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AI: Summary © The interviewer discusses various claims made by different people on the subject of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him while the Prophet was not the author of the Koran. They also mention various examples of people claiming to be preachers and be decisive for the joy of life. The interviewer suggests that people are lying to themselves the Prophet is not the author of the Koran and that people are lying to themselves.
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First we'll discuss, can Muhammad

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peace be upon him be the author of the Quran,

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whether consciously subconsciously or unconsciously,

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it is rather a tragedy that

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a person disagrees when a person disclaims

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that he is not responsible for any great work, whether literary or the scientific. But this is exactly what the orientalist and the critics of Islam do, when they say, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him while the autopsy Quran.

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Never ever has the Prophet ever claimed

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that he will not have the Quran

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not even a single word of the Quran, he never claimed it.

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Yet, when he disclaimed that he was not the author, and the Quran happens to be a masterpiece in the work of Arabic. So why will a person disclaim

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the responsibility of a work which is a masterpiece? Why should he lie?

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And we know from history

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from his youth, till the day, he claimed profited

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at the age of 40 years,

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never has a single lie reported to have been said, by Muhammad peace be upon him. History never reports a single lie.

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And before he claimed, profited,

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he was known for his truthfulness, his honesty and yesterday and he was given the title alameen

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the trustworthy by friends and foes alike.

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And there are several examples.

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Even those people after the Prophet claimed Prophethood

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and they said that he was lying, yet his enemies, his foes, they kept their valuables with the Prophet for safety.

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And this is known when the Prophet migrated from Mercado Medina. And he told his nephew, Salim Allah be pleased with him, that give this valuables to the rightful owners, even if false,

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even after they said he lied, yet they trusted him and kept the valuables with him Why?

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And we have the example, that Abu Sufyan who was the chief of one of the tribes of Makkah, when he went to Emperor heraclius, and asked him for support against the Prophet, and when the Emperor asked him, that, do you know, of any instance in which the Prophet lied? Or has he done any injustice and abuse of yarn?

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Even though he was the enemy of the Prophet that time? Yet reply No.

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So why should a person with such honesty and trust enter yesterday? Why should he lie?

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Let us analyze the various claims made by orientalist and the critics of Islam against

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon.

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We'll just discuss the major ones.

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One of the claims made by the critics of Islam is that the Prophet, he lied, that he was not the author of the Koran,

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and said it was Almighty God for material gains.

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We know that there are

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many men who claim to be prophets, who claim to be preachers, who claim to be saints, in order to lead a luxurious life. And we have hundreds and 1000s of example in this world today also.

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But if we see the lifestyle of the Prophet,

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he led a more luxurious life before he claimed profited than after he claimed.

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He was married

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at the age of 25, to a rich lady by the name of Khadija Mallaby visitor

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and his life after claiming profited, was an enviable.

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So if you need more money, his life would be better after giving Providence, like we see today, those people who claim to be prophets and saints and sages. Furthermore, we have records in several say Hadith, including that it might be a NaVi, and the other Salin had this number 492 that one of his wives Hello, hi, Charmaine Lupita.

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She said that there were times when fire was not lit in the house for a month or two.

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indicating that food was not cooked for a month or two in the house. And we only survived on dates and water, and sometimes milk given by the neighbors.

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There are various instances

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and even worse submissions of Quran that the life was so simple, though he had all the power, he was the leader, he could have led the most luxurious life

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in all of Arabia. That is the reason that there was an occasion when his wives,

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they protested.

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And they said that what is the need for us to lead such a life, when we can live a much comfortable life. Immediately, there was revolutions and Almighty God. And so as a chap number 33, verse number 23, nine, with faith, that oh prophet tells you a consorts, tell your wives, if they care for the enjoyment of this world, and the glitter of this world, I will set you free

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to enjoy this world and give you a handsome reward. But if you care for the life,

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in the Hereafter, you will be rewarded

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in the next life,

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that means the wives

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the objected, that why should we lead such a simple life, when we can lead at least a much better life and immediately he was revealed

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but natural wives of the Prophet

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then death of forgiveness and the preferred the life in the hereafter then this whole

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we have the example and that is of your the Salim Hadith number 465 and 466. Rather, blauman laboratories with me said that whenever the Prophet received any gifts,

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he never kept it for himself. Neither did he keep it for the future and he gave it away to the poor people.

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And it is mentioned in this very same Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two

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was number 79, Fabiola lilla, Xena X to gouner kitabi at him soumaya coluna has a meaning della, Leah to be feminine kalila for elomi, marketable ID him, but we don't know me my baboon, vote to those who write the book with the own hands, and then say, this is from Allah, this is from God, to traffic with it for a miserable price. vote to those for what the hands do right? And what they gain there from.

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Now, imagine if the Prophet would have lied that this book

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is from Almighty God, and when actually he was the author.

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There are high possibilities that one day he would have been exposed and he would be cursing himself in the same book

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that vote to those who write the book with their own hands and then say this is from Allah. If he would have written the Quran and attributed to Almighty God would have ever mentioned in such a verse in the Quran.