 points to her arson, who can say that Ty's claim to sell to me the Son of God, I have 25 senses, but I don't waste your time. I need a public debate with you if you are ready to agree, not just one day, he has 17 public debates with you. I cannot contradict you every statement of yours, what is said about Christianity and with my making my stand?

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Pastor, my dear pastor, now pastor, pastor is asked a good question. Oh, Pascal is the gospel of john. And he quoted that Peter said, that Jesus Christ for Son of God and answered the remaining 24 points, my student will answer.

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1000s of people around the world want to debate with me

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what I say they're the criteria for me to debate. I'll come to that afterward. First, I will answer your question. First and answer a question. You quote from gospel of john that Peter said, Jesus Christ for Son of God, brother, my statement was, if you remember, I will repeat it. There is not a single unequivocal statement, not a single unambiguous statement. And the complete Bible by Jesus Christ peace be upon himself says that I am God. aware, he says, worship Me, I want to add, and including you, if any Christian can point out a single statement, from any version of the Bible, any unambiguous statement, any unequivocal statement, where Jesus guys peace be upon himself says that I

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am God, or worship me three words, I am God over, ship me to word, I am ready to accept Christianity today. That is to put my head on the guillotine. I am not speaking on behalf of my other Muslim Brothers, they may not be well versed in the Bible.

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Now what you quoted to me is not fulfilling my criteria. Yet I will answer what do you call it? is Peter saying that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Brother, do you know in the Bible, there are sons by the tons, God has got son by the tons, Adam was Son of God, a farmer's son of God is a son of God, all those who are led by the Spirit of God, as sons of God. So Son of God is a word used in the Bible means a person who follow the teachings of God Almighty, if you follow the teachings of God Almighty, according to the Bible, you also Son of God, if I follow the teachings of God and Son of God, if you read in the Romans, chapter number eight, all those that are led by the Spirit of God

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are called sons of God. So what is new about it? I will help you, I will help you now. 24 points inshallah. You're 24 points, my student will reply, I will help you.

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Your Christian mission is a no, no, no, no, no, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him is not normal son, he is the begotten son. And the quote, gospel of john, chapter number three was the myth 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. That this was I'm quoting from King James Version. It's a dead letter. For God so loved the world. He has given his begotten son who said believed in him shall have everlasting life. Now this word Begotten Son, which is there in the Gospel of john chapter three, verse 16. In the King James Version, whether is listening to me, yes. As if you can do two things at

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the same time. Then you say I did not listen. Yes, yes, I listen. So how can you read and listen at the same time? Are you superhuman? Me, I just referred to answer to your question. Whether you listen to me, you can have a debate with my student. You can Yes, I want to debate with you with me or not about debating rather, later on. So the bigger than Sun is bigger than means sired by God, because it means it's a lower function of animal *. It's an insult to Almighty God so that there is an in the Revised Standard Version, revised by title scholars of the highest eminence, backed by 50 different corporate and Christian denominations. They said that this word bigger than gospel of

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john chapter three verse number 16, was interpolation was the concoction was the fabrication and the throughout the Bible

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Who? Not Muslims, not Hindus, title scholars have the highest eminence, backed by 50 different cotton denominations in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible rfv. They have removed this word begotten, as interpolation as the fabrication of the concoction. So if you say Son of God, I really agree that Jesus Christ was Son of God, meaning he was a godly person. Where do I disagree, but he never claimed he was God.

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As far as the other 24 questions that you have, you want to debate me? If you want to debate me, there are some criteria.

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There are some criteria, I wouldn't mind debating anyone who on his own can at least gather 10,000 people. If you can give a public lecture. For a public lecture, if you can gather 10,000 Christians, I will debate you. anyone in the world all you give your material to your doctors of divinity. You know, Billy Graham, Billy Graham can gather more than 100,000 people. Billy Graham, Morris railo give these people who are you I don't even know you. Why should I waste my time? You want to demand yet you can debate come to Bombay take an appointment, my student will debate view and answer all your 24 points. We are many students in the queue. waiting. There are many face people who challenge

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me with a full debate with my friend. If anyone wants to debate me, when by God's grace Alhamdulillah I can get 100,000 people 200,000 people 300,000 people individually for my talk, at least the person debating me should have a stature of getting at least 10,000 people. If you cannot gather 10,000 people it's a waste of my time I shouldn't make you famous yet. You can have a debate with my student many people are there. You're the students of our school also inshallah you are 69 years old, no problem. My young students will debate you and tell me when you're coming. You can come there. Hire the whole you pay for the thing fine. If you are someone great we'll pay for you.

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If you can gather 10,000 people you come there arrange for a haul call my student for a debate. We'll have a debate if you want to tell the day to get announced now only with data coming to Bombay rather faster with data you come into Bombay tell me I have to gather the audience you know then I'll tell you no idea and you coming alone? No problem. When 10,000 people enter debate with me first it will debate with my student. Gathering audience will take you a lifetime. I don't know how long will you live? I what I want you to do Sir, you are? I want to answer your questions. No question my student will answer. My students are well, no, no, no.

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When can you come to Bombay. most welcome. given time, I will arrange my student to debate you if you cannot debate my student and you cannot gather 10,000 people. So why should I waste my time? What you can do is ask a question. You asked a question I gave the reply. Now you can go behind the queue. For our next question. Be in the queue.

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