The Heart Is The General Of All Your Limbs

Zahir Mahmood


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The Mercy of Allah says Alchemilla minima Imam

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that believer who was the most prolific Imam the most perfect Imam is the one who has the best character.

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Now this doesn't mean listen, like some some of us some some in our cultures you know In, in the Indian subcontinent they say, Oh yeah, this

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perhaps clean meaning I don't need to pray I didn't need to pass my house clean. Firstly, Allah Allah does a code for circle. Do not regard yourself as pure we'll say your hearts pure yeah and who are you to say your heart.

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My heart is pure.

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But understand having a pure heart is a part of D. Because this heart is the general of all the lips. The Mercy of Allah says if the heart

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is clean, if the heart is good,

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then all your lives will be good. All your action will be good, because this is the general and if the heart is darkened and black, then all your other actions will not be accepted.