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In the cliche in Kanban everything has heart. We're called Karanja sin and the heart of the Quran is Yasi and there is an addition to it woman, Cora aarC, Katsav Allah Hula, hula karate, karate Al Quran Ashra Murad and the one who already has seen Allah who will give him the reward as if he read the whole Quran 10 times.

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Now everybody's very happy, I'm gonna go on the DRC and it's four pages and I'm gonna get 10 times. This is a weak Hadith. And some says it's very weak. So be very careful. But there is more than one Hadith that says it is the heart of the Quran. But the second part is not this is the only one.

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So be careful. That's why when we were writing the copywriter, the copy our copywriter said I'm going to do the title Yacine called Bill Quran I said don't do that.

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Because it is a weak Hadith and controversial anything. And this is also a principle for you on this day. Anything that is controversial, controversial, stay away from it. You know why? Because there's always something better in this theme. This theme is part Yanni I say is perfect and I'm not bragging it is perfect. But some things may be not very, very clear and I may use the weak one. But in general anything that there is a controversy about it. You know this, there is a dua from Roswaal use that dua don't use this,

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as we say but ROTC exactly peace of mind. And let me learn one thing sound about everything, then Robbie