Wisam Sharieff – How Many Pages A Day To Memorize Quran Full Time

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of dedicating four hours per day to a project, as it is necessary to finish a page every 20 days to get the page down. They also discuss the strict nature of revision guidelines, as it is difficult to retain revision in a group of people. The speaker suggests that the goal is to get the kid memorize everything they say and get them to go on a project.
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How many

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a Full Time Kid will usually do a page a day? Yeah. And then, like, not just just 115

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to do it in three years, right? Yeah, that's a that's, that is a that's a normal page pace, which is one page a day, because we're so particular on the pages, there are exactly 20 pages per chapter. So every judge has 20 pages. So if you memorize one page a day, every 20 days, you'd finish it, just keep in mind realistically, to really get the page down. You need to dedicate four hours. Yeah, right. When hours a day, when you know, that's with four into four hours, you're taking breaks, you're having lunch, you're you're living life, you're living a life, but like this is your full time thing. You're not going to school, right? You're not necessarily working. And if you are

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working, then you're not doing anything else, right? Because there's four hours. And then when you're done, you don't want to do you don't want to veg out on video games and things because you kind of want to keep it there. I never understood there wouldn't let us play games video games afterwards. And I thought it was too strict. They're like this has nothing to do with religion. This is all because can just sit there and veg out completely. You do want some retention? So

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your friends are they memorizing one day, in one year, the pages? Yeah, they were doing two to three pages a day. Two pages gives you a juice. What they were doing was two jobs a month. So they went two jobs a month. That was 20 jobs in the first year. But at the end, they started doing three pages a day. And then it's three jobs a month. But even then we didn't talk to them see them. We didn't engage them in conversation because you didn't want to like throw their tea off. They were literally like, Yo, bro, you got food. Yes.

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That was that because you're at that point. You're and then your last week you're just I've seen four pages, five pages brand new a day, reciting from memory. And but then you know, God, I think God comes into picture too and kind of makes it easy. Like

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I feel like it's almost disrespectful to those

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of you we're a mile from the finish line, you would cut every just think that whole thing about like, yeah, I didn't even I even think the verb I didn't remember then the way that they read to go. Because then to revise. We revised like 35 pages, you will recite 35 pages. A lot of these schools because

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they think their revision is pretty bad.

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When you memorize it like that speed, you can't really retain it. Well. That was my even even my brother was saying how when he went to Davao alone in Queens, their revision regimen was a lot more strict Yes, than when because he finished faster is the second school but there and he was saying that even to this day, what he memorized over there. Yeah, it was so much more solid than memorizing. I feel like it's we're quick. We're quick to tell people I'm Hafez but like just to get the kid done, but we don't have anything otherwise

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