Ravinder a Sikh Says, All Religions are Correct and there is One God and All will Go to Heaven

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name is ravinder I'm a non Muslim, I am a Sikh and I believe that all religions are right. And there is one God, everyone will go to heaven irrespective of being a Muslim, a Sikh, etc. There are different disciplines to reach him. I presume God, Sikhism, Islamic, what do you have to say? The Buddhist pose the question, he's a sick he says all religions are right, all one God. So what do you have to say we'll all go to heaven.

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Whether I am a student of comparative religion, according to me, all religions are not right.

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in the region itself, there are many contradictions in the religious scripture itself. Now coming to Christianity, if you analyze in Christianity, there are so many contradictions in the Bible. There are so many things that are unscientific in the Bible. So Bible, according to me is a mixture it may contain the word of God. It contains the word of Prophet it contains the word of historians. It even contains pornographic file to say, How can I say that this pornography, the Word of God, there are many mathematical conditions I can give a talk only in the mistakes in the Bible. There are so many unscientific things mentioned the Bible. The Bible says the world is flat.

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I can give a talk on that time doesn't permit me. Same thing with the Vedas. Though I give talks on the VEDA there are many things which I disagree in the VEDA, there are things in the VEDA we say the Almighty God created the Brahmin from the head, the Sharia warrior class, from the chest, the business styles of Asia from the thighs, and the sutras, the locusts from the feet. Islam doesn't believe that human beings have been created in cost and levels. So how can you say all liens are right? Again, you go into Scripture says that, if a husband dies, then in the pyre the wife should jump, the widow, which is totally wrong.

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The VEDA says that the sun moves around the earth which is unscientific in this by doing comparative religion. I cannot say that all religions are right part of all the religions are right you can say that without in mind what I'm saying only follow that part which is right what is wrong You don't have to follow. So in this way, brother, I disagree with you. I muster enough compiled religion, you can see my cassettes as spoken on various religions, on Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, etc. So only what is right you have to follow what is wrong. You don't have to follow him down to the question.