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The importance of shaming the Prophet Muhammad sallavi for his actions and deeds is discussed, as it is the time of death and life. The "we are not the people of death" concept is also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of not letting things happen to others and not being in the impression of being the best person to be. The sermon on the moon is also mentioned as a blissful incident. The importance of focusing on one's own success and avoiding the bliss of the world is emphasized.

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In a country like Ireland I want to strain we want to still feel when are we loving to Ireland which totally unforeseen I will say yeah TR Marina, Marina de la, la la la mejor live but I had the pleasure to Allah either in La Jolla who Dasha rica Bushido anna Muhammad Abdul Rahman wherever you are also. Human Alina AMITA hula haka to party Welcome to nanny level and to Muslim moon. You have nurse huzzah Kamala de halacha comin FCM Wahida Fela farming hustle Jaha obits, common humanity Jilin, Kathy Romani

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otaku Allah Lenny Tessa Luna renewal of hands in Nevada can earn a karateka yeah Johanna Nina. La la foto Boland said either you spend like nonmedical wealthy like from the Aruba kimono uTorrent la hora so that moves over the past films and Halima.

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All Praise and Glory be to Allah, Lord of the worlds we thank him and we see his help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and we turn to Allah asking him to shelter us from the evil inclinations within us the evil whispers within us.

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And from the awful consequences of our evil deeds for whomever Allah provides guidance for and I can ever lead them astray, and whomever aloft misguides into wisdom into imperfect justice. None can provide guidance for that person.

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And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion but Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, and at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was in truth, His Prophet and his servant that his messenger will be sent as a courtesy to the world's after reminding my brothers and sisters with the Temple of Allah is so genuine and welcoming them to his house.

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For the next few 100 bucks or so, I wish to share with you some advice that is not in actuality mind, nor is the advice of any human being. Nor is it even the advice of all those who kind of go with it.

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Then who's left the advice of an angel, the greatest of them to advise him to read either his Salah

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in a very famous Hadith, an offensive Hadith that was collected by Hakim Rahim, Allah from second misanthropy alone to Allah and who were in the prophets of Allah or a Muslim said as early as you brief Jubilee rally salaam came to me.

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And he said to me the following year, we had met rich ma*a in a coma yet why women cheat of a nickel in value to one machine that's a neckerman zuv while a manager of a movement pm will be Elaine, where is Mr. Hernandez wanting us?

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On Hamid live however long you like. You are ultimately bound for death

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and love whoever you wish, you will ultimately be separated from them

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and do whatever you wish you will be repaid with it.

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And know that the honor of the believer

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is in him standing up at night, standing at night in prayer.

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And then his dignity comes from his not needing of the people is in dependency of humanity.

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And so this hadith begins already in a way that is not typical in the Quran and the Sunnah. Because of the honor that ALLAH SubhanA mortality, the prophets of Allah Vallejo send them off his unique characteristics that never calls him by name.

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His name is radically established. In the third person Mohammed is the messenger of Allah, Jesus peace be upon him said that there will come a man whose name is Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam Ramadan.

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But Allah never says only

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as an honoring for him, above the rest of the prophets who are esteemed and honored above humanity, but this was the edge that Allah azza wa jal wished to ascertain the Quran for his last and greatest messenger. Oh no. Oh Musa Oh, Lisa. Oh, we got him. They existed in the Quran. On hundreds. No, it's always Yeah, you wouldn't be Yeah, Johan Massoud Oh, you the Prophet, the messenger distinguishment, though they were all prophets and messengers, so why is it green? Using this language? It's obviously not to demote or dishonor the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but it was for another reason, a very legitimate reason. This was as if Jibreel ie Salaam is selling him

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and giving advice to the one I love the most, my dearest. It's intimate advice as if it's friendly advice from his lifelong friend that Allah had accompany him through his mission Gibreel

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least set up. So we speaking to him in the most personal terms. He's saying, Oh Muhammad

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Ali swatters.

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He says to him, Reshma *ter, for in Akemi. Live however long you wish,

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in whatever way you wish, but at the end of the day know that you aren't there in the knowledge of God you are that you are ultimately bound for that.

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As this is not strange Allah azza wa jal himself told the prophets of Allah Allah who sent them this in a kami into and what he never made you to and you are dead and they are that meaning in the knowledge of God, meaning and the ultimate transporation of things. That's how it's all going to conclude. And elsewhere in the hotel was diligent, it's very clear to him

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who Luminar they have done wherever college was, at the end of the day, everything upon it will perish. And nothing will remain safe the Face of your Lord don't generally want a crown

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the bearer of Great Majesty great glory, great honor.

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And he says in the Quran, for example Kulu never seen that ever took note every single soul shall taste death.

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So why have you made is that I'm reiterating this here. If it's nothing new,

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that is nothing new for even non Muslims forget the prophets Allah Allah Allah he will sender.

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Not being familiar with that there is not a person on the face of the earth, except that they know factually, they will die. But do they benefit from that fact? Depending on how much they remember it. And so in reality, Saran comes to the most mindful believer and human kind Mohamed Salah when

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you're gonna die, make no mistake about it, you're going to die. It's as if he's telling him I know you remember, but please remember more and more and more. You need to remember more than anybody.

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Because you are the model after all, to tell people come to our Lord. We're on our way to God. That's why I was diligent, said one manager. The best shall remain topical whole affair immittance of McCauley, dude, we did not allow for any human being before you only meant to have eternal life. So when you die, do they think they live forever? They think they will be immortals. And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lived that mindfulness, and then also extended the reminder. And he said, a hero mimicry had him in love that he said increase be very frequent in the amount that you remember the interrupter of all pleasures. Remember more and more how unpredictable death is how

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an announced death comes.

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And he would cry or degrade it Salado sit up and eat until he wets the earth beneath him a bottle NASM said and he would say why the Oh my brothers just like oh Mohamed, we meet we have to

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for the likes of this prepare that on announced moment, that unpredictable moment nobody can ever know what you need to be certain that it will come and then it will come without announcements. You know when I was ye in some of their traditions, they say that Allah azza wa jal had built it set out kingdom would meet the angel of death and not recognize him.

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And so he asked them who are like your face, that's new glory. He said, I am the person that does not fear the kings, and who the fortress is of the kings can't keep him out, and that the bribes of the kings can't pay him off.

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He says that you must be the angel that he said I am.

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And they also mentioned that the Apple Valley Salem was a person who once encountered mela mode, the angel of death on his way to take someone's soul.

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And he says to Who are you designed the Angel of Death sent by your Lord? He says to him, Well, I'm going to so and so he says please, I have a request. Do not come to me when my time comes. Until first you send also you send like messengers messages beforehand so I can get things in origin.

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So I can tie up the loose ends. And he says to him, you will have that. And then our long period passes and your full body Salaam is met by the angel of death, who was sent by his Lord, to take his soul. He said we promise you send you 10 The messengers. He said many messengers were sent to you. Did we not send the white hairs on your head? Every single one of them was a messenger. Did we not send the weakness in your bones? We feel ourselves withering away.

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didn't leave those were messengers. Did we not send the death of your relatives and your loved ones we pray Janessa all the time. Those are our messengers. The Angel of Death has entered your house and walked around you and took somebody else. Should that not be a message that they will come with he will walk around your family members and help you. I said too many messengers. You see the issue with death, is that we are so certain about it in theory, but so doubtful of it in denial of it, we deflect it. We even have like surnames, nicknames for each and every language. It kicked the bucket croak, as on we tried to like glamorize a little bit. This reality that we think running from it is

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from our own good that's why it has a long hola he says MT or atrp, in lash at Kaffee. You should be who schenkkan lair Tina fie. Meet the notes. I have never seen something that's so positive, so sure. So certain, without an ounce of doubt in it, that is treated like something that is so doubtful, so unlikely, with no certainty in it at all. The way I've seen that. Everybody is absolutely in agreement, humanity has consensus that we will die. That's what you asked their tongues, but when you ask their behavior, you ask their actions, it's as if it's the most unlikely thing on the face of the earth. That is the difference. And so we run from it even mentally we flee

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and deflected. And so Allah azza wa jal says to us, choline and Melton levy TEFL Runa will do this, then that you're constantly running from for a number of moolah, people, it will encounter it, it will catch you by surprise, it will take you off guard, it's what will interrupt everything that you thought was yours. Everything you thought you had.

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Interrupts it all and makes it all worthless in an instance. That's why it's called had the will let that be interrupter of all pleasures.

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In a very profound incident Mamoon Muhammad Rahim Allah felt like his heart was hardened. And he felt at the end of his life, that maybe life has gone on so long that I couldn't keep up the memory of our belief in the Hereafter. And so he traveled by his son because he had went blind is through His Son, who carried him at times over streams. He says till we got to the house when Hassan was three, and we knocked on his door and he ultimately led us into the house in a beautiful, beautiful incident regarding the end of my moon Muhammad's life, who was the first hand Secretary by the way, the describe the document, the chronicler of Rome would have not been ISIS in the grip of honey. So

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he says, When we walked inside, I said to him, My heart became very hard that I find myself callous, not as interested in reward not as concerned with punishment, not as desirous of ALLAH SubhanA with it, what do I do help you soften it, what do I do? Should I fast more? He said to him, if I assume whatever will that helped me.

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So it hasn't lost rewriting the whole law. He began to recite to him the I had from the end of so the sharara were Allah Azza diligences fri McDonough who've seen so much of who McKenna you are, I do not have not even met Kenny, Taro. Allah Azza contesters Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what would it be like?

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If we allow them to enjoy themselves for years, let's say you live 100,000 years, but at the end of the day, know that you will die, he says and then the ISS and then there comes to them or they will promise of death and the hereafter, we ask a

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man out of the nine who Makanda human to our own, nothing will avail them, nothing will compensate them.

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Of the things they used to enjoy here the pleasures of this world, nothing.

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And so when when when Ron began to cry further, he became more broken by this to the point that has said himself began to break down he left in like anyone to see him weeping from the fear of God from consciousness of the Hereafter. And so the sermon girl threw them out of the house. She said, you bothered it has been racking up a lot. And he says he lied to me down to the middle of the road. I asked my father whose name is synonymous with an heiress. I asked my father, this is an excellent paucity. This is the profound and hassle industry that everyone says he speaks with, with the wisdom of the prophets, when he speak is almost like the prophets are speaking

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from the wisdom and the weight and the impact of so this is an awesome movie that we're all hearing about. He said to me, is this and he said, he said, I thought he was bigger than that.

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I thought he was gonna tell

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It's something I've never heard before.

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We almost have to show up. He says, so my father punched me in my chest.

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And he said to me, Look, I've

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loaded up Dr. Harvey pelvic, that ill fated AHEC lumen fique. He recited on you if if you would just check what's behind them, check what's behind these words, don't just say that passing. Technically speaking, the person has expired in the hospital, these terms we use, right?

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Check what's behind this? What's it like if I live forever? And then that day finally comes? What is 100 years compared to a million? Then what is a million compared to infinity? What is the point of having solid gold if I can only have it for a minute?

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Imagine now when it's lesser and less lasting? Is the mean? What's it going to mean when that finally comes?

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And so to check what's behind that, just make time to reflect on it. That's what you beat out SLM is telling him to do you know how old was she is the great powerful Khalifa. I bet according to the righteous Khalifa, Haruna Rashi, he, he ruled this ummah, in one of its most prosperous faces in history, to the point that when a certain land would need rain, and they would see the cloud, and it wouldn't drain the cloud and keep going and they'd get disappointed. He would be the one it was said about he would say to the cloud, whether you rain here or rain there, your harvest hills in my territories, we control all of this, and he was a righteous man. He used to have them dig a grave

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for him in his house.

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And he would look at that grave. You will picture himself inside.

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And he would say

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magnanni Madea Hala Tian, the supply

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of Allah says people will say on the Day of Judgment, my wealth, my prosperity has not availed me in the lease. My power has deserted. I thought I could do things. I felt, I get things done. I thought I could overpower people. I thought I could take care of my family. I thought I could provide people's security. I thought I could provide myself with some reassurance. All of that has deserted.

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You know, the other Ambassador clarify moon, who's quite controversial, but he was a man that that was wise and righteous. Despite his humaneness despite his flaws. When he was dying, he said to them, leave me alone, put my head on the ground,

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stopped selling myself the lie of the comfort of this world. And then he said a statement that my father Rahim Allah used to say many, many times, and I never knew that moon was the first person to alter.

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He used my father used to say in his final sentence in his final illness,

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he would say, as Moon said before him, you have Elias who ever had an observable,

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oh, you whose kingdom never vanishes. Have mercy on the one whose power has vanished. That moment when you can't control your islands anymore, and you can't do a shadow with a finger anymore. And all the lies that we sold ourselves are finally shattered. Remembering that is so useful, the conclusion of your story, the beginning of your actual journey,

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and hasn't possibly you know about IRA, he heard that a young righteous woman was dying in his in his town until you went to visit her and he found her crying uncontrollably. And so you're reminded of the Mercy of Allah and His forgiveness and what to await in the hereafter for all the good she has been known for. Everybody agrees on this woman's piety.

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And she wouldn't stop crying. He said, What is it telling me what is it that's making you cry like this?

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She said, I heard my father telling my mother, I can

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prepare her shrouds young girl.

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Get the cloth ready.

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So she said no P lady and Nemo Cepheid, Otto Isla Mata el Medina. Y de

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let's still Hush. If someone was telling me I was about to travel to Mecca or Medina, the safest place on earth all by myself. I will become anxious. I get nervous. I get scared.

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She says How about Kate for my animal said Phil Antonina. Oh, yeah. How about what I'm about to travel until the day of judgment by myself.

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And so remembering this is not gloomy. It is not morbid.

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You're the best person who actually prepared for it because there's no way to avoid it. You know, many times we hold on to things of this world and this whole world belongs to Allah loves us, and he doesn't value it. And yet for some reason, we don't own it. But we do. When you think of that, it just liberates you. Like, yeah, what am I holding on to? You know, when someone takes something from you, they take your reputation away from you, they take your children away from you. They take your money away from you, yes, you pursue justice. But at the end of the day, if you are not able to get justice in this world, what do you get?

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You say, Well, I'm going to lose my whole life. So what is the big deal about you losing these lesser things? This is of the benefits of us never falling blind to that reality. A full body of stuff allow him anyway.

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111 live demo wa salatu salam ala Villa via Varga Shinola Illa, devilishly qlf, question Wanda, Mohammed Abdullah, whatever you want to say.

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And of course, it's not like death is going to happen to all of you. That's not exactly how it works. That has already been happening to you. This is perhaps a good point to end the hautboy.

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I need that we call it word of eautifully. And in that beautiful advice he gave, it's capturing selectable clarity. He says to the people in the dunya Kadota harlots motivation. We're in filata condo Salat MOOC villa. When equally minimum value for Kunal

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one or two KHUDOBIN dunya. For in that young Muhammad, whether he said what he said when

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he says this worldly life has taken off, but he's already on route but onward were on Route away from you, heading away from you. And the hereafter is on Route approaching you you're already walking away, day by day from this world, moment by moment, and walking towards it's coming towards you and you're walking towards it, and the hereafter has taken off has departed in its approach to you. And each one of them has their children, meaning those who succumb to its authority is influenced because we're under the influence of our of our parents, at least when we're younger.

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Before rebelliousness starts so he's seeing you be of the children of the Hereafter, those influenced by it those that they are settled, their focus is settled upon that which is actually call me not that much is going.

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settling the focus on that

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will do so much for you to lock your eyes there as a wrestler on the alumni that I used to do that one on luckily when they asked him why do you become so anxious when the grave is mentioned, but not the hereafter? He will say because I'm focusing on the grid essentially is what he was saying. He said because our prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in a couple of hours one min Zilla min min as in this grave here that I get lowered that

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is the very first station of the start immediately. Allah provides the remembrance of death as a mercy for us as a liberation for us as a reminder for us, why doesn't Allah azza wa jal when your time is up just allow you to disappear you vanish and get transported to the hereafter Why does He allow the fact that human beings remain and their soul is removed and we see them being lowered back into the ground who they came from? Seeing the conclusion of their story we need to capitalize on that focus on that a bit more

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above masculine our combat Well you never really could execute a love letter and laugh at them know when I saw when I want my lady woman to becoming a loving man he noticed medical care okay lots What's up can we caught up with Mr. Kim? When I was on camera, one selfie camera

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and a little my hair Tina? Woman level helpful Nadina Allah from us through our hand why for to cover the journalists or mentor them? Allah from a Filipina? The Bat Hello Cabiria Allahu Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah muffled and I'm a stew Raha matura Allah from Affilorama and we'll be here and of love for him or was on the Los Alamos aka the Vietnam War. I think he was awesome.