Mufti Menk – Could you imagine being tested like this?

Mufti Menk
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If Allah once you will lose your job, you may lose your health, you may lose your wealth, you may suffer a loss, you may lose family members, you may lose produce something you did not believe you would lose, you lost it, take it in your stride. It's part of a last plan for you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows better than you and I.

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When a lot tests us, he tests us with tests we wouldn't have imagined he would test us with. That's the whole idea of a test and an examination. So this is Allah. Don't question Allah, take it in your stride if you continue to make dua to Allah and now I'm getting to those who have just lost loved ones, you lost a loved one. It's normal to cry, it's natural to miss them. It's okay to be saddened. But it's not okay to question Allah.

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You don't question Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's okay to be sad, pray for them, pray for yourself, prepare for the day you are going to be similar to them in condition. You know, when we make a draft for the deceased, we say Oh Allah have mercy on them, and grant them goodness and so on. And then we say what Hamner it are certainly Isla Masato LA, Oh Allah have mercy upon us. If we become similar, or the day we are going to be in a similar condition that they have gotten to already.

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Oh, Allah have mercy on me. When you hear of a death, remind yourself one day people will be hearing about your death. When you go to the graveyard, for example, to bury someone, it's more about you being reminded about where your abode is, that's your home, your address is somewhere there. So panela, look around and see some of the plots and the pieces and the graves and tell yourself perhaps the one 10th down here is mine, Allahu Akbar. That's the way you should be looking at things not to do mew and not to depress you simply to speak reality. And to be able to prepare for that day. It's inevitable, you have to go and so do I. So if you've lost a loved one make them the most

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powerful thing you could ever do for them is simply to pray for their forgiveness. There is nothing more powerful than that. Yes, if they've left behind the debt,

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although that debt is on them, if you can help by paying up their debts, it would be a bonus for them. They would be able to achieve more comfort, having sorted out a problem but if you cannot afford it, it was theirs not yours. SubhanAllah. And this is why we say never get yourself into debt for no reason. It's dangerous. When you go on to the day of the AMA, you won't know how you're going to fare because you owed someone something. Don't live your life. Having owed someone something for nothing. Subhana Allah

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