Zakir Naik – Acts Recommended During I’teqaaf

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the recommended acts and exercises for the phonics program, including the use of the name Jesus as a god-approved symbol for forgiveness. They also recommend reciting the Quran in Arabic and reading it in Arabic to implement the recommended exercises. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding extreme words and staying on the correct practice.
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So, are there any recommended acts that you can enlighten us with during aitikaf. During it the graph that was recommended is number one,

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that they offer the Salah, but not the recommended Salah, the prescribes Allah

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beside that the supererogatory the nerve office Allah, as much as you pray, it is preferable than awful to sadhana as much as you can, it is preferred during the pickoff. Number three is

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of a supplication the last one of Allah May God or last month as much as you can. Number four asked for forgiveness

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from Allah subhanaw taala and at the cafe the diamond insha Allah subhanaw taala will accept your forgiveness. Number five, that is because Allah Subhana Allah Azza hamdulillah Glory be to Allah Praise be to Allah number six

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you can see that the beat and the karma so law

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number seven, send your blessings and salutations to the last and final messenger prophet masala number eight, recite as much as the Quran as possible. And number nine, that besides reading the Quran, in Arabic, you can even deal with the facet. You can even read the translation of the Quran. For those people who understand Arabic language you can read the translation so that you can implement all the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala you can eat the facet of the Quran in the language understand the best you can read the books of Hadith of the Prophet, you can read the life and the seal of the Prophet.

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So these are the things which are recommended, and you should not do thing which extreme, as I mentioned, say Buhari, one, number eight, in the book of oaths and vows, and these number 6704 that one when the Prophet sermon

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he saw a man standing, and the Prophet said, What is the matter so the people said, He's Israel, and he has vowed he will stand and he will not sit, he will not go into the shade, he will not talk He will not speak and he will fast. So the Prophet says that tell him that he should speak

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and bring him into the shed and ask him to sit and complete as fast then ethic after the thing which recommended for Salah but don't old will not speak I've not said I'm not going to shade. So the thing that is recommended as I mentioned is Salah dua asking forgiveness during the

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reading the Quran, Hadith, etc.

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