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I will be liable shaytani r rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shopping mursaleen syedna Mohammed Ali he was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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How y'all doing? hamdulillah. So we said last week Alhamdulillah, this was after a year of long fighting against the motets. Now all of Arabia had come back under control of the caliphate center back of the line, and the Sahaba from Medina was now in control of basically within the lives of with the professor lamb, and lift off now abubaker as we see in, you know, his policies, I just basically follow as the recent had done. And the last area of focus that nobody was looking at before he passed away, was the erection of Sham Syria, Jordan, Palestine. And without saying explicitly, animism never mentioned, Muslim acts as an objective. But this was the direction in

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which he was focusing on these armies that were being seen was in that area, even though we see that the Persians were more of a threat. And the Persians were more of a hostile enemy to the Muslims. We even see the Persian Emperor at one time, tried to assassinate them, because I'd seen mean to go and capture him, whereas the Roman Emperor heraclius sort of dealt with respect to the NaVi solum. Nonetheless, the armies were sent towards masinloc saw, which is an important point for us to say, Now backer, after re establishing control, he organized the within Russia in the official army of Medina, which was hated by many, many senior Sahaba. So he got the official army of the Muslims

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together, and he sent them in the direction of of Rome of Byzantine Syria, Palestine, exactly the same direction that Osama's army had went. And the army was split into four battalions, four groups, each one one went to sit here, wondering to Jordan, one went to Palestine, one week along the coast, I'm hoping I'll ask is one of the generals very, very famous Wahhabi among us by now we should know who he is. One point to mention, from this journey, he will ultimately reach Africa and conquer Egypt, the same as for the land. And the oldest Masjid in Africa is in Egypt, mostly American us. So this army will continue on Winning Campaign all the way into Africa. So this is the beginning of

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Islam coming to Africa officially, remember Islam came before the church ever seen? Yeah. But then, of course, all the Muslims left, but now this will be the beginning of that trajectory. And of course, the overall commander is someone that you by now we have to know, by their guns. You know, we know there are so one of the 10 problems, Jenna, okay, so he's the overall commander, and each army would split out, but they would remain in contact. So this is the primary objective, and this is the focus essay. Now, Becker. At the same time, we said they were Arab tribes that were living on the border with Persia, and they had embraced Islam. So Iraq and Syria, Jordan, all these this area

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are Arabs. They are at a people that they race are Arabs, but they're being ruled by either the Romans or they're being ruled by the Persians, some of them are Christian. Some of them are still pagan, but they are under the control and they paying paying money to the as part of, you know, as a colony of the Romans when the Persians and they would fight with the Romans don't fight with the Persians. But the dispersion, this, this tribe that became Muslim towards the south south of Persia, they began breaking away from the Persians because the Persians, they really looked down on the Arabs and they humiliated the Arabs. One of the stories that is mentioned, there was an uprising

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with the Arabs and the Persians took one of the main chief chieftains, and as an example, they had him temple to death by an elephant. So this Persian or other this Muslim tribe in the north of Arabia, they saw that the Persian Empire was going through disarray. The royal family were killing each other. Within two, three years, they had 10 different inputs. One brother kills the one and the son kills the father, to the point we, they even had a lady who was an impetus, a lady was in charge of the Empire. Now Lisa was alive at that time, and he mentioned a hadith when he heard that a lady was now the ruler of Persia. He said, a hadith which you shouldn't, which is misunderstood

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sometimes, when he heard the impetus of perhaps being ruled by Lady so he said that a nation that is ruled by a woman will never ever be prosperous. Now, we pause here, so controversial Hadith. Naturally, people say, what does it mean? What does this mean? We said, so the most scholars say that this has a specific meaning, this lady will bring her home to her pub, her Empire, which was through the Persian Empire would collapse, not because of her, but because the whole empire was going through disarray. But if we were to extend this even further, it's completely out of the context of our discussion now. Many times and this is the mistakes that we do whether or not the

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Sharia is us as men, we exclude our sisters from leadership positions, we feel that you know, there are certain that you know, at a certain higher management level, it's only for me completely in

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When we look at the Sahaba yet, we look at Ayesha rhodiola. Anna, she was the most of the most learned people in, in her society, her father's the halifa. He would ask her for factors that if she was here today, she would, without a doubt, she would have to be the Grand Mufti of the world. If she was alive here today. It's so SubhanAllah. Many of us we still don't allow our sisters the the roles that she's entitled to within society. Sometimes we feel that the masjid committee maybe, or our chairman is Yama things of this way, or the president of the country, the company or whatever, of sisters are not this only for me, this is incorrect. There are only really two positions which

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are gender specific. There are two roles in the whole, you know, Muslim woman that is specific to me, one of it is being the Imam leading the solder in a mixed Gemma. If this men and women making Salah together, then the man must be a man lady can stand in front. And another position, which is only for me. This is

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merely for the holly for the man who is who is in charge of the army, the the general and the halifa of the overall nation. This should be a man and because he's in charge of the army, but ministers and vice presidents, there's no problem for a sister to be in charge. So this Hadeeth should not be misunderstood. Nonetheless, getting back to closure is going through a catastrophe. And so there's this group of tribes of Muslims, they enter into closure and really the objective was more for raiding wasn't done for jihad or anything like that was waiting. And so they told them like, Look, Iraq is open. The Persian army is not nowhere to be seen. It is we are we can go into this area and

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said Nova is not so sure about his objective isn't Persian you don't think of Persia. But he considers the situation. And Harlan Waleed, we see that just defeated Musa Lama and his army was still stationed in this area. So he told Callie, I want you to take control of the situation. I don't want this tribe and that tribe to go in and coordinate. Now it's an official decree from the halifa that this is an army of the muslimeen. And they are objectives now that we're going to do, we're not going into rate and take wealth. This is about jihad. And that's why the ambassador of the Muslims when he spoke to the Persians, he said, we have not come here for money for food. Even

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though this is a wealthy land, we have come here to take you away from the worship of the creation to the worship of the Creator, right. So this was the objective and say, no bucket audience Italia, you are in charge. But this is a volunteer army. Whoever wants to join, can join whoever wants to leave, let him leave. And he said don't take anyone. So remember, many people will move that they fought when they lost their English, basically, Islam lady embraced Islam, we accepted them, because we don't want any of these people to join the army because they are 5050. We don't know where they stand. So leaving. So Khalid said guys, this is a volunteer army, you may join or leave and the

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majority of his army left they went back home, and he was stuck with only a few 1000 men. So he writes back to abubaker earlier on and he says, Look, I need reinforcements. I don't have enough mean, and good things. And he seems one man Akaka guy's name. Even amber is sin Akaka. So this is you, Holly, the rights for you to single enforcement's and you sent one man, boxy, this guy is enough of an army. If he's worth the army, they won't lose. So then Harley receives Okaka and he knows is a great warrior. And he writes once again to the tribes around me said, Look, whoever would like to join this army, we're going into Persia, any, you know, speaks about moving, you know that

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we love the love of the athlete and all these things. And so many people that he joined his army I don't know, after spending one week at home, we realized a lot easier to join the army, right one week with a wife and kids go back to the jihad is easier. So his army is re re you know, rejoin, and he leaves Arabia with 18,000 men now I just like getting stuck in one of the generals in this army. This hobby by the name of Id even even had him and only reason I'm mentioning him.

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So he was a tribal chief in the time of Esau Salaam, young, a young chieftain, he's dead. So ideally, hacking. Hacking is a really big, famous guy in Arabia before we

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even knew him. He was a very famous prominent person, you know, poetry and he was a well known man. So his son becomes the new chief in the time of enemies of Saddam. And so when he needs to not be so salami, so considering should I be a Muslim or not, should I join this new religion? And so the professor meets him and treats him very well and then a resource and takes him to the house now how things like a prince and he sees he is a prince and he sees like, look at me, son doesn't have much. And the Prophet says to ID you might see this as being we've we look very insignificant now. But I promise you a time will come when a lady would a Muslim lady would leave Yemen and she will walk all

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the way to Makkah on Hajj and she wouldn't feel anything and we would be in control. Now, I mentioned this man.

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Because he's now he becomes a Muslim. And he fights with those joins us a harbor and he is one of Hollywood's major generals. Why I say this is because a descendant of him actually listened to our lecture last week in St. Through, and he said, You know, that's my great, great, great grandfather, I said, military. This is amazing to say that, you know, that I showed me the family tree that I'm a descendant of.

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And in our family, we still know these stories. So Id is one of Hollywood's major. In fact, he's like, he's right here and one of his right hand generals, he would be in charge of one of the battalions of the army. So Holly moves into Persia now. Now, we were not going to talk about what happened in the Roman side. And that is really the main focus of Albuquerque. We're going to talk about Harley's campaign. Harley rowland's campaign,

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the capital of Iraq, the capital of Iraq, that

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was in the city was called the city called hero hero is the capital. And so in the back, he said, we are not going to go into Persia itself. We go into Iraq, and the capital of Iraq is Hera and that's where you go, and that's where you stop, to get to him to get to Hera. This is a very important city within the Empire, the Persians aren't going to allow this to be taken like that. And as he enters into it, the first province is governed by a man called Hormuz. So today,

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if you look at the map, they will say the Gulf of Hormuz the Straits of Hormuz, this man is a very, very famous general in the Persian Gulf today on the map, the that area is called the Gulf, the Straits of Hormuz. So he was the governor of this area, the area between Arabia and Persia is the governor. And they had a system in the Persian empire that the Emperor is on top and the most senior management they would they would depending on the hats, the turbans they would get and the biggest value the the highest rank, you could get you called 100 dyrham, man, your turban is up to the value of 100. Durham's like a Million Dollar Man, right that was the highest level of management above

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that is the Emperor no one is above that. So hormoz was 100 you know, $100 men A Million Dollar Man that was any head disturbance on and so Khalid, in his audacity, you could say in his in his style, he writes to him was telling him I have got an army I'm about to invade your country. Right now this guy who was is

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a feared man, one of the great generals in the world. And he gets a letter from me by now he knew Khalid was in New in Arabia, things are happening. And he gets a letter from Holly telling him, I'm giving you notice I'm about to invade your country. And I give you three choices, except Islam and be my brother and we are together. Or Surrender now and play a jizya to us and we will leave you all prepared to fight and I bring you people who love this more than you love life as much as you want life. These mean one this? Obviously this is this and this will be hard. It's normal standard lines that he would give. So who was was what is this guy? I'm gonna teach this person Allison and the

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major city the first so to get to here is a few cities you get first the first city the first big city, like say for example, we going from here to Joburg, before you get to Johannesburg, you get a few blueprinting you get you know a few cities on the way. Now the first major city we're holding was one station is called Ebola, Ebola. And this is where the

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the port was. And this was a very rich city Horton was is here. So he said look, first thing is Khalid wants to invite Ebola. That's where he's going to come. And these two roads these are Eastern the road and a waste of the road to get to Ebola. The straight road is the eastern road. So hormoz said, Okay, fine, we expect him to come up this road, and we will get our army and meet him there and we'll fight him and finish him right there on the road. Now the Persians were the best equipped army in the world and the style of fighting they use they would use elephants, they would use heavy heavy weaponry. They would even use chains in fact, the first battle that we're gonna fight is

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called the Battle of chains. Why how why chains they will tie themselves up into like, you know, five of us together will be tied up in the chain so that number one it means we don't run away. You can't retreat you have to stay there also it's hard to break through the line because the chain these guys are like a one big mess. So they this was an army that took a long time you have to carry these chains you have to carry all the each soldier was you know, waiting with heavy armor. And so this army is a very well equipped army, but it's also a very heavy army. big numbers. I mean, we don't know the exact numbers. We know people tend to exaggerate. Our historians say 5060 70,000

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against 18,000 olana, but they will well superior in terms of numbers. So who sends his army

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he finds a spot where he likes on the way to Ebola. And he strikes you know, he just mounts when he sets up His company. The soldiers put the weapons on they put the armor on the elephants, they tie themselves in chains and they said look how it should be as soon as

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After a few days waiting hard It doesn't matter what's happening. And in the received word the call is taken the other road to Ebola is gone the other direction. And now panic sits in is taking the long road via the desert. So they all pick up the army take a while, a few hours, they rush to the other side. Khalid allows them to come unpack. restructure takes us two, three days to get ready. And then he leaves and he goes through the other route again. And this he does two three times until the army is completely exhausted. Because they have to march through the night they have to you know this takes a lot of time while he's army

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haba the army aquatic they don't have weapons or they don't have armor. They just on the camels and they are decent people they are accustomed to going days maybe without water and food so they just go up and down through the desert in the heat no problem. Whereas this Persian army now is completely exhausted. And on the day finally, qualities now's the time to attack. He soldier say Subhanallah we have run out of water. So this is put down you just put down the our our cups, our bags, if we are truly on the hook that Allah will sit down rain for us that Allah will help decide that is on the truth. And Subhana Allah is the books obviously mentioned that morning it did rain,

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the Sahaba get the water and replenished for the army of gurus This is further a disaster for them because they have to sit up and being heavy on sand in rain makes it even more difficult to move. And so Holly attacks and the army of Hormuz completely unprepared and before okay before the battle begins. Hormuz says look let's not fight this out let's rather deal with it you and me menjamin now almost no look, we've never ever dealt with Arabs before Arabs never took an army and invaded us like this. This is all highly that he they've raised produced one brilliant son, if we get rid of him in Hamas, the rest of them will just go back into the into the wilderness with me deal with him

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myself. So it will call it You and me men to men we fight. But he had a trick up his sleeve. He told some of his generals or some of his soldiers while I fight with Khalid, if I win, leave me I'll kill him. But if you see I'm losing when I will grab him and then you you kill him. Even if I die, no problem, but I'm going to keep him and then you know, we'll get rid of him. So Harley, never afraid to take a deal. So he says Fine, I will step forward if you're willing to step forward. The two generals are now standing forward for the Persians. They believed hormoz was invincible. He never lost battles before. And of course with the Muslims, the civil law, we also never lost battle. So

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these are two like big names fighting each other. And so harden wooden was fight and it seems to be a stalemate. No one is winning. So who says let's fight by hand, no weapons, we wrestle. And of course, what he wants to do is get grappled him and hold him and he gets highly in a position on top on his back and he's holding him. And then of course, these assassins jump out, and they rush. And for a minute, God understands what's happening. And so he spins around so that they can't really stab. And then all of a sudden, a soldier from the Muslim ranks runs forward. And he takes out all these assassins and this is alcohol, that same car, he runs out he had the presence of mind to see

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what's happening. And within a few minutes screaming and shouting, and who knows is dead. Right? And so how to draw the line is alive and Kalka is alive and all the assassins are dead. And now there's a general attack the army of the Persians completely unaware exhausted, or quote of God, and they were beaten very, very quickly. But they were able to escape majority of this army was able to escape, but this was a big shock to the Persians. So now word reaches the emperor of Persia in the city school discipline. It was the biggest city in the world. It was the biggest city in the world at that time PC con, like I said, this is not we mentioned these stories, but this is really like

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one nonnamous thing historian said, like a bunch of Eskimos coming out of the UK North Pole, and fighting America and Russia at the same time. And then overnight, beating them impossible. We talk today historians can understand how this happened. So the news reaches the emperor of Persia. But look what Moses did. His army retreated the, you know, embarrassingly, they ran away. When they asked what happened, you know, the army was made up of Persians and Arabs and actually they blame each other. None of the Persians. They were the ones that noticed the Arabs. So they blamed each other, and the impressive enough, we can you guys can go back. And I'm going to send a new army a

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new general another 100 dyrham men, you know, another one of my top generals. Kieran, he will be in charge with another two very well established, I think proper generals. Now, we'll take the seriously 100 100,000 men right to the 100,000 men

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against 18,000 this is now ridiculous number and you will deal with this properly. So hard on your line after, you know beating this, this this this winning this battle, the Battle of the change as we said because they were chained up it made things difficult for them. What was mentioned in the books of history is of the things that were taken off the battlefield was an elephant. So there was an elephant was part of the army. And of course they left him. So the Sahaba took this elephant and they sent him to Medina. And they said the people of Medina is the first time in their life. They heard of an elephant obviously in the Quran. A lamb Tara book is having field right so they've heard

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about an elephant in the living scene one, my children will be amazed to see an elephant in this pocket on the line. But after a while using what was I doing this elephant in Medina is useless in Medina go back hardly, that's pretty useful for him. And the elephant is taken back in a lot on what happens to this elephant anyway. Nonetheless, this army of 100,000 and the new Gen Con and imperial generals straight from the Capitol is St. And he is a lot a lot more as we save the world most of his mistakes was he underestimated harlots ability and he really didn't prepare properly. This new generals a little more,

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as we could say, a little more cautious, and he decides to set up a place. He's his army, he sets up His army on the banks of the Euphrates of the Tigris River, the Euphrates River, right so he sets his army up with the river to his back. So the topic can come from around Now, one thing you need to understand Holly's preferred style of attack is speed. He wants cavalry speed. This is the way he attacks throughout his his Bethel career.

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What he loves to do is go in force hit you hard come out and back in and out in and out the whole time. And if he can, he will try to surround you and attack you from multiple directions. This is how Khalid's anyway, so his choice is mobility and speed. So this general chooses an area surrounded by water. So you can't really come from multiple directions, you have to meet them in one place, you have to meet them head on. So this army now begins to set up camp and harder to learn, understands the situation of what to do. And he sees Look, the he strategy is the best way to defeat this army. If we can't outmaneuver them, we can use them against them, if we can push them into the river with

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heavy chains and heavy metals and these things, then that the river can can do the job for them. But I need to create a sort of a sense of chaos in the army, how am I going to do this. And so he says he realizes the best way is let's take out the leadership all of them. So he says to will he challenges the general so you send me all your generals, your three top generals, I'll send you my three top gun, I won't fight using your three top men. I said my three top men. So they're on and these two generals on the left on the right, they stay forward and hot it sends it even had him

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tacos brother asked him and another Sahabi the three of them step forward and all three Muslims defeat the three Persians kill all three generals. So this again, is another psychological blow for the Persians. And within if you know the holly charges them or the army charges them. And as they slowly you know, as the army is in disarray, and in confusion, many of them immediately flee the battlefield again. And in the river, some of them drown. But most of this army escapes yet again 1000s of them die, only a few 100 of the Muslims die. The Army, though, again is completely humiliated. It's called the Battle of the river. This whole big, big battles that hardest fight and

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these are just two three weeks apart, like one month, it was a month apart, one after the other. So the majority of this army escapes once again, and they retreat into Persian territory for the Muslims they like not celebrating but obviously they are happy this was now uncharted territory, Muslims defeating Persians in you know, in this has never happened before. One time, it could have been a fluke. But a second time now they're beginning to feel like they are confident and the Emperor in Persia is beginning to get worried. While the battle was happening, he already raised a new army. While the battle was happening, he already called one of his generals called Batman to

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raise a new a new army. So highly regular, and though he's not so he's not as in joyful mood as the rest of the Sahaba. Why? Because he says in the realize that I have just fought sort of the tip of Persia. And every I've defeated them twice, but they can keep fairly army of the army of the army. So yes, we can punch them out, but they keep rising up. And there's just so many men I have a sense, the resources are sort of like you can't exalt inexhaustible with unlimited men and army and weapons. So he says I need to stop

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deal with him with a killer blow, I need to somehow when I beat him, I can't let him to retreat and re re reform and come back. Also, what is very important at this point in time now that he's won a certain province and area, he has to administer this area he has to govern. It's not just about winning. And this is really the success of Islam, and how Islam spread was the way in which we administered territories that we conquered. When we conquered those territories. We told them, and Swan along, when we told them the deal, you can embrace Islam and join us all. You pay jizya.

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And you become our allies, and you completely remain independent, we will not take your properties. In fact, as I said, last week, the Muslims were not even allowed to sit up inside the city, they had to set up a city outside of the original city, and you have your own courts and all of that, and we will protect you. And you pay us a tax. And in many in most cases, in fact, the jizya was far less than the taxes that were paying to the Romans. Plus, these were Arabs. And they were out of the river, the locals are still Adams. So this is one of the reasons why as hard as army is going, it's actually growing more of the Arabs are joining them very allies and the Persian there will be our

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sub less than human under the Persians. Whereas under the Muslims, that this is the way inshallah that this is actually more easier for them. And like

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we said, when the one of the Sahaba was sent to the genitals to ask, what is it that two people have come here for to our lands, one of the things, one of the things he said, is to take the people of the world out of the oppression that they are currently in, into the mercy or into the guidance of Islam to be ruled under Islam, which is better.

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So now the, as we said, the emperor of Persia, while the battle was the Battle of the rivers, because the first the Battle of the chains in the Battle of the river, which just happened, he already began raising up two armies, two armies, each of 100,000. And he seems the first one out with a leader who was an Arab. So these other guys were Persians. This one This leader, he wasn't $100 man, he wasn't a lower rank, but he was someone or he was Persian, but he lived amongst the Arabs. So he spoke Arabic, and he had the ways of the Arabs. And so with the idea that if we can get the Arabs of Iraq to join us, because now if the population of Iran joins Khalid, it's a bigger

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problem for them. The end of the day, the majority of the people are atoms, and he's able to successfully this this, this, this general

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joint is able to call up the Arabs in the area, and they go to a place called why Elijah. Okay, so the names, a lot of names today, a lot of names for you for this important first battle Battle of the chains, okay, Second Battle Battle of the river. The third battle is the Battle of Elijah. And this battle, Khalid's. Basically, in his mind, he says, I know he has two problems. One problem is he gets news that this army has come now from the capital of Persia, 100,000 men, and

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at the same time, they are raising a new army of another 100,000 men. So he is what he is, if these two armies join up, it's too much I can't fight one is but to be 200,000, I need to deal with the one army first and make sure it doesn't survive and join the second army. He said, This is his problem, hardest problem. So he's keeping and again, this is something which is going to be so seldom, also, in his time is when he was

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in his strategies. He was very good at creating a network of spies, but of intelligence gathering. Sometimes we only think of the Navy so solemn in the spiritual sense, you know, making dua and worshipping. But he was very good at keeping abreast of what's happening in the world. He would know when way the movements are, he would speak to the tribal leaders, the people in the desert would know an army and just walk past that if the if people are buying weapons in the market is a reason why you know, this something is going to happen so hard, he really understood the way this army is going, and how to get you know what to do. So he had about 10 days between these two armies joining

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and so immediately, he sends his soldiers forward, to engage with US Army act while larger. Okay, so the third battle is the Battle of Fallujah. And this army arrives, and they sit up and I said, This man was a sort of an Arab, and he sees harlots, army and hottest armies only 10,000. Now, you heard Khalid was, naturally he heard lots of stories, and he thought, of course, the men who were defeated would exaggerate, they would say, look, this guy is like a monster. This guy and he's army so big, but he comes in, he sees the armies only 10,000. And remember, the army has actually about 18,000 so

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Almost half of the army is not being heard had seen him into the desert. And he doesn't see this cavalry he heard about this, this amazing cavalry, these men that can fight on the on the horses, you know, it's like like part of the body doesn't see this cavalry. So this man begins to feel maybe my predeceases they have they lost because they were just incompetent. And for me it's an opportunity to get up to that higher rank. And so he is kind of overconfident. He's over he's overconfident also, they brought the big the the number one champion of Persia, the biggest, strongest man of all of Persia, they brought him to this battle and they said Harley, this is our

00:30:39--> 00:31:20

champion needs to call him 1000 in one right that was his name 1000 in one is think of 1000 men and they said your Harley take this guy on this is our champion, and how they rather large steps forward no problem and within a few seconds, this man is on the ground. And hot coals is just and this is now as we say this is kind of a bravado that is not allowed usually. So this man is dead. And Harley says wait before we start the battle I haven't had my lunch yet. He calls his servants bring my lunch and he sits on this man's chest and he has lunch before we start the battle. Now side note here this kind of bravado usually not allowed outside of Wolfie now we remember in the Battle of the

00:31:20--> 00:31:22

Battle of offered once a hub once a hobby

00:31:25--> 00:32:04

swallows his name one of those one of us harbor who used to eat at a red bandana, Abu Jana Abu Jana used to take your shirt off and he will put on like Rambo red bandana. And he would write why red because red stands out to salute Abu Jana, and he and at that time, then Edison gave him the sword, you can take my sword. And so he walked like, you know, with a kind of pose. And so the reasons is, Allah hates people to walk like this, except in this situation, except you're where you sort of mocking the enemy. This in this time it's permissible, but outside of jihad, you can't have this kind of pride. So how did these, you know using this kind of psychological warfare?

00:32:05--> 00:32:44

So now the army, the battle begins and this channel, he says, Look, let them come to us. Unlike the other battles where we fought them, we will let them fight us we will defend and defend and defend NASA you know, if you are even like I think in rugby and soccer. The attacking side uses the most energy. It's hard, it takes its toll. And if you look at the list and isolate them, let them attack and use they will kill a few of us whatever it might be, so long as he's dying, right? The soldier dying, it's okay. eventually they'll run out of steam, and then we will counter attack. And so Holly plays into that clan, they attack and attack and attack them as a hobby are now running out of

00:32:44--> 00:33:22

steam. And just as they are about to break the enemy counter attacks and pushes them back pushes Harley's on but he's not you know, he continues Now usually if you are weak and you're being an under counter attacking, you should sort of become in a defensive position. But while it isn't allowing the soldiers to get into the defensive position and he's not saying anything, so the swords are looking at him but they they sort of expect at every minute is going to have a trick up his sleeve and they waiting and they said this is the get to the point where they have pushed almost to the breaking when Harley makes a motion and that cavalry that wasn't a comes out from completely

00:33:22--> 00:34:05

behind the enemy. Now in history there are very few battles we an enemy was completely surrounded This is called a if you Google it even now double a double flank maneuver maneuver where the enemies so what would what usually happens is you you come from the side, but the year he was able to bring his cavalry completely from the back of the army and come and surround him completely. Now this happened as I was leading up but obviously it's only happened once before a long time ago, a general Hannibal he beat the Romans with a maneuver like this. And Khalid was able to do this and completely wipe out this army. Remember his objective was I can't let these two armies survive. And so this

00:34:05--> 00:34:06

battle of Elijah

00:34:07--> 00:34:20

in that army completely and now he had one more army to deal with before the road was open. And inshallah next week we will continue with at last of the four battles, or shall I say no Mohamed Islam sunny

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Santa Monica.