Ibrahim Nuhu – How To Meet Allah?

Ibrahim Nuhu
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That's even harder said immobile Bukhara in his book edible referred set. We're kinda in Botswana in wafting he also inherited the Hadees. But he says the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam I used to wear these clothes, little little left for the delegates, people who are coming from other tribes, representing the people to come and listen to the truth from the professor lasala. So he has this fist special clothes that he used to receive the delegates

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that shows that it is sooner for a Muslim, to have this.

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To have something nice, neat, you meet important people.

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And the best place to wear those kind of cloth is when you pray to Allah subhanaw taala. Because this is the greatest meeting you are having.

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Why we have to be very shy. We have to be very, very, very shy. Sometimes you wear something that you don't want to meet people with it, but you will meet a lot smarter with it. As very long.

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Well, the industry

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will come with your vest, because the thing inside the stripes

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is sometimes your best friend, the friend that you feel shy off, you don't want to see them with that.

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Imagine one of the important people wants to see your cup you come out to him with this. He will never sometimes you were the best and the nicest one and you will look at your wife and ask Do I look smart? Yeah smart. And then you go out and sell you don't trust her. You go to the mirror and see first because maybe she's thinking based on the way she she wants you to look like. So you go to the mirror and check and fix some of the things and then go immediately.

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But when it comes to prayer, just jump from your bed with all of those disgusting things and then Allah Akbar pray to Allah smart Allah. Come on.

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Do something good. Keep some clothes which are the best to Allah. I really recommend that you have the best of your cloth. Meet a lot smarter with them.

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I'm telling you some sometimes at home I will be trying to pre hospital Rasul Allah to be very very hot. I feel like headed when a weather equals COVID but what I remember that I don't want to meet people without it. I will quickly go back and put it to meet a lot smarter in that kind of completeness. And that's what I was wondering attitude here in Malaysia is very, very, very, very excellent is the one who is going to be the Imam in the masjid. If he doesn't have cap newborough from someone and get him

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a sprain in one Muslim the mom has no cap they took from somebody put on his head to look complete check last date Advani used to

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talk to people when he said them without it go into the mud is to tell them a lot smarter says hello Xena document the column as detail

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the complete pyramid I'm not saying you must wait or hidden wait you're deficient? No There is nothing wrong but they just want to see you when it comes to the prayer be at the best

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in the sun to the best the best thing you think the community is recognizing to be the best form of looking

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where the cookie or where they come from determine if you want to put that one dress properly and

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when you're going through the working how are we dressed that you fix this? Because they're they said they looking for smartness and you go in that situation so that the people will recognize you Mashallah smart, he is empty, nothing inside but

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outside is smart. They're inspected because of that annual meeting. And last matter who knows what is inside.

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While I seriously lost one knows what is inside you will respect a lot of people that we think there's something but when in when it comes to reality that zero didn't know anything. Someone said he was working in the place just because he doesn't have the app for the

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doctor when you add doctor.

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Just because he doesn't have it has this Dr. When conference comes they will never invite anything good. They will never talk to him. But those people who are having the DRS and professors and everything before they go to the conference, they will come to him first and ask him what to say if they go into that place and

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look at the injustice. But because he doesn't look.

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You get it by last month. He knows what is inside and he knows what is outside. But when we come to a last matter we look in the way we looked at the live in our tool, his slave. He said I bought those. I gave you those things so that you can stand before last battle with them. And he asked him where are those things that I gave you

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He says no I'm keeping he saw him playing with some something that has a lot of patches. So he knows that he gave him something beautiful is always the cloth. He said no, I'm keeping it for the occasions some event

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looks nicer or the language of our own era smarter that's what they say that's why I keep on repeating is wherever you go if you just dress in the way they want, Mashallah, you look so smart.

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So he said, I'm giving them four occasions he said, No, I give them to you so that you can wear them when you're meeting the last mountain Gala.

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He says, When you meet an important person, how are you going to meet him? Or do you meet him with this growth? He says, No, it is an Allah subhanaw taala should be the most important one that you meet in your life.

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You get it. So I really hope that we should take this seriously. In the sun when you meet a lot smarter inshallah have this preparation in your mind, in the sun in yourself, in your mind, also, inshallah to help you a lot to concentrate in your prayer and to know what you're doing nowadays, we complain a lot that we get confused in our prayers, yes, because we didn't prepare for it. But get ready for it from the time you are making, although they say they saw the professor last summer when he starts making the will to go and pray. He will look like someone who doesn't know anyone.

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And is an avid in the sea whenever they see making a loo. And if they make other and he has been laughing with them, making jokes with them. But if the prayer time comes, he will look like someone who does not recognize anyone. Somebody asked him after long periods of time. He said Why are you doing this? Is a brother Don't you know that I'm going to meet a lot smarter than the Most High.

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That's why they don't have what we have nowadays. They don't think

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I mean of something else when they pray to Alaska because they prepare for it spiritually and physically. And we don't even talk about spiritual preparation. No, we talked about even about the physical preparation, we don't have women willing to do it. Because if you're so concerned to fix the way you meet a lot smarter I'm telling you, it will not be easy for shaytan to distract you in your prayer because he knows that you value the prayer

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or in the prayer is that useless in your eyes something that you just want to do it because it is an obligation upon you shaytan will find its own way to come and tell you that think about this Think about that. Good idea. So let's show a lot smarter than we are serious. In only about that. I like the statement which I took from shaking with me a lot. He says

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a bad

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because this very beautiful statement.

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One was desirable enjoyed my skin. I don't know how to put the translation more beautiful than the Arabic language and they say a body

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of law that

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a body of law added

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to annually jacoba eva

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is the righteous people they try to make even their daily life to be something that is pleasing to Allah smile to everything they do they have intention in it. Make sure that what they're doing is fixed and something that lasts matter loves they have a lot but in their mind when they do everything that's why there are that anti collision culture become an act of worship also.

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But as you come to our brothers sahana

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the heedless people there I bet that is what are that is the culture is just doing the ritual

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that's why go after the man finish the prayer get into an out of the mud and bring paradise and * until the first one asked him brother tell me which way memories

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I've heard someone did that inherently. I'm not mistaken our scholars was telling us this inherent he was asking there's like the randomly which recited

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it was like

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they for what because when the mom was reading the brain is

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somewhere else.

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You get it so he just praying because the body already is programmed that door is albaraka to the body already knows how to pray. We are studying yesterday they said nowadays they have Mashallah, those technologists. The scientists they already know that in this life the Muslim they already gone Mashallah. Mashallah Ali has Villa house Villa Misha, so they produce a mat that suggests that she should pray in front of the suggests that there is a system and machine that calculates the amount of dedica you're praying

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alongside so it tells you nowadays Abraham you're free to look at so already knowing.

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So all I have to do I just wait for it to tell me do cool next time also, they will tell

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What's up what next now?

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There was a one of our friends, he went to the house of another person and he pressed the

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you will not understand when he was given comment, but later on you you will understand yes he was right. He press the bell

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it says what he says a Santa Monica

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What do you think? Mashallah, no no music no more something no Alhamdulillah

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you get it we have we are happy. Now no more ringing bell no more music coming into the house no more this and that I have a Solomonic. But the problem is the guy who comes in who usually says Salaam who just comes press and the guy that machine would say slam on his behalf.

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He can that the thing that we're losing. So that's what technology does.

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But Alhamdulillah there is always a way out for us to make use of it property if we want. We shouldn't make it as an alternative yet something that will replace what we used to have a lie we were agreed in the future.

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I remember when the first time this across the series comes in, they compile compressed books, they select books, and they put the first one that came is what Machu Picchu elfia they call it around 1000 books nowadays, we are talking about what 1000 1000s of books in those who when it first came to in Saudi, it used to be sold 1000 rehab,

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the whole scholarship that you get from the university, it doesn't reach this amount yet.

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So the student wants to get this book because it has a lot of bugs in it.

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But at the same time, it does something so bad. Many people stopped buying books.

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And you know who is that person that can be patient to read book completely 1000 pages on the screen. Very rare. So they stop buying books, and they don't read from that that place. The knowledge was gone.

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See what it does. And sometimes when you go do research, before you get the information you you're in need of you will become a scholar, because you will go through issues after issue issue after issue. But now if I'm looking for any information, what do I do? I just go to the shampoo or mcdata Shambala just put the word it will give it 1000s of the places where this thing is mentioned.

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You see, I lost because before I reached this time in the Islamic University, when we go do research, we have to go to the library and do it manual. You have no any other way apart from this. I'm telling you we're live we're really benefited. Because sometimes you go to the content and open you will see a lot of issues that you have been looking for. And you thought they don't exist, amount you see them but now with the existence of the system, you will never see them at all.

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It will not come.

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So we are losing in both ways. Not combining the books, not getting the books. We're dependent on something which is shaky, which is so weakened.

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To get it that is always a good way and a better way to use

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a technology if we want to

It is the sunnah of the prophet that he always choose the best whenever he has choice to make, and in terms of clothing and beautifying oneself he was also best especially when he meet Allah 5 times everyday in salat. But sheikh is talking about the fact that nowadays we do not really consider this sunnah and command from the Quran that we need to beautify our self when we meet Allah in prayer. Watch and share the the good advice from our beloved sheikh.

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