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There are some critics who say that may be the Prophet attributed the Quran, though he was the author because he wanted fame, status, glory, as well as leadership.

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According to Michael H. Hart, he writes in his book, The 100 most influential persons in the history of humankind.

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And he analyzes

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all the human beings from Adam peace be upon him, is the present time

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and undisputedly, he puts Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as number one

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as being the most influential person in the history of humankind.

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So, if you wanted to become a leader,

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he didn't have to claim that the Quran was from God. If he actually was the author

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and Michael chart, he gives reasons for each person, why did he give him number one, number two, number three, etc.

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And at the end of the biography phase, that

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it was the indisputable,

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secular and religious influence of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that makes him the undisputable number one person to have the most influence in human history.

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. If he wanted glory, fame, power, leadership, he was so eloquent, he had all the qualities, he did not have to falsely attribute

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the Quran to Almighty God, he had all the abilities.

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And if we analyze logically,

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any person

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who wants power, glory, leadership, fame status, along with him is attached.

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Good food,

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fancy clothes, magnificent places, monumental palaces, guards, etc.

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But if you see the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He made his own clothes, he repaired his own shoes. He makes the goat and he did his own household work.

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He sat on the floor and eat when he went to the marketplace.

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He didn't have any colorful gods.

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He was an example of simplicity and humbleness. And anyone who invited him even the poor people used to accept the invitation, and he's to eat whatever was up to him.

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So much thought that his enemies, the past remark, which is mentioned the Quran

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instead of taba chapter number nine, verse number 61. Oh, he listens to everyone. His enemies have angry, what kind of a person is this? He listens to each and every one. Even the poor people.

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And there are many instances and occasions which are recorded history. And in the Hadith,

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and manifest instances, they were represented representative

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from the pagan Arabs, by the new affordable.

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And he comes to the prophet and says that we will give you all the wealth in Arabia make you the richest man of Arabia.

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We will even make you the leader. If you want we'll make you the king. Only thing we want from you is that you should stop spreading this message that there is one God.

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If the Prophet one the leadership, if you wanted to become the king, he would accept this offer very easy.

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There are several examples. We have the example that when the big Arabs, the dole is Uncle Abu Talib,

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that asked me to give the message

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of universal Bedouin of the oneness of God. He replaced his uncle, that even if they put the sun in my right hand

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and the moon in my left hand, I will not stop my mission. I will not stop spreading this message until the day I die, or

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whatever Lovells.

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There was a time

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when his son Ibrahim

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And it coincided with an eclipse.

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So immediately people said Ah, this is a sign from God. The sun is mourning because a person has died, the son of Muhammad peace be upon him. Immediately the Prophet replied. And he said that the sun and the moon, there are signs of Allah subhanaw taala did not Eclipse

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because of the birth or the death of any human being

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If you wanted fame and power, it was a very good option. You could have said yes, because my son died. We see the heavens the morning, but I didn't do that because it took per person